NEED YOUR HELP: US One Tree Hill Petition

Hi guys! I know it has been a super long time since I have been on here but I am still around. I still heart OTH so very much! I still keep up with all things going on, including the AWESOME OTH convention that just took place in Paris.

With that I was just contacted about a petition to try and get an OTH Convention back here in the US in Wilmington where it all took place. I know I would love that. How about you? If so click the link below and sign the petition. Let’s show our OTH love now and sign like crazy! I will be keeping you updated as I get updated. <3

Click HERE —->

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ELLE: Sophia Bush Give With Target – Actress Sophia Bush Interview

Not only is Sophia Bush gorgeous and credited for playing one of our favorite CW characters (i.e., Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill), she’s also got the brains to match her beauty. Hot on the heels of hosting VH1’s Do Something Awards this month, she’s already partnered with mega chain Target on a program to financially aid schools across the country. Along with other celebrity ambassadors such as La La Anthony and Gabby Douglass, Bush is one of the spokespersons for Give With Target, an initiative to raise up to five million dollars for school funding. See how you can get involved here.

READ interview HERE!! Sophia Bush Give With Target – Actress Sophia Bush Interview – ELLE.