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Feb 19,2008

Episode 9 For Tonight You’re Only Here to Know Promo Video

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Feb 19,2008

Episode 8 Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want Reaction

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Updated with Heather’s Reaction:

like last night’s episode. I was so thankful to have the old Mouth back. Him and Millicient are so cute together. I love Brooke & Owen together. I loved the line where Owen says about her “being full of herself”. Nanny Carrie is PYCHO. I feel really bad for Haley b/c she has NO IDEA what is going on behind her back. I can’t imagine someone I was trusting with my kid doing that to me. And what is up with Nate not firing her?! Jamie is so cute. He just gets better and better in every episode. I love him and Brooke outside together. Really cute scene. Lucas, Peyton & Lindsey. (big sigh) I really would not want someone to propose to me that way. I really don’t even think that Lucas would of even proposed had she not found that ring. And WHAT is with Lucas and his insecurity with the book writing? I’m glad Peyton is letting go like Keith and thought that was really cool of her to see that similarity but I still want them together. Lindsey just seems like a ball of mess. She’s now this insecure clingy girlfriend (fiance). I liked the scene of Peyton at the graveyard with her mom. Really good acting on her part.

Amy’s Reaction:

I’m actually going to start at the beginning. We got to see the proposal! As far as I’m concerned, it was not romantic at all. It was a proposal born out of a fight and a mistaken find. All Lucas could say was I was scared to death you didn’t love me for the right reason and oh will you marry me since you found the ring anyway? Ugh. It really made me want to puke..just like I thought. It was probably the most UNromantic OTH moment. Blah.

As for Peyton’s speech to him at the end, I loved it. I loved the comparison to Keith and Karen. I thought it was big of Peyton to put her feelings on hold for him.

I loved Haley’s performance this episode. I love how upset she rightly is over Luke and Peyton. I loved her speech to Peyton. She was right on…it puts her in a very awkward position and Peyton is wrong for trying to get Lucas when he’s still with Lindsey (as much as I want them together!).

Mouth and Millicent were so cute this episode! I want to see more of them–and with some of the other characters. I sort of feel like Mouth is on his own little island this season. Oh and so glad to see Alice gone, gone, gone!!

Brooke and Owen! I loved, loved, loved that scene with Brooke and Owen in the car. Very much a throwback to that Brooke and Lucas scene. But I loved the best that she stuck her dress back on and got out!

Now, onto this Nanny Carrie business! That woman! If I should even call her that! I can’t believe she lied to Haley and then KISSED Nathan! And then, THEN Nathan doesn’t do anything! No, he doesn’t kiss her back but he doesn’t even tell Haley or even say anything to Carrie. Yes, he told her no more flirting and skinny dipping at the beginning but see how far that got them? She just pushed even more. That girl has got to go!

As for the preview, woah, did you see that look on Lindsey’s face? There’s going to be a girly throwdown in the library next week!

So I’m curious, what did you think about the proposal? Was it romantic? Heartfelt?

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Feb 19,2008

Episode 8 Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want Recap

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I’m not feeling well so forgive me if something is really out of whack. Now let’s get to it!

They show the kissing scene again in Peyton’s office with a song playing.
Lindsey has a bag packed in Lucas’s room and she is crying. Lucas comes home and Lindsey says she’s going back to NY. Lucas says he loves her. Lindsey says then how come you never gave me this and holds up Peyton’s engagement ring. She said she found it cleaning. She says for the record, it’s as beautiful as I imagined it would be and gives it back. Lucas says he was waiting to give her the ring until he was sure he had another book in him. He didn’t want her to regret being with him if he’s not Lucas the writer and just a smalltown coach. Lindsey says she doesn’t love him for the book and she doesn’t care if he never writes again. He will always be smalltown basketball coach because he’ll be the man she loves. Lucas gets down on a knee and says will you marry me and puts the ring on her finger. They hug. They laugh (I PUKE). Peyton knocks on the door (what we saw last week) and Lindsey answers it and tells Peyton they just got engaged.
Nathan and Haley are in bed. Haley is crying and asks if N is awake. He says no. She apologizes. He says she had a right. He had no business in some guy’s face. She says Lucas kissed Peyton. N says what? when? She says she saw it. She doesn’t understand how Lucas can do that to Lindsey and Peyton..she said no, she has no right to take him from Lindsey. He says maybe it was just a friendly or goodbye kiss or a mistake. She says it was a full-on, romantic, Lucas/Peyton kiss. He says to forget about it. It’s not her place to say anything. Lucas should be man enough to tell Lindsey he’s cheating.
Brooke is drinking at the bar with Owen. They’re talking about the drink named after her. Peyton calls and is crying. She says she’s leaving. Owen says she’s not driving drink and he’ll drop her off. She says You do like me. He says no, I can get sued for that.
Mouth is at home and calls Millicent and leaves a message to say he had a good time and apologizes that it ended weird.
Peyton is crying on the couch at home. Brooke comes home. She’s reading Lucas’s book. Brooke says we know how it ends. Peyton says that’s funny because it seems like Lucas has forgotten. She tells her about the engagement. Brooke says it’s crazy. Peyton says maybe I’m crazy. Brooke says we all know Lucas throws himself into relationships when he can’t admit the truth about who he loves. P says it’s different this time…what am I supposed to do? Brooke pulls her to the fireplace and says she’s going to let go and hands her Lucas’s book to throw in the fire and now P is going to cry on her shoulder as long as she needs to. Voiceover with Lucas reading the book about the state championship.
Lucas and Lindsey are in bed while the voiceover continues. Flashback to the state championship. The voiceover is saying it was a moment of clarity. He was now and always would be in love with Peyton Sawyer.

Haley brings Jamie into Brooke’s store. Haley says you forgot? Brooke says it’s fine. Lindsey comes in and Haley says she’s got to run but is everything ok? Lindsey says it’s great as long as the town is big enough for two Mrs. Scott’s. They both says congratulations!
Nathan and Carrier are in the kitchen. Carrie has as hangover and is drinking coffee. She says she forgot what happened last night. N says it’s probably his fault for not cutting her off. The flirting has to stop..the skinny dipping. Carrie says the severity of the hangover ensures that.
Mouth is at work. His coworker comes in and says Alice has been fired. Mouth says what happened. He says apparently she was sleeping with an employee.
Lucas walks into his office at school. Nathan and Skills are watching tape and give him a hard time about being late. Lucas says maybe he shouldn’t have stayed up and gotten engaged. They both congratulate him. Skills asks who it is. They are serious. He says it’s Lindsey. Skills says Excellent choice. Q comes in with a hurt arm.
N and Q are argue in the trainer’s room.
P walks into L’s office and says if you wanted to break my heart, there are a thousand ways you could do it but you didn’t have to propose to Lindsey to hurt me. He says it doesn’t have to do with her and it was weird timing. P says don’t marry her! Am I crazy? Have you not felt what I felt? I feel like a vital part of me is missing. I tried to fill it and couldn’t until last night. Look me in the eye and say that kiss didn’t feel exactly the same as 3 years ago. Lucas says I’m in love with her, Peyton. Haley walks in and asks what’s going on? P says she was congratulating Lucas. Did you hear? H says yes, I’m going to be the matron of honor. She wants to talk to Lucas alone. P leaves.

H says is there something you want to tell me? Are you positive Lindsey is the one? Lucas says I’ll tell you the truth, Lindsey will always be my number 2 but only because you are my number 1. Haley doesn’t take it and says marriage is serious and you better be ready for it for the rest of your life. She walks out and Lucas yells, does that mean you’re happy for me?
Jamie and Brooke are at the shop watching tv and Jamie says he’s not allowed to. B says what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Owen walks in the shop. Owen says he’s looking for a gift for a girl he knows. She says what does she look like? O says brown hair, hazel eyes. B holds up a dress and says if she didn’t already own it, she bet she’d like this one. O says yeah, but she’s a little taller than B so do you have different sizes. Millicent has a call for her. B walks over and says there’s no way she’s killing animals and making furry little coats out of them and hangs up. O says let me guess, bar hag still calling the shots? B says she’s her mother and business partner and if it wasn’t for her, she wouldn’t have all this. O says his mother wanted him to be an ortho and he just said no. She says judging from his car maybe he should have reconsidered. O says what’d you have against my car? You’re that girl, huh? Disappointing. What’s underneath all the clothes Brooke Davis? He walks out. B is shocked.
Peyton is at THH and Molly walks up and asks if Lucas really carried her out of the library after she was shot. Molly said she read Lucas’s book 13 times. She said she imagines her life is Peyton’s. She hugs her and walks away.
Mouth is in his boss’s office. He asks if he heard about Alice and if he knew about it. He says it’s ok, half the station knew about Alice and Rick. Mouth is surprised. He says they need all hands on deck and wants him to cover the Ravens pre season game. He said there’s opportunity there for a hardworking kid who’ll keep his nose clean. His coworker says did they know about Carlton? Mouth says they said she was sleeping with Rick. The coworker says they didn’t say anything about me did they? Mouth says YOU were sleeping with her? He says just a few mornings before work.
Peyton, Haley and Mia are in the studio. P says did I do something to upset you? H says you mean besides lying and cheating? P says excuse me? H says you said you weren’t back for Lucas. P says I’m not. H says that’s the lying…you kissed Lucas last night and that’s the cheating and now I have to be matron of honor to a sweet girl whose fiance is hooking up with his old girlfriend behind her back. She says that did upset me and it should upset you. You said no, P and Lindsey said yes. P says I didn’t say no I said someday. H says well he fell in love in the meantime and you gotta quit taking that away from him.

Brooke and Jamie are eating ice cream. Brooke is complaining about Owen. She says what has he said that makes me think his worth my time. Jamie says what’s underneath all those clothes, Brooke Davis. B says how old are you again? Jamie holds up 4 fingers. They go to get him more ice cream but he can’t tell his mom.
Millicent sells Carrie a shirt and says it’s to impress a guy. Mouth walks up and says she never called him. She says she didn’t call back on purpose. They’re not a good match. He likes sports and she likes ballet. He said that’s a dumb excuse. She says well, you like having sex with your boss and I like ballet, how about that? She says Brooke told her. Mouth says it’s completely over with. Millicent says she doesn’t want to be with someone like that. She’s sorry but he’s not the guy she hoped he be.
Mouth is with Lucas in his office to interview him. Mouth can’t get it right and he says he can’t quit thinking about Millicent and how she thinks he’s morally bankrupt. Lucas says then turn it around. They continue the interview.
Peyton visits her mother’s grave and wants a mother/daughter talk. She tells her about Lucas and Lindsey. She asks for a sign and a leaf falls on a Scott grave. She says thanks, mom.
Carrie is at home and the phone rings. It’s H asking to stay late at work but she’s not sure if NJ are waiting on her. Carrie says they’re not home but she’ll take care of dinner. She hangs up and calls for NJ and says dinner is ready.

NJ and Carrie are at dinner and J is showing off his artwork and says, Look, momma..I mean, Nanny Carrie. Carrie is pleased. N looks worried.
Mouth goes to see Millicent and he’s been thinking about what she said and he says he’s not that guy and asks for a chance to prove it.
Lucas is watching tape in his office. Skills comes in and says to go home but first, we toast your engagement. He pulls out a drink and pours them some. Lucas says he’s nervous. Skills toasts Lucas and says Lucas always follows his heart.
Mouth goes into his office at work with Millicent. She asks him about sports. He says it gives him hope since the underdog can win. Mouth brings up the Moscow ballet on the screen. Mouth wants to know why she loves ballet and he wants to know more about her.
Carrie and Jamie are in the bathroom and J apologizes for calling her momma. Carrie says you wanna hear a secret? Sometimes I pretend you’re my kid and kisses him on the forehead.
Peyton walks up to her old house and leaves a bag and card.
Lindsey tries on a wedding dress.
Mia is singing.
N and C tuck in Jamie. Carrie says he’s good with J. N says no he’s good with me. C starts laughing and says N has had paint on his face for the past two hours. C takes it off and tells him to close his eyes. She kisses him and N just stares at her. J calls for Carrie and she walks away.

Peyton walks into the gym with Lucas.  She asks if he can get out early to go see a movie.  L says what are you doing?  P says pretending we’re still 17.  Do you believe I met a girl that lives vicariously through us? L says sure, it’s a great story but it also took place a long time ago.  P says I didn’t come to rehash the past.  She was reminded today that the most perfect act of love is sacrifice.  It’s what Keith did Karen..buried his feelings so he could be her friend.  I love you, Lucas and I think I have since the first moment we locked eyes and it is going to suck but if you what you want is for me to let go then I’m going to do it.  Be happy, Luke.  I want that with all my heart.  She kisses his hand and leaves.
Molly is at home and opens the bag.  It’s a paintbrush and paint.  The note says to paint over the closet door.  She wants her to chase whatever excites you.
Mouth and Millicent are watching ballet.  Millicent kisses Mouth on the cheek.
P’s voiceover reading the letter continues.
O gets in his car and B is in the backseat.  She says you wanted to know what was under the clothes.  O says he was being existential.  She says she thought he was being literal and serious.  O says she makes two fantastic points but he should get home. She says you’re turning down naked Brooke?  He says he was joking.  Let’s have sex, Brooke Davis.  Your place or mine?  Brooke says as if and puts on her dress.  She says you have to earn that one.  She kisses him and gets out.
H comes home and N hugs her.  N says he wishes she was home more.  H tells him about snapping at Lucas and Peyton.  He asks if she told Lindsey about the kiss.  She says I’m starting to think some things are better left secrets.  Carrie walks in and says she’s going to bed and let her know if they need her.
Molly paints over the door and encourages Molly to write her own story.
Lucas finds Lindsey in bed and kisses her shoulder and says let’s get married right away.  They kiss.
Peyton’s voicover continues and they show Peyton drawing on the pool table at TRIC.

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