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Jun 15,2008

The 50 Hottest Women On Television Saturday

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Sophia Bush #33

Coming in at number 33 on our list of the sexiest women in television is Sophia Bush. In television circles, she’s best known for her work as Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill. To the rest of the world, she’s probably best known for appearing on sexy girl lists like this one.Yes, while we acknowledge that our list is probably the most important one of its kind, we have to admit we’re not the first organization to laud Ms. Bush for her hotness. Indeed, if sexy women listings were required to pay residuals, it’s entirely possible that Bush could exist completely off of these earnings, much like Richard Moll does with Night Court.

So, there’s at least one way in which our list is different form those others: we’re the first to compare Sophia Bush to Richard Moll. You’re welcome.

Hilarie Burton #38

One thing we’ve learned while compiling this list is that up there at The CW, man, those dudes have got some connections, yo. Seriously, it seems like every person who appears on their show was signed right out of a Maxim photo shoot. Maybe that’s not how Shakespeare cast his plays, but as far as we’re concerned it’s a perfectly reasonable way to find your thespian talent.

Case in point: Hilarie Burton of One Tree Hill, otherwise known as number 38 on our list of the sexiest girls on television. Burton has not only appeared in Maxim as an official ambassador of The CW, she was named one of the most beautiful people by People magazine, both of which serve as good warm-ups for the honor of appearing on

Now if we can just convince The CW to publish that pin-up book we’ve been waiting for…

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