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Sep 23,2008

Season 6 Episode 5 Preview with Mark Schwahn

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Sep 23,2008

Hilarie Burton in Little Britain USA

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This is an HBO show premiering Sunday that films in Wilmington. WARNING..this clip is NOT rated PG. If you want to see a clip of Hilarie the show , click here and then on Daffyd at the bottom. Thanks, Denise!

Sep 23,2008

Season 6 Episode 5 You’ve Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie in It – Clip – Naley

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Sep 23,2008

Season 6 Episode 4 Bridge Over Troubled Water Ratings

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I believe this is down just a bit from last week.

Time Net Show Viewers Live+SD (Millons) 18-49 Rating/ Share 18-34 Rating/ Share
8:00 ABC Dancing With The Stars (8-10p) (premiere) 21.061 5.2/13 4.0/11
CBS The Big Bang Theory (premiere) 9.359 3.6/10 2.5/8
NBC Heroes (clips) 5.958 2.6/7 2.7/8
FOX Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 5.816 2.3/6 2.1/6
UNI Cuidado con el Angel 4.048 1.7/4 2.0/6
CW Gossip Girl 3.350 1.6/4 2.5/7
8:30 CBS How I Met Your Mother (premiere) 9.745 4.0/10 3.1/9
9:00 ABC Dancing With The Stars (8-10p) (premiere) 21.184 5.5/12 3.8/9
CBS Two And A Half Men (premiere) 14.926 5.3/12 3.1/8
NBC Heroes (9-11p) (premiere) 10.215 5.0/11 5.5/14
FOX Prison Break 5.929 2.5/6 2.6/6
UNI Fuego en la Sangre 4.617 1.9/4 2.2/5
CW One Tree Hill 3.100 1.5/3 2.2/5
9:30 CBS Worst Week (premiere) 11.036 3.8/9 2.2/5
10:00 CBS CSI Miami (premiere) 16.866 5.1/12 3.1/8
NBC Heroes (9-11p) (premiere) 9.565 4.9/12 5.4/14
ABC Boston Legal (premiere) 9.419 2.5/6 1.4/4
UNI Cristina 4.349 1.8/4 1.9/4


Sep 23,2008

Season 6 Episode 5 You’ve Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It Promo 2

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Sep 23,2008

Download Episode 4 Bridge Over Troubled Water

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iTunes now has (wow, that was early!) Episode 4 Bridge Over Troubled Water available for download.

Sep 23,2008

The One Tree Hill Connection No. 19

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Simon Baillie from the band La Rocca is the first of two guests in an “Artist Alley” segment in the 19th edition of The One Tree Hill Connection Podcast. Simon talks about the band’s song “Paris” featured on the fourth episode of season six of One Tree Hill, their new album debuting September 30 and heading out on tour. The podcast will also have a review of episode four of season six and bonus “Artist Alley” segment with Meiko, whose song “Said and Done” is also featured on this week’s episode.

LaRocca is also sponsoring a contest with The One Tree Hill Connection Podcast, as one lucky listener can win an advanced copy of their new album “Ok, Okay” before you can buy it. Just leave a comment on the blog site and tell why you are excited about the album, a favorite song, or just say hello. The contest ends at NOON EST, Friday September 26 and the winner will be announced that afternoon on the blog site. The winner is asked to email me at with your address and T-shirt size.

Next week Michelle Featherstone “resident sad song-stress” for One Tree Hill will be the guest on the “Artist Alley” segment for the 20th edition of the podcast.

Sep 23,2008

An Evening on the Hill

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<fangirl rant>This literally hurts to post because I can’t go on Saturday.  I’ll be out of town in the North Carolina mountains. Wahhhhh….someone who goes tell Chad he’s hot and I can’t wait to see what he wrote and James his acting has been so good this year and Paul that I feel bad for Dan and I wish I could meet him.</fangirl rant>

If you’re one lucky person, go to for your tickets and then go to Jengo’s Playhouse in Wilmington on Saturday at 7pm for a meet and greet and panel to raise money for the Cucalorus Film Foundation.