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May 05,2008

Episode 16 Cryin’ Won’t Help You Now Music

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So far…

Builds And Explodes – Tim Williams
When Will It Happen – Arden Kaywin
My Love in Blue – Tom Hanson
Song We Sang Away – Low vs Diamond
Dreamers – jack savoretti
In Love With a Girl – Gavin DeGraw
Second Chances -Paper Route
Twenty Years – Augustana


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May 05,2008

Watch with Kristin Spoilers

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Bruce in Rhode Island: One Tree Hill is killing me! Will they just put Peyton and Lucas together already?
I feel ya! I can tell you that Lucas makes a call to either Lindsey or Peyton and suggests marriage again. In other news, someone’s gonna get hit by a car and Skills and Deb sleep together!

Tessa in New Orleans: They aren’t really going to kill off Dan on OTH are they? He’ll survive his condition or get a donor?
Did I mention someone’s gonna get hit by a car?


May 05,2008

Episode 16 Cryin’ Won’t Help You Now Reaction

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Whew! What an episode! You can tell we’re getting down to the wire..all the storylines are starting to wrap up and getting really juicy! And for us LPers who thought we’d have nothing but hate these last few episodes, what an episode!!! Yes, the first part was somewhat slow but it had some great moments but the end was great!

I still feel bad for Dan. I can’t help. The man is dying and I’m 100% totally convinced he has changed. And in my world, if you have a change of heart, that calls for forgiveness. I applaud Nathan for going to see him and rationally telling Dan he wasn’t allowed back in but that still sucks. I feel so bad for Jamie. And Lucas. Him saying he’s dead already. Ouch, that hurts. Which I can kind of understand from Lucas’ viewpoint since Keith was like a father to him. But Nathan..well, he has Jamie to think about. And Dan DID push him to be a great basketball player. Did anyone notice Nathan’s words to Q were almost exactly Dan’s to him? I thought for sure after that Nathan would realize how much Dan loved him and he’d let him in. But he doesn’t and denies a dying man his only wish. So sad.

Brooke was cute this episode. I love, love, love the new Baby Brooke line. That was spot on. And her saying it’s you and me, baby at the end was a-dor-a-ble. Seriously. And how about Dr. McHotty?? Loved him for all 30 seconds we saw of him.

Mouth’s declaration of love was very creative and cute. They’re so cute together!! At least they attempted to bring in Brooke into their storyline a bit with her dropping Millicent off. Mouth has yet to really interact with anyone but at least it’s a try. Oh, and Millie with that video game was hilarious!

And what’s up with Nathan and Haley? We get a great bedroom scene and then nada. I’m missing that supposed shower scene too!!

And onto my favorite part…the love triangle!

I love that Haley told Peyton about telling Lucas not to marry Lindsey. I sorta had forgotten about that (??). I liked how Haley said she realizes her subconscious came out when she was writing and she felt it was the same for Lucas. It totally prepared Peyton for what she was about to read!

And how about that little visit to Lindsey’s office. I was totally confused about why she was there until I realized…ahh..this is how she gets Lucas’ book! Just how many people suspected. Yay for Peyton really standing up for Lucas realizing how much he was hurting. I think I actually believed her this time she really wanted the best for him. But when Lindsey handed her that book and said it’s not me you have to convince, you’re the one that has to make the decision, well, I was floored!! What does that mean?? What does that book say? The whole River Court thing makes sense now because I’m assuming that’s her way of showing him she made her decision.

As for Lucas, the poor guy is still trying to get Lindsey back. I thought maybe after the key thing he’d get it but nope. Maybe after she rejects him AGAIN he’ll finally get it!

And none too soon seeing we have a huge episode next week with them! I’m not sure I totally understand what happens with the I Hate You comment and I’m not sure if I totally understand what happens after watching that promo but I CAN tell you Peyton is sitting on top of Lucas on a bed and I LOOVE IT!

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May 05,2008

Episode 17 Hate is Safer Than Love

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May 05,2008

Episode 16 Cryin’ Won’t Help You Now Recap

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Lucas investigates Dan’s heart condition. Haley struggles with letting Dan into Jamie’s life. Peyton also still struggles with her guilt over Lucas’ breakup and Mouth finally gets the chance to be a sports anchor.


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Dan/Nathan at the court



Builds And Explodes – Tim Williams
When Will It Happen – Arden Kaywin
My Love in Blue – Tom Hanson
Song We Sang Away – Low vs Diamond
Dreamers – jack savoretti
In Love With a Girl – Gavin DeGraw
Second Chances -Paper Route
Twenty Years – Augustana

Original Spoilers/Filming Info

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Live-Blogging Recap

Dan is at the cemetery looking at Keith’s headstone. Right beside it is a headstone with his name and picture on it being lowered.
Jamie is asking Nathan about why Dan wasn’t at his party. Jamie says Dan says he missed him. Nathan says you know that jersey you got? It came from Dan. Haley walks in Jamie’s room. Jamie tell Haley about the jersey. Haley says her and Nathan need to talk. They are downstairs. Nathan says it’s true, Dan needs a heart transplant. Haley doesn’t believe him. He tells him about the will and he seems scared. Haley says at least they know why he is hanging around. Nathan says it doesn’t matter, he’s not spending time with Jamie.
Brooke is playing with Angie. She has to go to a board meeting tomorrow. Lucas comes in. Brooke asks why he’s here. He said he wouldn’t miss it. Brooke says she’s getting better. Angie is sleeping through the night. Lucas says see, I told you you’d be a good mom. Peyton walks in and says that’s the best night of sleep ever. She’s in her pj’s and stops when she sees Lucas. She says hey, what are you doing here while she pulls on her t-shirt. Brooke says they’re going to the dr. Lucas leaves. Brooke looks at Peyton and says You too! She looks at Angie and says aren’t they silly?
Skills and Lucas are at practice. Q is there. Lucas announces Q will be out for 6 weeks. They have 12 games and they have to work hard. The guys are not convinced they will do well. Q walks out. Skills asks why. He says there’s nothing left for him there. L says you can’t quit. Q says I just did.

Peyton and Brooke are feeding Angie. Peyton says she can help she’s just been paying attention to the studio. Brooke says that’s fine, Angie likes Lucas better. Peyton says Heyy! Brooke says he’s still pining over Lindsey and she’s trying to distract him. Peyton says she’s got to get to the studio. Haley is recording. Brooke tries to get Angie to smile at the news. She still won’t. Peyton leaves. Brooke continues to feed Angie.
Mouth is at the tv studio. A guy walks in and says his on-air guy just got sick and he knows he hasn’t talked to him since replacing Angie but he likes what he’s done and asks if he wants to fill in tomorrow. He has 3 slots and he needs him to fill all of them. Mouth says thanks. He says I heard about your Omaha offer and I think you made the right decision.
Haley walks into the office to see Lucas. He says it’s Dan and he’s dying. He says Riiighht. He says he told Nathan at the beach house. He says there’s a will and everything. Lucas says he’s lying. He says I’ll get into it but in the meantime, be careful, don’t get sucked into it. Haley says what if it’s the truth? Lucas says it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy (what??).
Nathan and Dan are at the rivercourt. Dan says I know you’re trying to come back. I know you may not be the same but you can reinvent yourself. Nathan says stop it! Following me, trying to see Jamie. Nathan says I don’t care that you’re dying, leave me alone. Dan says it’s not too late. You don’t want to regret it. Nathan throws a ball at his head and says you don’t get it. Leave my family alone!
Peyton uncovers a piano at the studio. She tries to get Haley excited but can’t. Haley says if you had the chance to get close to your father would you? Peyton says before Ellie, no. Sometimes I think it’s better to know my ideal version of him. Haley says there’s a chance Dan might be dying. And Jamie is obsessed with Dan. Peyton says I wouldn’t be standing here without Ellie and she changed her life.
Lucas goes to see Dan. Lucas says he knows nothing is wrong. Dan says you of all people should be concerned. Lucas says nothing is wrong with my heart and yours either. I have the best doctor and he can’t do anything for him. Lucas says you’re dead to so many of us already it really doesn’t matter.

Haley is playing the piano. Peyton says I never thought we’d be making a record together. Haley says it’s fine as long as you’re not using it to hide behind. Haley says listen, before the wedding I told Lucas he shouldn’t marry Lindsey after I read his book and I knew he was still in love with you whether he’s ready to admit it or not. Peyton says it’s just a book. Haley said really? How about when I write my music? My subconscious ends up sneaking in and I don’t notice it. Peyton says I watched him on the altar and I could see where his heart was and I don’t why Lindsey can’t see it and it’s unfair to Luke. Haley says I think she’s just afraid of you and your history. Think how you’d feel if the roles were reversed.

The (hot!) dr comes in to see Brooke and Lucas and explains what’s wrong and the surgery. He says he has to stop her heart for two hours. Brooke is overwhelmed. She will be on a machine then he’ll graft skin from another part of her heart. He will use an electric shock to bring her back. Brooke says it seems dangerous, is there another way? He says no. Lucas says what’s her prognosis without the surgery. He says she’ll die. The dr says I want you to focus on what a great thing it is you’re doing. If there are no further questions, I’lls ee you next week. Lucas says do you happen to know (a dr’s name which is Dan’s).
Q and Nathan are at the rivercourt. Q says we’re both Ravens alumni. Nathan says you can’t quit. Q says you sound like your brother. What’s he know about playin’ injured anyway. Nathan says let me tell you about Lucas, Lucas played injured his entire senior year and he never gave up and what if they made the playoffs? Nathan says you have to reinvent your game..are you going to throw everything away? Q says you know I threw that punch for you? Nathan says I’ve thrown a lot of punches and every last one was selfish. Face it, you punched him for you, deal with it.
Millicent is playing a video game. By herself. Mouth walks in and says we’re gonna have to keep an eye on that. Mouth tells her about the on-air spot. Millicent is excited. She has a presentation for work but he’ll do great. They hug.
Jamie walks in and asks Haley where Dan lives. He wants to thank him for his jersey. Haley says they can’t go right now but he can right Dan a note and she’ll make sure he gets it. Jamie’s excited.
Brooke and Angie are at home. She puts her down. Lucas is beside her. She says I can’t even get her to smile, what am I doing? What if she dies? What will I tell her parents? Lucas says she’s giving her a chance. Brooke says yeah I guess so. Thank you for being here for us. Lucas says thank you for letting me.

Jamie is beating Skills playing video games. Lucas is in the kitchen with Naley. Lucas says it’s true. He spoke to the cardio dr. Lucas says it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. Maybe that makes me the one with the bad heart but he says good riddance. Nathan doesn’t know what to think. Back to Skills and Jamie. Skills says why you only shoot 3’s. Jamie says because 3’s are bigger than 2’s!
Brooke and Millicent are at COBs. They are watching Mouth on tv. He’s having trouble reading the prompter and then he spills his water. He says this is sports and I’m, uh, wet. Brooke says at least it’s over. Millicent says no, he has two more. Brooke says she has time to drive her there.
Skills, Lucas, Nathan and Jamie are watching tape in the locker room. Skills says they should shoot all 3’s. It’s Jamie’s idea.
Lindsey is at her office. Peyton walks in and says we need to talk.

Lindsey says why are you here? Peyton says it’s weird but I’m here for you and Lucas. Lindsey says there’s nothing more to say. Peyton says I know he loves you and yes, he wrote about a comet but in his non-fiction life he seems very much in love with you. Lindsey says have you read the book? I didn’t think so because if you had you wouldn’t be questioning who he loved and how much. Peyton says it was a work of fiction and what wasn’t was he said I do to you. Lindsey gets the book and says it’s not me who has to make a decision about Lucas. It’s you. Go home, Peyton. Go home and read his book.
Q and Jamie are at the gym and Nathan is there. Nathan says keep shooting I’ll be back. And Quentin, you’re not quitting the Ravens. Jamie says you’re quitting the Ravens?? Q says I got hurt. J says my daddy got hurt too and sometimes it makes me sad. I’d give him anything to see him play again. I can see he wants to. Nathan runs into Dan. He gives him 5 minutes. Dan says I never told anyone this but I tried to kill myself in prison. When I slipped off that chair I took it as a sign my life wasn’t complete. I need to fix all of it. I need that peace before I die. Son, let me help you with what little time I have left. Nathan hears Jamie. Dan says Nathan, please. Son. Don’t deny a dying man his wish.
Mouth is ready to go on air. Millicent walks up. Mouth says I don’t know what happened. I got nervous. Millie says it’s ok. You know what you told me? Sports remind me of the greatness inside of us. On any day an underdog can rise up. You’re my underdog. Next time, just talk to me. Just look at me. I’ll be right behind the prompter. Mouth goes and starts and does great.
Brooke walks into the board meeting with Angie. They ask if she’s ready. She says I’m ready to go. I just need one second. She leaves with Angie crying.
Q goes into the office and talks to Skills. He says you must be looking for Lucas. He says no, I was looking for you. Q apologizes. He said things out of line. He was upset about his wrist and he didn’t think he had his back. Skills says we always have your back and you have to trust us and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you were you want. Q says ok. Skills says apology accepted as he walks out.
Brooke and Angie are outside talking. Brooke says it’s important and she has one shot. She says we’re going back in and giving the presentation. Are you with me?
Lucas is at practice and says Are you with me? And then gives instructions. He says meet your new point guard…Q walks in. They have a huddle and break.
A lady is holding Angie while Brooke gives her presentation. She says they’re unveiling Baby Brooke. It is hip and fun and edgy and every cute baby drools for it…or on it. Good huh? I know! She gets Angie and says come here, my angel. She leaves the board room.
They show Mouth doing great and he signs off. Millicent gives him a big smile.

Back to practice. They make a 3 pointer and Lucas stops them and says Nice! This might work after all. Q comes over to Nathan and says I just want to say thanks for believing in me. Nathan says just do your best. Q says I’ll make you a deal. You work hard too. For Jamie. For a comeback. Nathan says comebacks suck. Q says you saw something in me…maybe we can practice a few hours every week. Nathan agrees.
The guy at the tv studio congratulates Mouth. He walks off. He thanks Millicent. He says you wanna try? Come on! All you have to do is read off the teleprompter. Millicent reads it. It has lines in it from Mouth. It says Thank you for believing in me. I love you. Marvin. Millie is shocked. She says you love me? He says yes. Milicent says I love you too. They kiss.
Jamie is going to bed. Haley read his letter to Dan. Jamie reads it from memory. He says thank you and I wish you were at my birthday and I wish you’ll be at my next one and all the ones after that. Do you think he’ll like it? She says yes. I love you. She blows him a kiss goodnight.
Haley takes it into the kitchen to talk to Nathan. Nathan says I can’t believe he’s dying. As horrible as he’s been, I can’t imagine him going. Haley says if you need closure, I understand. Just be careful.
Lucas is writing on his computer. He says Lindsey’s name in the chat window.
Haley picks up the letter in the kitchen and just thinks. She is torn. She ends up throwing the letter away.
Dan fixes himself a drink and takes a sip. A knock at the door. It’s Nathan. He goes in. Nathan says I thought about what you said and you were right. I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have without you. I’ve realized family is the most important thing. Nathan says not you, my family. I’m sorry you’re dying but you’re not part of it. Dan says that’s it? Nathan says you made the decision when you pulled that trigger. Dan smashes his mirror.
Lindsey has a message pop up on her computer. It’s a video invitation from Lucas. She declines it. Lucas is disappointed.
Peyton is at home in her bed reading the book. Lucas begins a voiceover…And his world would be whole again and his belief in God would be reawakened in his heart.
Brooke is at home talking to Angie. She says I know the surgery is scary but we’ll get through this together. I know I’m not your real mom but I could use a sign I’m doing ok. Angie finally smiles at her. Brooke cries and says ok, it’s you and me, baby.


Writer: William H. Brown
Director: Greg Prange
Star: Antwon Tanner (Antwon “Skills” Taylor), Jackson Brundage (James “Jamie” Scott), Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis), Lee Norris (Marvin “Mouth” McFadden), Paul Johansson (Daniel “Dan” Scott), Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer), James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley James-Scott), Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott)
Recurring Role: Lisa Goldstein (Millicent Huxtable), Robbie Jones (Quentin Fields), Michaela McManus (Lindsay Strauss)

Credits taken from

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May 05,2008

James Lafferty Interview with BuddyTV

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Head on over here for the mp3 of this as well.

I think it was funny he said it’s like Lee Norris is on a different show since I was just saying that…

Sad to hear he thinks it’s too late for him and Dan to reconcile.

Also he confirms the popular season Heather said in the comments yesterday, suspense is so overrated!

Hi, this is Don from BuddyTV, and today I’m talking to James Lafferty from One Tree Hill. Now I know that you had the One Tree Hill charity basketball game last weekend. I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about that.

Yeah, it was a success. We had a lot of people show up. The past couple years we sold it out, but this year we actually sold more tickets than the past couple years. I think we sold around 1400 tickets or something like that. People showed up from all over the country to support the charity and meet the cast and everything, and we raised a lot of money. It was a success.

That’s great. What was it in support of?

St. Jude Children’s Hospital and the Wilmington Family YMCA, here where we shoot.

This season of the show, filming has probably been a little crazy. You’ve had the 100th episode, the writers’ strike, and the story is set four years in the future. What has the vibe been like on the set this year?

It’s been really positive. I think the cast is all really happy with the arcs that their characters are playing, or that we’re playing with the characters. As far as the crew and the overall feel of the show, everyone feels really good about it. We got an early pickup for the sixth season, and everybody’s really happy about that. We’re starting to feel like we’ve had a great run, and it’s gonna continue, and I think we’re gonna end it the right way. It’s been a really positive vibe lately.

At the beginning of the season we got to see Nathan broken down and in a wheelchair and everything. What was it like as an actor to be able to play that?

It was great. It was a challenge, and the kind of challenge that I think every actor sort of waits for and sort of hopes they can step up to when the time comes. It was definitely a challenge for me, but I had a great time doing it. I learned a lot about myself, I think, as an actor, and I think it was great for the character as well. I was really happy when I read the scripts and I saw that it was coming, and I was happy to play it as well.

Another big addition to the show this year has been Jamie, played by Jackson Brundage, who I think is awesome. What’s it been like to work with him?

It’s been awesome. He’s great. He’s every bit as sharp and smart as he looks on TV, and I think he’s actually better in real life. We all have a great time working with him, absolutely.

The show stirred up a little bit of controversy with the fans with the nanny storyline earlier this season. Do you like playing things like that, where Nathan might seem like kind of a bad guy? Or do you shy away from that?

I do like it. I think it adds to the complexity of the character a little bit. Nathan is a guy who I think makes a lot of mistakes, and basically I think that sort of comes from his upbringing, the fact that his parents were constantly making mistakes. He never really had a solid role model growing up, somebody who could tell him to do the right thing. And I think Nathan only recently, in the past six years of his life, is sort of learning how to do the right thing. I think it’s something he struggles with sometimes when he’s faced with a moral dilemma, and it just adds to the fun of playing the character when he makes a poor decision like that.

You’ve had a lot of scenes in recent episodes with Paul Johansson. Do you think that Nathan and Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) will ever forgive Dan and give him a break?

I don’t think so. I think it’s well past. . .I think that Dan’s sort of missed that boat with his two sons. Actually confessing to murdering his brother, I don’t think there’s any coming back from that, especially when the person he murdered was so close to Lucas and Nathan. Before that he might have had a shot, but now he’s going to have a tough time — a really tough time — getting back in touch with his family and his grandson.

Are there any cast members on the show that you wish you had the chance to have more scenes with?

You know, it’s funny, cause I’ve actually said it for years, but my good friend Lee Norris plays Mouth on the show, but sometimes I feel like — shoot, most of the time — I feel like we work on two different shows, because I hardly ever have scenes with the guy. I think it’d be fun to have more scenes with Mouth. The scenes that I have had with him have been funny and cool, and I really enjoy hanging out with him.

Can you give us any hints as to what we can expect to see Nathan doing in the rest of season 5?

I would say just keep watching, because it’s not gonna disappoint. We always end our seasons with some sort of a cliffhanger, and we always throw the fans for a loop. We want to make sure that they’re gonna tune in to the first episode of the next season by coming up with a little surprise, and we definitely have that again in our finale this year. Be watching on Monday, May 19.

When the show eventually comes to an end down the line, where do you think Nathan should end up?

I would like to see Nathan on his way back to restoring his career. I think some people might think that Nathan should sort of try another route and give up on his dreams for basketball, because they might not ever happen. I don’t really think that’s his character, I don’t really think that’s the kind of man he is. I think now that he’s restored the relationship with his wife and his family, I think he’s gonna want to go after his dreams, which I think he should do. I think it’d be great for the character to see him try again.

Is there anything coming up for you during the hiatus? Are you doing anything?

For me? No, not really. I’m just sort of buckling down and I’m gonna get ready to shoot season 6. We’ve got about five weeks off, so I’m gonna enjoy them.

May 05,2008

Peyton Spoiler

Posted by Amy with 75 Comments

Now I don’t know the validity of this spoiler!! But here is what’s being reported & discussed in the LP thread at FF:

I just talked to a friend of mine who extra’ed during all the water balloon stuff, and it turns out its Peyton throwing all the water balloons at everyone. Apparently, she starts having a mental breakdown of sorts. Credit: sunchick116 @ FF

How did your friend come to that conclusion? Credit: ErinLovesOTH @ FF

because that’s what they told her was happening in the scene! sunchick116 @ FF

Ok, so what in the world???  What are they doing to Peyton??

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