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May 01,2008

Season 5 Episode 3 My Way Home Is Through You Transcript Posted

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Another big thanks to Crystal...Episode 3 My Way Home Is Through You transcript is up!

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May 01,2008

Gavin DeGraw Readies Sophomore Release

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Singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw is set to release his sophomore, self-titled CD this week. DeGraw hit the scene in 2003 with the release of his debut disc Chariot. The single “Chariot” “I Don’t Wanna Be” [the article was wrong.  thanks HKD for pointing it out] was the theme song for the teen drama One Tree Hill and was a top 10 hit in the United States.

His next album hits stores on May 6 and the debut single off of the record is the tune “In Love with a Girl”. The entire album is streaming on DeGraw’s official website from now until the album’s release. This summer he has a few dates scheduled in Europe, an appearance at Z100’s Zootopia in New York, but no other dates planned.

Here are the rest of the tracks on the upcoming disc:

“In Love with a Girl”
“Next to Me”
“Cheated on Me”
“I Have You to Thank”
“Cop Stop”
“Young Love”
“Medicate the Kids”
“She Holds The Key”
“Let It Go”
“We Belong Together”


May 01,2008

5.16, 5.17 Episode Descriptions

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TV Guide Magazine for 516:

The shady facts surrounding Dan’s heart condition have Lucas wondering if his dad is truly ill or just a sicko trying to one one over on the family. Knowing Dan, we’re going with the latter.

TV for 517:

Lucas is hurt by devastating news, and he makes a surprising revelation to Peyton. Elsewhere, Brooke’s foster baby has an emergency operation; and Skills and Nathan take a risk as they try to turn the Ravens’ season around.

credit: +supernova+ @ FF

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May 01,2008

Episode 18 Spoiler Picture

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Credit: bkat73

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May 01,2008

Filming Report – 4/30 – Video

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Credit tutorgirl323 FF

May 01,2008

Top Commenters Reset

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FYI, it’s May and our Top Commenters list on the right has reset! I believe Danika or HKD may have been our April winner…I didn’t check last minute before it switched…I’m such a great web site owner :).  Anyway, check out the new list!  Maybe I’ll have a prize for the May Top Commenter??

May 01,2008

Season 5 Episode 2 Transcript

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Season 5 Episode 2 Transcript is Now Available.

May 01,2008

Deb/Skills Spoiler Info

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OK, this spoiler finally makes it all make sense why Deb and Skills would even think about hooking up.  I think it’s quite hilarious myself.

For Episode 5.17

My friend was an extra at TRIC a few weeks ago and they filmed a scene where Skills/Deb realize that they have been set up together by an internet dating site or something. They are surprised to see each other. I guess he is sitting there with a rose or something and she comes up and says his screen name and she says hers and they turn around and are kind of like “OMG” Credit: tutorgirl323

May 01,2008

More Filming from 4/30

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A friend of mine who was watching said that some paramedics came up & covered him with a sheet. Which of course implies that he is dead. Although considering it’s Dan, I wouldn’t put it past them to have his suddenly rise from the dead or something. LOL
credit to WIlmyK8S @ othforums

OK, here’s pictures too.   Credit tutorgirl323@FF

I was there for the filming of the L/H scene and the Dan being run over scene today. The Dan being run over one consisted of him helping an old couple and then he backs away saying “you two be careful out here, you could get yourselves killed” then he steps back into the street and is hit by a car and rolls over the top of it.

The L/H scene was just them driving around the block, then as they get in front of C/B the car is hit by a waterballoon, Haley gets out of the car and walks into C/B.