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Feb 14,2008

Episode 8 Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want Preview Clip – Peyton

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Feb 14,2008

OTH Podcast with Mark, Joe, Michaela and Kate

Posted by Amy with No Comments has a new episode discussion on 507 with Mark Schwahn, Joe Davola, Michaela McManus and Kate Voegele.

Feb 14,2008

Season 5 Spoilers Updated

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Spoilers for next week’s Episode 8 Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want have been updated.

Changes are in bold.

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Feb 14,2008

Kate Voegele’s Music Success Since One Tree Hill

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 Indeed, a few appearances on the soap, adroitly coupled with the official re-release of Don’t Look Away, has catapulted the album from essentially nowhere to appearing on as many as seven separate Billboard charts. This week, it was No. 36 on the Itunes Top Albums list.

”It’s insane. Honestly, when I found out I was on the Billboard charts two weeks after the One Tree Hill episode, I just freaked out, because you set goals. When I decided that I wanted to be an artist, to make music and sell records and tour, it’s one of those things where you jump into it, but you wonder, do I have even really have a shot at this? It’s an unpredictable industry and unfortunately sometimes it’s not about talent.


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Feb 14,2008

Bethany Joy Galeotti Interview

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Bethany Joy Galeotti found comfort growing up via the written word.

When she was younger and living on her own in New York and Los Angeles, Galeotti lacked “deep” friendships and found solace by writing in journals.

“I still write every once in a while, but it’s not nearly as much,” Galeotti said. “It’s not as cathartic as it used to be I think because I don’t need it as much anymore.”

Galeotti, who plays Haley James Scott on “One Tree Hill,” has completed filming the show’s fifth season and is residing at home with her husband, Michael Galeotti, in Vancouver, Wash.

Galeotti has been using her off-time to connect with friends and her husband’s side of the family.

“It’s the chance that you get for a relationship and just getting to know them better and being able to be around your family and friends,” Galeotti said. “It just feels like such a privilege to me ’cause I’m always away, so I’m just really soaking in as much as I can.”

“One Tree Hill” is filmed in Wilmington, N.C., where Galeotti joins her cast members who portray a close group of high school friends. The story line was advanced four years in the new season and shows the friends in the real world with real problems.

The season starts with the group spread out across the country, but they reconnect when they return to the fictional town of Tree Hill, N.C.

After the four-year jump, Galeotti’s character is now a full-time teacher in charge of her own classroom.

Haley is challenged by a student Quentin Fields (Robbie Jones), whose sole focus has been basketball, and sees little value in an education.

“I feel like she’s got an inner faith and just an inner hope, which is sort of what makes it so interesting to come back this season and have her be kind of really doubting everything that she’s ever believed in and everything that she’s held onto because she never thought her life would suck this much,” Galeotti said.

“One Tree Hill” gave Galeotti an outlet to perform her music with her talents intertwined with the storyline. Now older, her character helps a promising young singer, Mia Catalano (Kate Voegele), who can be self-conscious about her skill.

Galeotti admits she isn’t a big fan of performing on stage and in front of large crowds.

“It’s so vulnerable,” Galeotti said. “It’s not like you’re doing musical theater, where you’re singing someone else’s words and it’s already laid out for you, and you’re following the path of a character. There’s a pause in between songs and everyone’s looking to you like, ‘Entertain us, make us laugh, say something.'”

Her husband, Michael Galeotti, is in a band, Enation, along with Jonathan Jackson, Richard Lee Jackson and Daniel Sweatt.

“He’s basically just opening himself up to the whole world of music,” she said. “So he’s just learning about everything right now, which is kind of fun, whereas I grew up being inundated with music and surrounded by it, mostly by my own doing.”


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