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Sep 27,2006

Episode 4.01 The Same Deep Water As You

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In the fourth season premiere, the residents of Tree Hill must deal with the aftermath of the shocking accident that left everyone without words. In the midst of all the chaos, Dan extends his help to Karen now that she is pregnant, Lucas and Peyton’s friendship continues to grow stronger, and once rivals Brooke and Rachel move past their differences and manage to become good friends. Brooke has a difficult decision to make about her relationship with Lucas and Skills decides to try out for the Ravens.


The episode revisits the whole limo accident. After Nathan jumped in the river to rescue Rachel and Cooper from the limo, Karen and Lucas show up, finding an upset Haley. It seems Nathan can’t go out of the limo, so Lucas jumps in the river too. Later, at the hospital, Nathan and Rachel wake up but Cooper’s life hangs in the balance. Rachel feels really guilty about the accident and has also to deal with the fact that Cooper might die. And if Reckless Red Hair feels guilty, so does Nathan, who feels as if he didn’t do the best he could do to save Rachel and Cooper.
Meanwhile, Brooke isn’t exactly thrilled about Peyton and Lucas’ friendship. Anyway, breaking news for Goldilocks, who has just found a letter explaining that she has a brother. At the same time, Nathan is released, so he and Haley head to their apartment, where Haley finds Nathan’s surprise: he re-decorates the apartment for her. Haley has a surprise too: she got into Stanford. Nathan is happy but he is also worried because they spent all their savings for the wedding. Haley assures him the only important thing is that they’re together.
Skills would like to join team Ravens and asks Lucas to talk to Whitey about it. Lucas promises he will.
Back to the hospital, there is a close up of Rachel who is next Cooper’s bed. As soon as Haley comes over, Rachel asks her to thank Nathan for saving her life, but Haley prefers getting straight to the point. Yep, Rachel had better stay the hell away from Cooper, Nathan and all of them. Rachel looks hurt. In the meantime, Dan is still haunted by Keith’s ghost.
Lucas asks Karen if she is happy to be pregnant. Then, he tells her he will attend Tree Hill university since he want to stay with her and Keith’s baby, but she doesn’t agree: he doesn’t have to give up on his dreams because of her.
Brooke shows up in Rachel’s room and they have a nice and witty talk. In the end, Rachel offers Brooke to move in with her. "So, this is what it looks like when hell freezes over?" is Brooke’s comment. Then they both smile. Later someone else stops by Rachel’s room: Mouth, who arrives exactly when Rachel is packing to run away. Mouth tells her to stay there because she needs to face her responsibilities, if she really wants to change her life.
Brooke breaks up with Lucas, pointing out their problem are not about Peyton, but they’re only about them. She figured the bitter truth: "It never seemed like you missed me. And I guess because of it I stopped missing you." Lucas says he’s sorry, and so is Brooke.
Nathan can’t sleep because he keeps thinking about the accident. Meanwhile, Mouth comes back to Rachel’s room and it’s empty. He thinks she has run away but it turns out she is in Cooper’s room.

Originally aired: Wednesday September 27, 2006 on The CW

Writer: Mark Schwahn
Director: Greg Prange
Show Stars: Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer), Lee Norris (Mouth McFadden (2005-present)), Danneel Harris (Rachel Gatina (Season 4+)), Barbara Alyn Woods (Deb Scott), Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis), Paul Johansson (Dan Scott), Moira Kelly (Karen Roe), James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Eugene Scott), Barry Corbin (Coach Whitey Durham), Antwon Tanner (Antwon "Skills" Taylor (Season 4+)), Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley James-Scott)
Recurring Role: Cullen Moss (Junk), Leo Daniels (Reporter (uncredited)), Kassie Hight (Hospital Visitor), Vaughn Wilson (Fergie)
Guest Stars: Jeff Clayton (Camera Newsman (uncredited)) , Patrick Stogner (Young Keith) , Troy Rudeseal (Nurse) , Jessica Lucas (Dr. Kiki) , Craig Galloway (Officer) , Tom Huff (Reporter #2) , Debra Terry (Reporter #1) , Dorothy Recasner Brown (Doctor #2) , Terry Loughlin (Doctor #1) , David Bridgewater (Reeves) , Michael Trucco (Cooper Lee)
Production Code: 3T5751