Sophia Bush to make Appearance at University of Texas at Dallas today

Actress Sophia Bush from the television show One Tree Hill will be on campus Thursday for a rally in support of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

The rally will be at 3 p.m. in the lower level of the Student Union.  The event is sponsored by the University Democrats student organization.

Bush, who plays the role of Brooke Davis in the TV series, has also landed big-screen roles in Van Wilder, Stay Alive, John Tucker Must Die and The Hitcher.

She also had a recurring role in FX Networks’ Nip/Tuck.

Her appearance comes one week after a rally for Obama opponent Hillary Clinton, led by by the New York senator’s daughter, Chelsea.

The Texas Democratic Primary is March 4.


Episode 9 For Tonight You’re Only Here To Know Music

“Won’t Let You Go” – Sarah Thiele
Scene: Recap montage of past episodes.
“It’s Only Life” – Kate Voegele
Scene: Opening scenes: Mia, Haley and Peyton film a music video.
“Pony” – Erin McCarley
Scene: Quentin prepares for the basketball game with Jamie.
“Dirty South Hustla” – Carolina Slim / Mastersource
Scene: Lucas speaks to the team and Skillz hands out new jerseys.
“Bring It On” – Lenny Kravitz
Scene: The team and coaches walk the hallway on their way to the game.
“Fakey Fake” – Earlimart
Scene: Peyton, Mia, Brooke, Haley and Lindsey get locked in the school library.
“The Merry Go Round Broke Down” – Looney Tunes
Scene: Brooke calls Mouth.
“So Long” – Brandy Johnson
Scene: Peyton talks to a sad Brooke who’s reading an issue of b.Davis.
“Home” – Holly Conlan
Scene: Mia creates a game about saying something nice that goes the wrong direction.
“Never Even Told Me Her Name” – Air Traffic
Scene: Tim arrives at the library and the door closes again.
“The New Kid Revival” – Her Space Holiday
Scene: The gang talks about feasting on Brooke if they run out of food.
“Wish You Were” – Kate Voegele
Scene: Mia plays a song at the library.
“There’s A Reason” – AA Bondy
Scene: Peyton confronts Lindsey to apologize for what she said earlier.
“Broken” – Lifehouse
Scene: CODA – Ending montage of scenes.

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