Jan 29,2008

NY Times Article on One Tree Hill

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I found this article quite intriguing.  Well written and yet a little negative toward the show, especially it’s handling of teenage pregnancy.  However, the ending makes it worth it.

In the wake of the discussion surrounding “Juno” and the horror over Jamie Lynn Spears, the show displays an almost aggressive aversion to moralizing about teenage pregnancy. Refusing to lay out the grim consequences of premature motherhood, it seems as if it wants to make fans on either end of the political spectrum stick their heads in fiery hampers….

Four years later Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti), a teacher, isn’t applying for food stamps or stripping to keep her child in clean pajamas; she is living instead in a nicely appointed house, dealing with middle-aged problems….

He [Nathan]  is also depressed, and we know this because his hair is longer than Brad Pitt’s in “Troy.”…

Not one of the newly minted 22-year-olds on “One Tree Hill” blogs or dresses coolly or speaks cleverly or gives any indication of having learned anything at all in college….

“One Tree Hill” is a no-arrogance, no-entitlement zone, and I’m (shamefully) happy to pull up and park.

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