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Sep 01,2008

Season 6 Episode 2 One Million Billioneth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning Promo

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Sep 01,2008

Season 6 Episode 1 Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 1 Review

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From Amy (ya’ll bug Heather to write one up too ;):

OH MY WORD, I’ve said it like a hundred times already but THAT WAS THE BEST EPISODE OF ONE TREE HILL EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ONE TREE HILL.  Well, at least for Leyton fans.  And really…I’ve even had some Brucas fans admit that they were pretty cute together.

As I find myself so many times writing these things, I don’t even know where to start!!

I think I just have to start rambling.

The anniversary scenes…I loved them.  The Brucas fan in me loved the wife and husband comments.  Wow, we even got a Brucas long has it been?
Lindsey and Lucas’  Very casual there.  And I love the comment..they were easy together.  Yes, they were easy together.  They got along fine and until Peyton came between they probably could see themselves together because they were happy.  But it wasn’t the same as…
Lucas and Peyton on their anniversary.  It seemed so right.  I almost could feel the cookie dough fight all over again in that place with them together joking and laughing with one another.  I loved how he couldn’t handle the thought of Peyton in sexy underwear.
I liked Gus.  I loved his wise words to Lucas.  I’ve really missed that figure in Lucas’ life and while Gus probably isn’t someone that will be there, it was nice in a moment of such heavy decisions, he was there for him.
The airport scene.  Well, the look in Lucas’ face when he saw her was just priceless. Pure joy.  Everything melted away in that moment.  Gone was the drunken, depressed, heartbroken Lucas.  It may have been a sudden change, but it was a beautiful moment of awakening for him.  But once again, what is with Peyton laughing when they kiss?  She does that so much.  I was kinda hoping for a sexier moment there but I’m not going to complain too much.  Her joy was overflowing and that’s fine with me.
Them in the Vegas room…her mirror comment was HILARIOUS.  I loved that.  Now only if we got to see it in action…did I really just saw that out loud??  You know you were thinking it too!!  I mean really, we should have at least seen a shirt come off there! LOL
The text messages were adorable although I didn’t really understand the significance of bringing Psycho Derek up so much!  What is with that?
The chapel scene was too funny.  You’ll never hear me say it again but I’m glad they didn’t get married.  Wow, that was some cheesy mess.
But oh my, going back to the original hotel room and then them repeating the lines from 5×18!  That was wonderful!  I was spoiled on the fact he didn’t really get to propose so I expected it but I still didn’t like it much that he didn’t do a full-on proposal. I would have liked some romantic lines there.  But they got engaged!  Woot! Woot!
The amount of Leyton goodness was just off the charts this episode.  Unbelievable.  It’s like Season 5 never really happened and we were seeing where they SHOULD have been right after Season 4.  It was a beautiful thing to watch.

OK, on to the rest of the episode!

Jamie and Quentin were so funny and cute in this episode.  I loved how they brought something the fans enjoyed in real life at the game and put it in an episode.  Thank you, Mark!  Haley learning the dance was so cute!  In fact, even though Naley didn’t get too many scenes, we did get a little kiss from them and they really seem so happy.  And really, isn’t that the point they are at right now?  They got through Carrie and are on the mend.

Deb and Skills.  I honestly can’t tell if they’re growing on me or not.  There’s definitely a comedic quality to them but I’m not to the point where I’m seeing anything but cougar quality. Not feelin’ the love on that one yet.  Nathan is hilarious though.  I loved his “scarred for life” comment.

Mouth and Millicent.  I was about to have heart failure when Millicent said she wouldn’t go with Mouth. I was like, hey, wait a minute!  You’re supposed to be with Mouth!  Brooke and Mouth were sweet together.   I loved her question about who topped me although it was a bit sad. First she loses her mother and then Mouth :(  But more on Brooke in a minute.  I was shocked Brooke fired Millicent and then Millicent was like OK!  A little weird but I’m glad Millicent is going with Mouth.

Poor Brooke.  I can’t believe the way Victoria is acting. I’m proud of Brooke wanting to stand up for her line. And the way she stood up to Sam.  That was awesome.  She is not taking the crap now.  But how is she supposed to fight a robber like that?  I was blown away at that scene.  I couldn’t believe how he was beating her down.  Poor thing.  No wonder she goes to a dark place this season!

And finally can we talk about Psycho Nanny Carrie.  Did Mark watch a little Stephen King before writing this?  Wow.  Pretty intense stuff there.  Definitely earned the show the title of soap opera drama.  Is it possible I actually feel bad for Dan?  I did. I do.  Nanny Carrie has seriously lost her mind.  And you know…I was surprised she was after Jamie and not Nathan.  That threw me for a little loop there.

So let me stop rambling.  That was hands down my favorite episode ever.  It moved nicely, the writing was so awesome and it had so much Leyton I could hardly stand myself.

Previews for next week look even better.

Sep 01,2008

Season 6 Episode 1 Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 1 Recap

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Lucas is in New York with Gus. He puts three cards in front of him and says pick one. Brooke walks up with flowers. Lucas says I’m your husband I should give you flowers. She says I wanted to make sure I liked him. Lucas says Happy Anniversay, wife. Brookes, says happy anniversary, husband. They talk about missing Tree Hill. They’re lamenting the fact they are apart so much. Lucas says, I do love Brooke Davis. Brooke says I love you Lucas Davis Scott. He says you’re going to love that whatever it is.

Lucas goes through the door and and they’re in Lucas’ house. He has flowers for Peyton. They kiss. It’s their anniversary. He says is it what you wished for? She says it is. He said he has reservations. She says she wants to stay in. She’s rocking dirty girl panties under the jeans. Lucas says he needs to sit down.

They’re then at a place at the beach with Lindsey. He tells her she looks good. They kiss. She says she has to get ready. Lucas says it’s easy with us isn’t it? Lindsey says, yeah, easiest.

Lucas walks back out onto the street in New York. Gus says to follow the heart. Haley says pick one. Then Nathan. Then Jamie. Then Lindsey. Then Peyton. Then Brooke. Lucas says that’s the one. Gus says you’re sure? He turns over the Queen of Hearts. He asks how he knew? Lucas says I guess I always knew.

Lucas is back at the airport. Gus says you said you always knew. Knew what? Lucas reaches up and touches him. Lucas makes the call.

Dan is helping the man to the curb again.

Lucas is asking her if she wants to get married on the phone.

Back to Dan getting run over. The pager goes off.

Back to the airport. Gus says getting married huh? Lucas says we’ll see if she shows. Gus says she’ll show. He says this is the most important thing there is…love, finding the right person. Luke says I know I made the right choice. Gus says it’s not a choice. Love finds you. It’s written in the stars. And mostly women are smarter than us. But if you want to believe you had a choice, you made a good one. Luke says why? Gus says because she showed up and she sure is pretty.
Lucas turns around and it’s Peyton walking through the crowd. The run to each other. Peyton says you’re a mess but you’re my mess. They kiss. He kisses her neck. Then they kiss.

Brooke is arguing on the phone with Victoria. She tells her to talk to her lawyer. She opens up the door and it’s Victoria at her house. They argue. Victoria says it’s their company because it’s 50/50. She says she’s going to have Brooke fired. Brooke says she’s the designer and she needs her and she has a great new line. V says they’ll see about it. B says to get out.
Skills and Deb are making out in a car in the RiverCourt. They decide they should go public. Then they agree sneaking around is hot.
Mouth goes into the apartment to see Millicent. Mouth tells her he quit his job. He asks if she was serious about Omaha. They’d have to leave in three days. She says yes and she’ll tell Brooke she’s leaving.
Lucas and Peyton are in the airplane. She asks if it’s real. He says yes. She says if not she doesn’t ever want to wake up.
Dan is beat up and in the hospital. Carrie is there and says I was worried I might have killed you when I hit you with that car.

Lucas carries Peyton through the door into a room in hotel. He puts her on the bed. There’s a mirror on the ceiling. Lucas says look at you. You look amazing. He asks if she’s tired. Peyton says I’ve never felt more awake. They kiss. She says I could live off of that, I missed it and I think your ass is going to look really great in that mirror. They start kissing again.
Nathan and Jamie are playing in the living room and Haley walks in. He tells Jamie Chester needs fed and he walks off. Nathan and Haley sit in the kitchen and she asks him how it’s going for him. He says he felt like he was on his way back. He asks about the studio. Haley says last night for the first time she felt like she was on her way back. They kiss.
Brooke walks into COB and is ranting about Victoria. She pauses and walks over to Sam and calls her out on stealing a shirt. Sam says she didn’t mean to. Brooke says you need to come with me. Sam yells at her and runs out. Brooke says it’s just not my friggin day.
At the gym. All of the guys are messing around playing. Nathan and Skills are talking on the sidelines. Nathan tells Skills about the new online guy his mom is dating and he’s disgusted. Skills says he might not be so bad. Music is playing. Quentin and Jamie do the soulja boy dance. Quentin calls Nathan over and they do a dunk together.
Victoria comes into Clothes Over Bro’s and demands the sketches for B’s new line. Millicent says she has to call Brooke. Victoria says she has a right to them. Victoria asks if Millicent doesn’t like her and Millicent says no. Victoria says do you think I’ve been too hard on you? Millie says no, because you’re in an evil b*tch. Victoria says she’ll pay for that.
Dan is trying to get away. Carrie says I wouldn’t try to do that. Too much damage.

Brooke and Haley are at the studio. Brooke asks where Peyton is. She didn’t come home last night. They both get a text. It says Don’t Worry About Me, I’m Fine. Brooke got Peyton’s. Haley got Lucas’.
Lucas and Peyton are in bed together. Lucas sends Peyton a text. It says Peyton, I love you, let’s go get married. She says can a text message change your life? He says God, I hope so. Lucas says I can’t believe you had your own psycho-stalker. They laugh
Carrie says it’s your fault I’m not with Jamie. You weren’t very nice in the hotel. It wasn’t the last of me. I’ve been watching you with Jamie. And now here we are. She heats up a fork with a lighter. She dangles puts it in his hand and makes him squeeze it.
Nathan comes out and sees Deb topless in the pool. He wants to know who Mr. Porno is. She says no. He says he’ll find out. Put your top on Jamie is here. He’ll be scarred for life. I know I am. Skills comes up out of the water. They kiss and he leaves.
Millicent tells Mouth she can’t go with him. She says Brooke needs her right now. She wants to be with her and she will. Mouth interrupts and says I’ll get settled in Omaha but it’s going to hurt.
Carrie says pain management is such a delicate matter. She’s filling up a needle. She says I’m a very good caretaker. She took care of her father. Eventually he died but still. What’s it going to bed? Death or agony? Carrie says agony and empties the needle. She puts the needle far down into his arm. Dan still isn’t able to speak or scream.

Jamie has headphones on doing the soulja boy dance. Haley walks in and asks what’s going on. Nathan says it’s something Q is teaching him. Jamie goes to get ready. Nathan tells Haley about Deb. Nathan says how is Peyton? Haley says she was out all night with Lucas. He says what do you suppose they were doing?
Lucas is in the room. Peyton is in a white dress. Lucas says she’s white dress make my heart skip a beat material. He says I don’t have a ring. Peyton says here, this ring was my mom’s. Lucas says I feel selfish. No friends, no family. He says I don’t want to be selfish with you. He says I know it’s Las Vegas and not how you imagined it but it will be romantic, I promise. They are in the chapel. Show girls, a pregnant girl, rednecks, an Elvis. Lucas says this isn’t right. She says no I want to be your wife. He says this should be a dream come true, not this. Peyton says I have an idea, do you trust me? She says come on.
Brooke is drawing sketches at her place. Mouth walks in. She says are you leaving me? He says I guess so. He found a Boy Toy auction flyer. He says that was one of my best times. Brooke says who topped me? He says Millicent. And she’s going to be with you. Brooke argues. Mouth says she wants to help her. She asks when he goes. He says tonight. They hug. She says goodbye, scarecrow, I’m going to miss you. He says you too, Brooke Davis.
Back to Dan. He pushes himself out of the bed and onto the floor. He eyes the door and rips out his IV lines. He gets the door open and they’re at a house in the middle of nowhere. Carrie walks in and asks where he’s going. She drags him back in the house.

Lucas is in the car.  Peyton is laughing.  He says he misses her laugh.  She says me too.  Lucas says what are you whispering about?  She says nothing.  Everything.  She leans over and kisses him and puts her head on his shoulder.
Millicent is looking at sketches at COB.  Brooke walks in.  She says you’re fired.  Now go to Omaha.  Let me tell you something about love.  It doesn’t knock often but when it does you have to let it in.  It’s going to suck to lose you but there’s a boy that loves you. I’m going to be fine.  Millicent says if you need anything..Brooke says I just need you to be happy.  Millicent leaves COB.
Mouth is at the RiverCourt looking at Peyton’s drawing.  Skills says taking one last look?  Mouth says he was hoping Lucas was there and he can’t get ahold of him.  Skills says from the look of things, he needs to figure out stuff too.  Skills tells him to go do his thing, Marvin McFadden, my brother.  Mouth says Hey Skills, we grew up here didn’t we?  I’m going to miss this place.  Skills takes a shot as Mouth walks off.
Jamie is still dancing in the gym at school.  Nathan and Q are there.  He says you turned my son into a goof.  Q says I’ll take it easy on you.  Nathan says it’s fine.  They play.
Peyton brings Lucas into the same hotel room as the original proposal.  Lucas says this is the room where…Peyton says you proposed to me four years ago.  She says I have this dream we’re back in this hotel room and you propse to me and every time I say yes.  He says it’s just a dream right?  She says it’s my dream. They kiss.
Millicent walks up to Mouth at the apartment.  He says I don’t want to leave you.  She says what if I said you didn’t have to?
Jamie is doing the soulja boy and Haley is now doing it with Jamie.  Nathan walks in and is laughing at them.  Jamie says when you play in the NBA, you should play for the Bobcats so you can come home more often.  Nathan picks him up and he winces from his back.
Brooke is on the cell phone at COB.  She tells V on her voicemail that she’s ready to fight.
Carrie straps Dan down in the bed.  She tells how she took him out of the hospital unnoticed and into the trunk of his own car.  She says all the equipment was her father’s.  She sends eventually I’m going to do the world a favor and call him.  She puts a needle in him.  She says but first I’m going to get Jamie back and you’re going to help me, aren’t you?
Mouth and Millicent are in the car driving out of Tree Hill.
Lucas says Peyton Sawyer I love you.  She blurts out yes!  He says you didn’t even let me..she says Yes!  GOd, I love you.  They kiss.
Brooke closes up COB.  She says this is my store, this is my life.  It’s what I wished for.  A guy comes through the door and knocks her down and starts punching her.

Sep 01,2008

Season 6 Episode 1 Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 1 Quotes

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Please send in any more of your favorites!

Victoria: You don’t like me do you?
Millicent: No.
Victoria: Because you feel like I’ve mistreated you.
Millicent: No, because you’re an evil b*tch.

Skills: She seems happy though, right? Like, satisfied?
Nathan: Dude, did you just ask if my Mom was satisfied?

Brooke: It is just NOT my friggin’ day.

Gus: How’d you know which one to pick?
Lucas: I guess I always knew.

Peyton: Peyton, I love you, let’s go get married, Lucas. Can a text message change your life?
Lucas: God, I hope so.

Gus: It’s the most important thing there is. Love. Finding the right person to spend your life with.
Lucas: I know I made the right choice.
Gus: That’s where it gets you. Thinking you had a choice. Love finds you, Son, you don’t find love. It’s got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, what’s written in the stars. Alot to do with the simple fact most women are smarter than we are. And whily. Your sorry but never had a chance. But if you want to believe you had a choice in the matter, I’d say you made a good one.
Lucas: Why is that?
Gus: Because she showed up and she sure is pretty.

Peyton: This is real isn’t it?
Lucas: Yeah
P: Tell me again
L: Yes, it’s real.
P: Good. I’m glad. And if it’s not, I don’t ever want to wake up from this.

Lucas: Look at you. You fly all night and you still look amazing.
Peyton: Oh God, no I don’t.
Lucas: Yeah, you do. You tired?
Peyton: No, I’ve never felt more awake.
Lucas: Me neither

Peyton: I think your @ss is going to look great in that mirror. Let’s find out.

Peyton: Responsible-I’ve-not-been-attacked-by-Psycho-Derek text message sent.
Lucas: Responsible-I-know-I’ve-been-dark-lately-but-everything’s-ok message sent.

Haley: What is with you and naked nannies in the pool?

Lucas: Wow. Heart-skips-a-beat-breathtaking material.

Lucas: Peyton Sawyer, I love you

Peyton: You’re a mess, you can’t just call a girl from the airport and ask her to marry you, but you’re MY mess Lucas Scott, and I love you.

L:Happy anniversary!
P:Go back out.
L:Why? Is the mail man here again?
P:No. He just put on his pants and jumped out the window, but he did leave you an anniversary gift and i haven’t wrapped it yet. Hey babe!
L:Hey wifey! These are for you.
P:Oh!!They’re beautiful! Thank you! How was your day?
L:Was good. It is good. Now i can’t believe it’s been a year.
P:Time flies when you get what you wish for.
L:Is it? Is it what you wished for,Peyton?
P: If i say it’s more than that are you going to tease me for being a dork? Cause it is.

Brooke: Our company? I believe it’s MY company because YOU were fired, and I do not recall inviting you in you botoxed vampiresse. (sp?)
Victoria: See this is what I’m talking about. You’re such a child, and a fairly stupid one at that. It doesn’t matter that you fired me I’m your legal partner, missy.
Brooke: It’s MY company, I’m the designer.
Victoria: No, it’s OUR company 50/50. At least it is for now.
Brooke: And what is that supposed to mean?
Victoria: Designers come and go, it’s the brand that matters, and I grow the brand and the board knows that and the can fire you.
Brooke: So what, you’re going to have a magazine called b.davis without B.DAVIS?!
Victoria: Paul Frank doesn’t work for Paul Frank, it happens all the time.
Brooke : Really?And what are you going to sell mother? Magic beans!?

(Peyton laughs)
Lucas:I love that laugh. I missed it.
Peyton:Yeah? Me too. (whatever she whispers) Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer Scott or Peyton Sawyer will be Peyton Scott…(i’m not entirely sure)
Lucas:What’re you whispering about wiley?
Peyton:Nothing.Everything.More than everything.

Sep 01,2008

Season 6 Episode 1 Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 1 Music

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Bethany Joy Galeotti – Feel This

Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love Coldplay Lucas and Peyton at the airport

Poke by Frightened Rabbit (Lucas and Peyton driving)

Highly Suspicious by My Morning Jacket (Sam stole the shirt)

I Should Be Lost Without You David Condos (Brooke/Mouth)

Flo Rida In The Ayer (Jamie dancing)

Look at You by Morning Jacket (Lucas carries Peyton in )

Earlimart Town Where You Belong

Violet Hill Coldplay (CODA)

Sep 01,2008

Hilarie Burton Reminds You to Watch

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Sep 01,2008

Bethany Joy Galeotti Reminds Us to Watch

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Sep 01,2008

CW Interview with Chad Michael Murray

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Sep 01,2008

TVGuide Interview with Mark Schwahn Part 3

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Here in Part 3 of our in-depth look at the new season of One Tree Hill, series creator Mark Schwahn previews returns both official and possible, and then weighs in on the big rumors surrounding the show — including the biggest buzz of all. — Matt Mitovich Brooke’s mom is returning, I hear.
Mark Schwahn:
Yes. Daphne Zuniga, as Victoria, does a great job as a villain, and we’ll see her return in the first episode, and for more than one episode. What I love about Victoria is that in the episode where Lucas was in New York because Peyton didn’t accept his proposal, Victoria walked in on what she thought was a proposal between Lucas and Brooke. Well, what if they’re really engaged? What’s the fallout of that? At the same time, all the stakes regarding Clothes Over Bros will get played. In addition to Lindsey and Victoria, any there any other returns to watch for? Perhaps Danneel Harris as Rachel?
I love me some Danneel Harris. She’s such a cool girl. She’s sweet and beautiful and she plays that character really well. I’d love to see her back. We haven’t filled in all the blanks, but that’s something we’d definitely be interested in doing. And I think she’d be interested. I’ve been bugging Bryan Greenberg [most recently of October Road] about coming back as Jake. I don’t know if that will happen because he’s doing movies and some other things, but he loves the show and we’re close friends. Id love to make that happen, especially if this were the last year of the show. That’s a perfect segue into my last batch of questions, addressing the assorted rumors floating around. Rumor No.1: Is this One Tree Hill‘s final season?
I’ll be completely honest with you. I would tell you if I had heard or I knew that it was, because I think the fans deserve to know. I’m actually in the middle of negotiating to make sure that I protect the show next year and come back to it if it comes back. I don’t think the studio or network would pay lip service to that if they didn’t think it was [possible]. That being said, we don’t know if the show will be successful this year creatively or in the ratings. The [cast members’] contracts are an issue. When you get a large cast that isn’t under contract, that’s always an issue. There was a time at the end of Season 5 where we assumed that if we did another season it would be the last, but I don’t feel that energy right now. And creatively, I wrote [this season’s] first three episodes out of the gate and I think they’re great, the cast thought they were great, and the crew and the studio is buzzing about them. I think everyone reappraised again. I’m still enjoying writing this world, and I’m happy to do it if they — the studio, network and cast — want to. I’m optimistic about it. There may be a conversation that’s been had between the studio president and network president that I don’t know about, but I don’t think that’s the case. People are saying that this show has been “refaced” with the four-year jump, and a lot of people including Peter Roth and Dawn Ostroff look at this show as being in its second year as a “new” show. Everyone who’s important to the continuation of the show on an executive level has said to me, “How long do you think the show can run?” I said, “It’s a ‘new’ show, it can run another five years,” and they said, “We think so, too.” Whether or not the business of television takes over, I don’t know. We’ll see.

Rumor No. 2: “Psycho Derek is coming back.”
It’s possible. Psycho Carrie could be coming back…. [Laughs] I’m happy to say that psychos usually return, because they’re psychos. We haven’t seen Derek in a long time, so I’ve always said it’d be interesting if he came back and he was balanced and trying to be a decent human being, but everyone was really skittish around him. We could do a lot with that. When stalkers disappear, that means they’re out there.

Rumor No. 3, courtesy of Chad Michael Murray himself: You’re “killing a couple people” this season.
Yeah, yeah…. I think Chad [during a recent red-carpet interview] meant “killed” as in “We don’t see them this year.” We’re a show that has been creatively adventurous and risky. It’s hard to have a major character kill another major character like we did with Dan and Keith, and yet you still feel that Dan is relevant, if only in a reprehensible way. It’s very risky television. You can’t just boil through your cast. [Laughs] At the same time, we’re still taking chances in the sixth season, more so than we’ve been given credit for. So, I don’t really want to comment on what Chad said. I will say that this season is a bit complex and adventurous, and not in a “Jump the Shark” sort of way. This is a brave season for us. I haven’t said that to anyone else, but that’s a great way of putting it.


Sep 01,2008

CW Interview with Sophia Bush

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Think you know who Lucas proposed to? Not so fast! Sophia Bush tells us the great lengths One Tree Hill went to in order to keep the big cliffhanger a secret. Plus, she talks about maternal instincts, the fun of working with kids on set, and Brooke’s evolution.

Go see the video!