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Sep 02,2008

Leyton Stills from Episode 1 Touch Me I’m Going to (Scream Part 1)

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Hilarie Burton Online has the HighQuality official stills from the season premiere.  They’re gorgeous!

Sep 02,2008

One Tree Hill Connection Podcast No. 16

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Part two of The One Tree Hill Connection Podcast’s exclusive interview with One Tree Hill Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfington is the only place Lindsay musically dissects the first episode of season six in the 16th edition of the podcast. There is also a review of the first episode of season six and an Artist Alley segment with artist David Condos whose song “I Should Be Lost Without of You” played during the scene between Mouth and Brooke.

Next week an Artist Alley segment with Earlimart highlights the 17th edition of the podcast.



Sep 02,2008

Episode 2 Preview with Mark Schwahn

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Sep 02,2008

Season 6 Episode 2 One Million Billioneth of a Millisecond of a Sunday Morning Clip 1

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Sep 02,2008

Download Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 1 on iTunes

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iTunes now has Season 6 Episode 1 Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 1 available for download.  This one was a keeper for sure!

Sep 02,2008

Off-Topic – The Results Are In!

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For those that have been following my little side project…

I found out yesterday but didn’t want to post on premiere day…I came out THIRD in the Hot Blogger Calendar! Which means I get to go to New York for the photo shoot and be in the calendar!

YOU GUYS are the reason I got on there so thank you SO MUCH to those that voted!

Much OTH love,

Sep 02,2008

Ratings for Season 6 Episode 1 Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 1

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One Tree Hill began its season with a 2.1/3, beating an hour of Samantha Who? reruns on ABC.


Sep 02,2008

Season 6 Episode 2 One Million Billioneth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning Promo 2

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Sep 02,2008

Article: Fans look ahead to new ‘One Tree Hill’ season

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Are any of you in this article??

It’s been about three months since fans were last able to peer into the lives of their favorite TV characters. To them, though, One Tree Hill is more than just a television show. It’s been a part of their lives for five years now, going on six.

And in that length of time, each fan has developed his or her own hopes and fears for their favorite Tree Hill-ite. Many will even fly or drive from hundreds of miles away on a chance they might run into a film crew and get a little sneak peek of upcoming episodes.

We found a crowd of more than 40 lucky fans who discovered One Tree Hill filming Aug. 7 at the Barbary Coast bar on South Front Street. While they congregated across the street, we talked to a few girls (they’re almost always girls) and asked what they’d like to see happen in the new season.

Then that darn nice Sophia Bush walked up and started signing autographs. No one paid attention to a reporter after that, but here’s what we did get out of them:

Shea Merrill


“I’m looking forward to finding out about who Lucas is going to pick.”

Kayla Baughn


“I just want to know what the nanny is up to because she said, ‘If you didn’t like me last season then you really won’t like me this season.’ So, I did not like her last season. I don’t think anybody did.”

Stephanie Baughn


“I want to know if Dan’s dead or not. It’s really been bothering me, but I’m just


Frankie Merrill


“I want to see what happens with Nathan’s basketball career.”

Nicole Connelly

New Jersey

“I hope to see a lot more Nathan and Haley scenes. Everybody loves those. Season five really didn’t have that many. And I’m a ‘Leyton’ fan so I want to see Lucas and Peyton together. And I want them to get renewed and their contracts and have a season seven. I don’t want it to end.”

“Dan was hit by a car and with his beeper paging so, I like Dan, even though he brings a certain element to the show that other shows don’t have. So even though he’s evil and he’s the villain, I think he’s great so I hope they keep him around, too and keep him in the story line. I’d like to see Karen come back, actually, Lucas’ mother. I really liked her.”

“I flew from Jersey to come here. I was here for seven days just for this. I extended my trip for two days. I was here with my mom, she had to go back to work. But, yeah, I came to Wilmington just strictly for One Tree Hill. I just came down here in the hopes of seeing them film . . . I got autographs from Sophia Bush, Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty. And I got a picture with all three of them. And then I got a picture with Lisa Goldstein (Millicent) and then Michaela McManus (Lindsey).”

Amber Stares


“I’m wondering if Brooke is going to get her baby that she adopted to have surgery. So I’m kind of wondering what’s going on with that ’cause she’s supposed to be getting a phone call and I’m assuming that’s from the doctors.”


Sep 02,2008

Leyton from the Season Premiere

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A fan at FF has graciously put all the LP scenes from last night in one video.

Hilarie Burton Online Gallery has a ton of still with LP in them.