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Sep 17,2008

Season 6 Episode 2 Bridge Over Troubled Water Clip – Nathan/Lucas

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Yahoo TV has an extended version of the Nathan/Lucas clip up.

Sep 17,2008

Season 6 Episode 4 Bridge Over Troubled Water Promo 2

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Sep 17,2008

Ask Antwon Tanner a Question

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BuddyTV gets to interview Antwon Tanner tomorrow and wants questions…go here to leave comments.  Closing comments on this one.

Sep 17,2008

New Kate Voegele Song to be on OTH

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Kate Voegele is gearing up for the release of her next single — which is not on her debut album, “Don’t Look Away.”

Rather, the MySpace Records standard-bearer will premiere the Diane Warren-penned “You Can’t Break a Broken Heart” on a November episode of CW’s “One Tree Hill,” in which she has a recurring role as musician Mia, and then release the song on a deluxe edition of “Don’t Look Away” timed to the show.

“It seemed like kind of a fun, unexpected thing to do,” Voegele tells “I can’t think of a better place or better people to debut a new single with. I love that everybody I work with is so unconventional with the way they approach an artist’s career. Everybody’s up for doing things kind of out of the box, which is really, really encouraging ’cause the only way you can make things work in this business now is to have ideas and be open to new ideas.”

And although Voegele writes her own material, she says she’s stoked to be adding a Warren song to her catalog.

“She approached me and wants me to sing the song,” Voegele reports. “Diane Warren is, like, my hero. Looking at the catalog of songs she’s written is overwhelming.”

Voegele says she and MySpace are still determining what else will be included with the deluxe edition of “Don’t Look Away,” sifting through outtakes, live recordings and video material. “There’s a million options at this point,” she says. “There’ll definitely be some fun bonus songs that haven’t been released, and maybe some footage.”

Sep 17,2008

Season 6 Spoilers Updated #116

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Episode 4 Bridge Over Troubled Water Spoilers Updated.  Changes in bold.

Sep 17,2008

Download Episode 3 Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

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iTunes now has Episode 3 Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

Sep 17,2008

One Tree Hill Connection Exclusive Interview with Joe Manganiello

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Joe Manganiello talks exclusively with the One Tree Hill Connection Podcast, as he returns to One Tree Hill to reprise his role as Owen beginning in the sixth episode of the season. He will also have a guest spot on Fox’s ‘Til Death which airs September 17 at 9 p.m.