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Sep 05,2008

Season 6 Spoilers Updated #110

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Bridge Over Troubled Water Spoilers Updated.  Changes in bold.

Sep 05,2008

Season 6 Spoilers Updated #109

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Spoilers Updated.  Changes in bold.

Sep 05,2008

Storm disrupts ‘One Tree Hill’ filming

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One Tree Hill moved the dates of four on-location shots this week to avoid the approaching foul weather.

And over at EUE Screen Gems Studios, where the show’s production offices are located, preparation plans have been in the works for awhile.

The studios’ executive vice president, Bill Vassar, said his company holds a preparedness meeting every July. Another meeting is held when a storm approaches. Employees were refreshed on the plans Wednesday evening for Hanna’s approach.

Screen Gems rents massive generators to film crews, so that was no problem. Vassar said one generator was set up for the mill shop so that if damage is done to a building, it can be fixed immediately.

Another generator was reserved for the main office building where employees voluntarily stayed through the storm.

Camera, grip and lighting trucks were parked on available stages and around sets for extra protection.

Vassar said he wasn’t worried about the new, massive stage under construction on the lot.

“We weren’t planning any work back there for tomorrow anyway,” he said.


Sep 05,2008

Reminder: Header Submissions Open

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We have had a wonderful response to our request for new headers. There have really been some amazing entries.  So far we’re looking at FORTY to choose from and it’s only been two days!  But that doesn’t mean we want you to stop sending them.  And each person can send as many as you want!  I love, love, love getting them in my inbox and seeing what you guys come up with!  So if you haven’t had the chance or were waiting on the weekend to work on it, don’t forget!

Sep 05,2008

Mega Buzz Spoiler

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Has Mouth left One Tree Hill for good, or will he possibly be back? — Ed
You and my old colleague Michelle Moro, both fretting about Mouth… Seeing as Lee Norris was on the set filming Episode 6 when the video crew and I visited Wilmington, it’s a safe bet that there is some sort of change in plans to come.


Sep 05,2008

Tree Hill Welcomes John from Cincinatti

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Look who’s floating into Tree Hill, N.C.: Austin Nichols, who starred as John from Cincinnati in the quirky and short-lived HBO series, has landed a 10-episode gig on the CW’s One Tree Hill.

Nichols is also familiar to TV fans from a short visit to Dillon, Texas, as a frisky teacher on Friday Night Lights.

The CW is not yet confirming details on Nichols’ role, but by some online accounts he’s playing a film producer who’s eyeing Lucas’ first novel — and who also perhaps once had his eye on Peyton. — Matt Mitovich


Sep 05,2008

Filming Info 9/15,9/16

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Me and my friend were just accepted to extra on September 15 and 16. She said they are filming at the studio. credit: kvblittle1@othforums

Sep 05,2008

Episode 2 One Million Billioneth of a Millisecond Clip 4

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