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Feb 26,2008

Episode 9 For Tonight You’re Only Here to Know Reaction

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First off, I apologize to everyone for putting the Carrie spoiler for tonight in 5.09 and it’s really for 5.10. Sorry! It was simply a copy and paste error!  Everyone watching the show with me kept waiting on it and nothing!  Sorry, sorry, sorry!

I really don’t know what I can say about that episode. Yeah, I do actually. It was quite boring. This is by far the worst episode of the season. Absolutely nothing happened. You can sum up tonight by saying it was make up night for Lindsey and Peyton. And unfortunately the cat fighting wasn’t nearly as entertaining as I thought it was going to be although there were some really good digs back and forth. I felt bad for Lindsey when she tells about her dad. That was the moment I sorta felt bad for her. In some ways I’m glad the whole Lindsey/Peyton thing is finally over. I still don’t want Lucas and Lindsey together but I haven’t really liked Peyton much this season which I guess is the point.

Tim was hilarious as always. Good to see him on the show.

Mia was funny this episode. She sort of reminds me of the old Brooke. Like the fun one of the bunch.

Well, I guess that’s it. There wasn’t much of anything that actually happened in this episode!

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Feb 26,2008

Episode 9 For Tonight You’re Only Here to Know Recap

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Mouth is doing a voiceover while they show THH in current day about finding a story in the school. They show Mia in Haley’s classroom singing. Peyton says cut and they are filming a video. Haley says she has to leave. P says about Lucas…she says she’s going to let him go but it’s hard. H says she’ll see her at the game.
Mouth is in the gym talking to Skills. He says he’s trying to find the angle to the story. Skills tells him to relax, he’ll do great.
Haley is getting ready at home and Nathan walks in. He looks serious and says I have to tell you something about Carrie. Carrie walks in and says she’s giving her two weeks notice b/c she’s going to graduate school. Haley congratulates her and hugs her.
Mouth goes to see Luke in his office. Luke says he’s thinking about Keith. Mouth has been thinking of Jimmy. Mouth tells him good luck. Luke asks Keith for help at the game.
Q is wrapping is arm with tape. Jamie does it too. So cute.
Mia and Peyton leave Peyton’s office for the game. Mia wants to understand what’s going on so she knows who to hate. She points out Lindsey who is with Brooke. P leads Mia through the school and says do you want to see where I almost bled to death.
H is in the stands and forgot her camera in her room and Brooke and Lindsey go with her to get it.
Lucas gives the team a pep talk in the locker room.
There’s a really hot scene with all the guys walking down the hall in slow motion.
Brooke, Haley and Lindsey see Mia in the library and they all go in. The cat fight starts! P and L exchange words. P says she was going to try to be nice but it’s officially over. L says it works for her. P says if you get tired dragging your fat @ss back to the gym, there’s a water fountain in the hallway. L says whatever you bulimic *itch. Lindsey tries to go back to the game but the handle is gone. Lindsey starts beating on the door saying Help!

Haley is trying to call someone. Lindsey says she’s claustrophobic. No one gets cell phone service except Brooke. She calls Mouth but his phone is not on him. Peyton tells Brooke to call Owen but Brooke won’t because she’ll look stupid and he won’t sleep with her. Brooke’s battery dies right when she tries to call. Lindsey starts freaking out. Haley calms her down. P asks M if she’s ok. M thinks it’s great. M wants to get to know everyone. She starts with Brooke. She says your rich and cool, why do you let your skank of a mom boss you around all the time? Brooke refuses to talk about it. Everyone agrees with Mia. Brooke stands up for her. She says her mom has been with her for four years making her company. Haley says no, Brooke created the company by herself. Brooke tells Haley you don’t know anything about it.

Lindsey picks up a chair to break the window and she ends up falling backwards.
Brooke is reading her mag. P comes up and offers some sort of drink. B says she came up with this. P says but it’s not called V Davis. B says she just wants her to love her and it’s hard to let her go even if she’s in it for the wrong reasons.
Mia figures out they have Internet. They decide to get pizza delivered so they will get them out. They fight about what type of pizza. H tries to calm everyone down. Mia says to Haley she did a great job on the record. H says where did that come from? Mia says sometimes you should build people up. Everyone gives words to describe Haley. They all then take a turn with Mia. Then Lindsey. P waits to say something and then says she’s got decent taste in men. Lindsey says I’m intimidated by Peyton. She says she edited a book that was basically a love letter. She says sometimes she thinks he’s still in love with her. P says which is why he proposed to you right?

Mia comes up with Lucas’s book and says she’s never read it. P is sitting where her and Lucas was. Brooke comes up and says she’s not going to tell her how to act with Lindsey but she usually takes the high road. P says she’s sick of looking at the ring. B says you mean your ring. Brooke goes back to the others and asks where the pizza is.
Tim is walking through the school with the pizza.
Mia is reading her youtube video comments which are mixed reviews. Haley and Lindsey try to make her feel better.
Lindsey and Peyton start arguing and they almost go to blows and they have to hold them back. Tim comes in but let’s the door shut. Brooke yells at him. Tim left his phone on his scooter.
Mouth is writing in Lucas’s office and still can’t find the story. He gets his picture of Jimmy out and looks inspired.
Mia asks what body part of someone would you eat if we were starving. They throw out love handles and neck. Tim says he believes in ghosts. Peyton says yes. Lindsey says maybe. Tim asks if Jimmy and Keith are still there.
Mouth is sitting at the lockers and says he wishes Jimmy was there and they were supposed to be doing this together.

Tim is showing everyone his son’s pictures. Mia tells her favorite day which is a snow day. Peyton recalls a snow day and Lindsey tells the day from the book. Lindsey and Peyton fight again. Mia picks up her guitar and everyone keeps making up stuff about each other. Peyton tells Lindsey about the ring. Lindsey yells at her and says her dad died. She says she used to admire Peyton but not now. Mia plays while they show clips from the past…Jimmy and Mouth…Victoria and Brooke…Lucas and Lindsey…NHJ.

Haley and Peyton are talking.  She explains she got to know Lindsey because she was editing the book and she was working on the chapter about the shooting and she wanted it to be the best because Peyton deserves it.  Keith deserved it.  Jimmy deserved.  They day deserved it.  And they’d been friends ever since.
Peyton asks to talk to Lindsey.  She apologizes because she lost her mother to cancer also.  She says she brings out the worst in her.  She says Haley told her about the chapter.  She says that’s what makes it hard.  That she’s so great.  She says she lied about the ring.  It was really Keith’s that he gave Karen and he must really love her.  Lindsey says her and Lucas are writing their own chapter and she won’t apologize.  Peyton says she didn’t mean what she says and they are both ready to move on.
Tim says he’s ready to get out of there and goes and takes the frame off the door.  They say why did he not do it before and he says he missed everyone.
Nathan and Lucas are in the gym.   They both admit they kissed Carrie and Peyton.  Nathan says he’s going to tell Haley.  Jamie and Skills come in.  Nathan says he’s got to stop being his father and start being Jamie’s father.
Mouth is doing the voiceover.  He says the real story is about fathers and sons and life and time and change.
All the girls come out of the library.  Mia hugs everyone.  Lindsey and Peyton smile and wave at each other.  Peyton says Brooke can go with Haley and Lindsey because she’s HER best friend.
Lindsey goes into the gym to see Lucas.  Lucas says he’s thinking about Keith.
Mouth finishes his voiceover while he edits.

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Feb 26,2008

Lauren Conrad and Lee Norris

Posted by Amy with 2 Comments

Woah, now these are some interesting pictures.  Lauren Conrad from The Hills and our own Lee Norris.

 image image image