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Oct 20,2008

Episode 7 Messin’ with the Kid Review

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I had a great time with this episode. What a great, light-hearted time watching everyone tonight. Well, almost everyone. Let’s go down a list here!

  • I have to start out with Lucas and Peyton. How much fun was that?? The dream really surprised me. All week I’ve been saying since when is Lucas so messy?? Glad to see I hadn’t missed a character flaw. LOL. It was just so good to see them have fun. And Leyton didn’t seem so corny. Sometimes when they have fun, it’s corny–think Season 4. Tonight was silly, yes, but it was pretty true to life. No, maybe my husband and I have never taped our house but figuring each other out? Laughing in bed? Arguing about music? Discussing magazine articles? Yes, it’s all there and it was so good to see Peyton and Lucas together. Not be dramatic. Not be cheesy. Just be a couple. It was wonderful.
  • Fergalicous. Need I say more?
  • So it was Owen’s big explanation tonight. I loved that Brooke gave him such a hard time for us all. Loved the Jerk comment the whole way through. But I liked that they tied in his explanation to his childhood. Brooke can relate to that right? And Brooke was still feelin’ it. I loved her little smirk when she closed the door on him the last time. That definitely isn’t the last we’ll see of them. Go Browen!
  • It was good seeing Brooke and Sam. I liked that they didn’t make it easy. I can’t imagine having a teen foster child I think they even let Brooke off pretty easy actually.
  • May I say Nathan playing slamball is hot. Period.
  • And him with Jamie saving the dad? Hot.
  • Nice to at least a few Naley scenes in there. They’re so cute together.
  • Loved all the Scott comments by Dan, Nathan AND Jamie.
  • Jamie’s face at the end was SO cute!
  • The poncho! I can’t believe they brought up the poncho. Loved it!
  • And speaking of bringing things back…Gigi’s back! And it doesn’t see like she’s changed a whole bunch except lost her glasses and started having sex…and a lot apparently. Can we say TMI??
  • Grace and Haley were great together. I can’t wait to have Haley back to doing what she loves.
  • And may I say I didn’t miss Skeb in this episode?
  • Loved Dan protecting his family with that kid’s mom. He’s like the head of the mob or something. Love it!

So what’d you think? Too light-hearted for our show? Just what we needed after a heavy start to our season?

Oct 20,2008

CW Source Interview with Sophia Bush

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Oct 20,2008

Episode 8 Our Life is not a Movie or Maybe Promo

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Oct 20,2008

Episode 7 Messin’ with the Kid Music

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Music was awesome this episode!

I Want Something that I Want – Grace Potter and Bethany Joy Galeotti
Ah Mary (Acoustic Version) Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Bethlehem Hopewell
Dreamer Uh Huh Her
Fascination Street The Cure
Gypsy Queen Kristin Diable
Long Gone Chris Cornell
Pa’ Bailar Bajafondo
Psychotic Girl The Black Keys
Standing Still Buddahead

Oct 20,2008

Episode 7 Messin’ with the Kid Recap

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Peyton is reading b. davis in bed about people moving in together and having their own space to make the transition easier. Luke comes in and throws his clothes into a cage. He picks up the magazine and says Brooke looks hot, maybe you guys can share the cage. Peyton looks confused and then you see her wake up and see Luke is beside her asleep.
Owen goes to see Brooke. He says sorry to bother you but he caught Sam at the bar. Sam goes into her room and says they’ll talk in the morning. Brooke gets frustrated.
Mouth wakes up Millie and says why are you in Omaha? She wakes up confused and he tells her he quit his job. He said it was cold and lonely without her. They get under the covers.
Nathan slams the ball on the slamball court. Haley and Jamie watch and cheer. He says it’d be nice to see her play. Haley says too much has been going on. Haley leaves to take Jamie to school.
Peyton is in the kitchen and Lucas walks in and says he didn’t sleep well. She says she was dreaming about the magazine. She says it says to expect to find out you don’t know each other as well as you think. Luke says that’s ridiculous. Peyton says she’s making his favorite breakfast. He says french toast? She says pancakes.
Brooke calls to Sam that breakfast is ready. She doesn’t answer and she finds her bedroom empty.
A kid makes fun of Jamie and they fight.

Peyton continues to read the article. She says he still has a picture of him and Lindsey up. He apologizes and says he thought he got it. She says she feels like a guest and hasn’t unpacked b/c she doesn’t know where it all goes. He asks if the article says anything good. She reads that they should work it out by communicating. He says doesn’t it say we should have sex? He says how about neither of us leave until you are totally unpacked? Lucas locks the door and says it’s official, we are on house arrest.
Haley is teaching poetry and Brooke walks into class and asks for something from Sam. She gives her a wallet and glasses and walks out. Haley makes up poetry about Brooke and Sam. The class laughs.
Dan and Jamie are together after school. Jamie tells him about the kid. Dan says to tease him back. Dan says he was teased in prison. He said as a Scott you’re always teased because they’re better.
Mouth and Millie are at home. He says he’s going to the station to beg for his old job back.
Brooke goes to see Haley after class. She apologizes and tells her about Sam sneaking out and she’s frustrated. Haley offers to talk to her but Brooke says no and then asks Haley what to do. Haley tells her to lay down rules. Brooke says she’ll let her know how it goes and leaves.
Lucas and Peyton star with the boxes. She wants to start with her music. Lucas says he doesn’t like The Cure. Peyton argues. He says he loved the lyrics she painted but hates the music. Peyton says she hates the tattoo. She says Brooke has a similar tattoo near her lady business. She says she’ll take her music where it’s appreciated. He says the trash? She says see ! the article is right, we’re totally different. Lucas looks at the mag and says thanks a lot, Brooke!

Lucas goes in to his mom’s room where Peyton is and says Friday, I’m in love isn’t too bad. She says it’s a nice room and they should move into the master bedroom. He says it’s weird. His room is bigger and he likes it but he’d do anything for her. She says she’s asking and he said I guess I’m moving.
Grace Potter plays at the riverfront and Haley leaves her a tip. Grace starts playing her song and Haley turns and talks to her. She says she wants another record, she’s a big fan of Haley. Grace says her music matters to a lot of people.
Mouth talks to his old manager in a conference room and he offers the job right away. He lays down some rules. Office, snacks and intern. He says if you can start tomorrow. They agree and shake on it.
Nathan and Haley walk in to see Jamie playing video games. They want to talk to him about the fight at school. He tells them what happened. Haley tells him about a poncho she liked that no one else liked. She tells him to ignore him. Nathan says he can teach him to handle bullies. Haley says what Daddy means is to walk away.
Lucas is mad in bed and says it’s not funny. Peyton is laughing at Lucas. Apparently he’s had trouble in bed. He says it’s the room’s fault, Peyton’s fault and her obsession with the article. She says it’s been dead-on but she wishes it would have warned her about this. Lucas says fine, I’ll call Lindsey I’ve made a big mistake. Peyton says fine, if you think it will help and turns over laughing.
Brooke walks up to Owen in the bar and asks if he’s seen Sam. He says no. Brooke says he’s a jerk for leaving. Not even a phone call. He says you’re right and you didn’t deserve it. I’m sorry. Brooke says whatever, you’re still a jerk.

Peyton walks out of the bedroom and there is tape down the center of the house. Luke walks out of the room reading the article saying he needs his own space so he will stay in his room and have the tv and kitchen and Peyton will have his mom’s room. If she crosses the line, she’s admitting the article is stupid. She says fine, I get the bathroom. He says I think I’m hungry, I’m going to make myself…some french toast. Peyton says it is SO on.
Haley takes Jamie into school and he sees the boy that was picking on him. Haley figures it out even though he says it’s not. Haley stops the mother to talk to her. She confronts her and she says they can work it out. The lady starts making fun of the cape and then says he’s a late bloomer. Haley grabs her and threatens her and then pushes her.
Nathan and Haley are at home and he says what happened to walking away? Haley says Jamie has been through too much lately. Nathan says he’ll take care of it. He doesn’t know what he’ll do but he’ll handle it.
Lucas is playing video games and Peyton comes in showing off a remote. Lucas cuts the power. Peyton then comes out with a cellphone. He almost crosses the line. Peyton types up a text to Fergie and sends it. Fergie reads it and says Lucas loves him some Fergilicous.
Nathan goes to see Brooke. She says she was hoping he was Sam. Nathan says he’ll realize she’s not bad. He needs a favor in two hours for Jamie. Brooke says what do you need?
Mouth walks in the office and sees Gigi. She runs up and hugs him and tells the guy they were high school lover as she hangs on to him.
The kid keeps making fun of his cape. Jamie says he’s going to walk away. He turns around and sees Nathan in a cape. He says who doesn’t think capes are cool? Then he dunks the basketball a few times. All the kids go after the capes in the box Nathan brought.

Brooke walks into a diner and finds Sam. Sam says it’s not her home so she left. Brooke says I can’t help you if you’re not willing to be helped. She doesn’t think it’s going to work. Sam says it’s ok, I’m used to people giving up on me. Sam says the waitress is her mom. One day she’s going to tell her who she is. She’s used to people giving up on her and walks out.
Mouth and Gigi walk and talk in the hall. Mouth tells her about his girlfriend. Gigi doesn’t get it. She says she’s been having lots of sex and her mom had her appendix out last week. She was thinking last week she should have had sex with Mouth. Mouth says did I mention I have a girlfriend? Gigi says me too…sometimes.
Haley and Brooke chat. Haley says thanks for the capes. Brooke tells her about Sam running away. Haley apologizes. Brooke says I guess I’m not strong enough. Haley says she’s the strongest person she knows. Brooke says she was scared to give up the company but it wasn’t fun anymore. Haley says she met a girl that sings on the street for fun. The music used to be like that for Haley but it’s not anymore. Brooke says she needs to find what she loved in the music and start there. Haley asks if she’s done with Sam? Brooke says she’ll think about it.
Lucas turns the tv off. Peyton comes out without pants on. Lucas says it’s not fair. She teases him and says she’s going to sleep naked. Lucas says damn, she’s good.
Nathan and Haley put Jamie to bed. He’s still on a high from school. Nathan tells him he better get used to being popular..he’s a Scott boy. Jamie asks Haley why she doesn’t wear her poncho anymore. She says she outgrew it. Haley kisses and leaves Jamie. Nathan says he’s proud of Jamie and walking away. He says there are leaders and followers and he’s a leader. Jamie wanted to fight him b/c he said Quentin was stupid but he wasn’t. Nathan said no he wasn’t and kisses him goodnight.
Peyton is alone in bed.
Lucas is alone in bed.
Sam goes to the car in the shop and Brooke is there waiting on her. She said she thought she’d crash at her place. Brooke says she knows what it feels like for parents to give up on her. She wants her to move in on an official foster home basis. But there are rules. Breakfast at 7. No stealing. Deal? Sam says deal and sits in the car with her.

Naley chat.  She says thank for what you did for Jamie.  Nathan asks about her.  Haley says she think she’s going to do some singing.  Nathan says it’s about time.
Owen goes to see Brooke.  Owen asks to talk.  He wants a chance to explain.  He says he got freaked out with the baby.  He had a bad childhood and he had a bad addiction.  He doesn’t handle anything more responsible than making drinks.  Being a father is too much.  Brooke says she never asked him to be the father.  He said if you did, I wouldn’t be good at it.  You have every right to be mad and I’m sorry.  Brooke says have you ever considered all that bad stuff would make you a good father.  You were good with Rachel, Jamie and Sam.  He said truth be told, I brought her home to see her.  Brooke says well if she’s at the bar tonight, you’ll see me again.  Owen says then I hope she’s in the drinking mood but if not he hopes the real Brooke Davis will stop by.  He promises you, I won’t go anywhere this time.  Brooke says she’ll think about it.  Jerk.
Peyton is in bed and sees a shadow in the hall.  She walks out and see Lucas with a flashlight on the floor.  He says I read somewhere you should never go to bed angry.  It wasn’t in b.davis though.  She says she wasn’t angry and she’s had fun playing around with him the past few days.  He says before you get too excited, may I remind you your boxes were on my side of the line.  Peyton asks what he did.  He says he unpacked some of her stuff.  He found a great picture to replace the other one.  It’s the drawing of her saying Nice hands and he says Nice Legs.  She says she’s starting to like his side better.  She wants to be on the same side as him.  The hold hands in the middle.  Lucas says he really has to go to the bathroom and Peyton says she’s starving.
Mouth is getting ready and Millie asks if he has a hot date.  He says No! It’s just work.  He’s touchy.  They chat about working.  Millie tries to give him a new signoff but it’s painful.  He says how about I”m Marvin and I’m so glad I’m back here with you.  THey kiss.
Dan stops the kid’s mother that was making fun of Jamie.  Dan says I hope they work it out.  I’d love to stay and chat but I’m late for a meeting with my parole officer.  The lady gets nervous.  Dan drives off.
Haley goes to see Grace at the river front.  Haley says she’s up for playing for fun today.  They start playing together.
They show Nathan practicing slamball.
Brooke makes Sam breakfast and calls for her.  She goes to find Sam but her room is empty again.  Sam walks in from outside.  Sam says you said breakfast at 7, it’s 7.
Peyton calls for Lucas for breakfast.  Lucas says everything’s unpacked, the tape is up and the house is officially ours.  Peyton puts waffles on the table and she got the recipe from b. davis so you know it will be good.  He said he canceled her subscription and laughs.  Someone knocks on the door.  It’s Fergie.  He says hey Luke, I got your text.  Peyton laughs.
The kid asks Jamie to be on his kickball team.  Jamie says Scott’s rule but maybe another time.  He asks why no cape.  Jamie says well some people lead and some people follow.

Oct 20,2008

Watch with Kristin Spoiler Chat

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Jennie in Missoula, Mont.: Is it true that Peyton is pregnant on One Tree Hill?
Nothing is in stone yet (nothing written as far as I know), but I’m hearing it’s likely. Yay…?


Oct 20,2008

CW Source Interview with Lee Norris

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Oct 20,2008

New iPhone Wallpaper

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I haven’t highlighted our iPhone wallpapers in awhile, but Nicole sent in this one.  Thanks, Nicole!