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May 15,2008

Ausiello Interview with Hilarie Burton

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Ausiello interviews Hilarie here.

Hilarie, will Peyton get a new man now the Lucas has said I Hate You?

There’s slways new men traipsing through Peyton’s life.  She loves Lucas but her heart could be swayed.

Any new artists on her label?

Joy will be playing more of her music on the show

Lee..are Mouth and Millicent the new David and Donna?

They loved it..didn’t really answer it though.

Did you expect to see  Mouth last this long?

No, I didn’t.  It’s awesome.  I give credit to the fans.

How many years are you jumping ahead this summer?

Twenty I think.  We’ll be 40 or something.

May 15,2008

Episode 18 Descriptions

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What Comes After The Blues
The Tree Hill residents are forced to face their fears as Dan turns over on a new leaf and Brooke taking the hardest decision of her life. In the meantime, Haley’s career takes a turn and Peyton is visited from someone of her past. Mouth and Millicent meet a new face. With all, Lucas and Brooke help each other through the struggles.
Airs: Monday May 19, 2008

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What Comes After The Blues
Lucas reaches his breaking point and does something rash…

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So Peyton actually does get an actual visit from the past..not just news? 

May 15,2008

EW Spoiler

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Source: Entertainment Weekly
Of course, GG isn’t The CW’s only addictive hit drama, and I’m not ashamed to say I was just as excited to grill One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton about whether her character Peyton will ever get back together with Lucas (Chad Michael Murray). Fans of the on-again, off-again couple rejoice: Burton says a makeout session is in their immediate future.


May 15,2008

Episode 18 What Comes After the Blues Preview Clip

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Thanks, Janni for the heads up!
So Lucas did get suspended for 10 games.
What is up with Nathan cussing in front of Jamie? Not cool.
What is up with Mohawk? How did it get that?
I love that Nathan is the one checking on him and giving him advice. Very cool.