E!Online Confirms Sophia Bush and James Lafferty Dating

Warning: Have earplugs standing by, ’cause One Tree Hill fans around the world may soon let out a collective squeal.

Inside sources close to the show have just confirmed to me exclusively that Sophia Bush is dating her Tree Hill costar James Lafferty. “They’re definitely together,” says one insider who works on the CW series.

Requests for comment from both personal representatives have so far not been returned.

Turns out, it was Sophia’s ex-husband (and yes, James’ and Sophia’s fellow OTH costar) Chad Michael Murray who first spilled the beans…

During an interview with a local CW news affiliate (see video below), Chad was asked about his relationship and failed marriage to Sophia and responded:

“It’s one of those things where you grow up a lot faster. You’re put in a situation where you’re gonna deal with things right in your face. But I think [Sophia and I] are both professional and mature enough to get through it. And now it’s just easy. We’re just friends. And she’s got James, and James and I are friends. It’s just a little tight group in Wilmington.”

Sophia and James also were spotted recently at Los Angeles International Airport (see photo above). Her brief marriage to Murray ended in 2005 after only five months. They for dated nearly two years before he popped the question.

So what do you fans think of James and Sophia as a couple? Seems a pretty sweet match, doesn’t it?

And even better, somewhere Nanny Carrie is rolling in her grave…


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  1. the reason though its not a big deal that she is with james is because they dont have much scenes together, and they WOULD NEVER be romantically involved in the show (although i LOVE ME SOME BRATHAN ;). So, you can already see how her situation is different this time around..

  2. I am a huge Naley fan, but I am completely fine with the fact that James and Sophia are dating (it’s their lives and if their happy, go for it!). I know that Brooke and Nathan will never be involved romantically in the show so it is fine by me. I think that most Leyton fans are glad about this because they think it means that Lucas and Brooke are over and that now that Brooke and Nathan have had some friendship scenes, that there might be something going on. HEHEHEHE it’s very amusing!!!!! Naley are rocksolid, I mean have people been watching the show or making stuff up in their head. This isn’t really directed at anyone, so please don’t get offended Leyton fans, I wasn’t talking about all of you :)

  3. brathan don’t even make since…I mean come on just cause their datingin real life…seriously don’t mean they gotta hook up on the show I’m sure mark would not do that….so naley fans I would so not worry :) its going to be browen or brulian or brucas haha had to put that there love you guys :D

  4. Kristin Dos Santos just said that sources from the set of OTH have confirmed a romance on the set. She pointed out that it wasn’t chad and Sophia but…of course…James and Sophia.

  5. I can’t believe that Chad told everyone before Sophia & James had given the right to tell the public. I feel like Chad is scared of James & still not over Sophia. Why would he have proposed to Kenzie so quickly after the divorce & still not married???

  6. I don’t believe Chad did it with malice at all. I think it was a slip of the tongue. We should all know that Chad has loose lips. I swear I am just like him, I am always telling people not to tell me secrets because I always blurt them out. I don’t mean to it just happens. As for being jealous that’s absurd. Look actors are always having flings with each other. I don’t believe James and Sophia are some huge epic romance but if it turns out like that then great for them. I think fans and the media should just leave the actors and their personal lives alone. It’s no wonder why James and Sophia didn’t want to tell anyone, they are both professionals at what they do and now they have people bashing them and it’s just ridiculous. I think we should just get back to the characters that they play in One Tree Hill and leave their personal lives alone.

  7. totally agree with you Brucas=Hot. I was just over at the CW loungeboards and the amount of insanity that this real life relationship is stirring is ridiculous!!!!! I can not believe that fans are being so silly about this. I mean the Naley fans are mad because they think Mark might try to bleed the relationship into the show ( which I don’t believe will happen, Brooke and Nathan have more of a brother/sister relationship on the screen)plus Naley are a very big staple and I just don’t think that that is going to change, Naley are far to cute. And then you have Brucas fans who say well Lucas should be the friend to her and not Nathan, and then you have the Sophia haters (who may I say are just down right mean!!!!!!) saying she shouldn’t let her real life bleed into the show!!!! LOL this is crazy shit and it needs to stop!!! So to all Naley fans, chill Naley is rocksolid and completely in love, I mean have you been watching the show!! Secondly Sophia haters need to lay off, Sophia is amazing and if she wants to date James then she should, it’s her personal life and it is none of our buisness. Thirdly I don’t think that they are trying to replace Nathan in Lucas’s spot, I just think they are trying to let the Leyton fans enjoy some Leyton while they are still new in their relationship!!! Real life has nothing to do with the show and I have complete faith in Mark and the crew to keep bringing the great storylines :)

    Sorry about the rant but this thing is just silly. By the way I’m a big Naley fan here. Just love them, they are the cutest couple ever and NHJ are just the best family on t.v :)

  8. i love the thought of JS :) they’re hot!!!
    but chad shouldn’t have spilled it… i think this is why they kept it in private, away from scrutiny!!!
    chad is such a JERK!!!!
    but even so, i still wish BRUCAS in the end… and NALEY all the way!!! :)

  9. I am really not feeling the whole JL and SB thing..I mean they are both amazing actors/actresses but I’ve always wished deep in my dreams that Joy and JL would get together….I didn’t like the whole Brathan thing..I am NALEY all out man!!!! Joy and James are together in my dreams and I am still hoping even though it’s unlikly! They are soo cute together and has the most amazing chemestry on set!

  10. I think it’s great that they’re dating, I mean they shouldn’t they if they make each other happy? She was with CMM for 2 yrs. then they got married and he cheated on her? Why would she even care about his feelings toward him? They’re really cute together and I personally always have wanted a Brathan! Don’t get me wrong, I am a die hard Naley fan but I always thought Brathan would be cute!! & as far as him being happy for Chopia? Of course he said that! What was he supposed to say when people asked about them? Oh yeah they’re getting married-but I don’t want them to because I love her? Seriously guys! You should be happy that Sophia has found love again=]

  11. Oh my god I’m just finding out! I can’t believe it. It is a bit akward but Sophia seems so great. They seem like they developed a strong friendship and it took off from there. James was probabley the right one for her all along! They both seem so sweet and humble.

    I think Chad is secretley kicking himself!lol (even though I’m all for my LP). If he really did cheat with that flat ass,bird face, racist b*tch Paris he’s insane! and he lost something great for something crappy!

  12. LOL I really am wishing the worse for them, no lie call me immature if you like but Sophia is clearly a stupid girl who like many Cancer’s(zodiac sign) who are emotional and lead with there hearts. In business there is no room for love really, keep it at home don’t bring it to work with you. I personally think James is kind of weird, he seems like a sweet talker.By the way ladies he is not that hot. It just shows how shallow woman out there are. Any man around the world can have a six pack since most of you are looking at that. If anything James is pale and looks like Michael Jackson at times.

    As for Chad spilling the means WOOHOO ChAD!!!! Clearly he is man enough andhas the balls that James wish he had to come and out them. Sophia sweetie there are really awesome guys out there on the market just gotta look honey don’t settle for a man who can’t even defend you or the relationship.

  13. Who cares? It’s not our business anyway.
    If they are together, good for them. If they aren’t, oh well. It amazes me how many ‘fans’ think they know what’s best for these guys, and how many have heard from a friend who’s a friend who was an extra about how so-and-so isn’t a good person in real life. Whatever.
    It’s their job to entertain us in the role they play on TELEVISION. It’s not their duty to inform the world of everything in their personal lives. Again, none of our business.

  14. wow! no way! i love them two! super cute! and sophia deserves a sweety! i still wish she and chad would have worked out. eww kenzie and him! but anywho, sophia and james are adorable! he seems like a real down to earth guy. and if he is anything like his character nathan, then sophia has a real sweetheart! a winner for sure! im happy for them!

  15. ooh qe lindo, eles dois merecem ser felizes, eu preferia ela com o Chad, mais eu só qero qe ela seja feliz, ela merece concerteza. SOPHIA VOCÊ É PERFEITA, MEU SONHO É TE CONHECER :)


  16. James Lafferty seems totally sweet. He’s also really, really fine! I think James and Sophia make a sweet couple. He doesn’t seem to have a huge ego and he seems really down to earth. I said it before and I’ll say it again, CMM is a loser!! Idk what she ever saw in him, Im glad she saw through him and dumped his lame ass! Whocares if they work together?!You can’t help who you fall for. Also for people who feel bad for chad or say he’s mature for “stepping up” and outing their relationship, as far as I’m concerned, he was totally in the wrong! It was none of his buisness. Plain and simple. I think James and Sophia will make eachother happy, and they’re doing the right thing by keeping their relationship to themselves! Chad is an idiot, he’s just blabbing on and on about his personal life! At least Sophia learned her lesson! More power to her(:

  17. James is too good for her, she will chew him up and spit him out. He is not big enough to give her the publicity and exposer she craves. Eventually she will get tired of trying to keep it quiet for James sake and long for all the Hollywood glitz that he doesn’t seem to care about. She only used him to stick it to Chad and that was in poor taste for James too because they were considered friends also. I have lost a lot of respect for both, now she is no better than Chad and that is why is outed them. Good for you Chad there are always to sides to every story. Maybe she isn’t the victim at all!

  18. OMG james and sophia they are such a good match. Of corse im disappointed that james isn’t single(who wouldn’t be hes sooooo fit) but they make such a good couple i hope they stay together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I think its great that they’re together as they both seem to be really amazing people. Although, for selfish reasons i hope it doesn’t get too serious. James Lafferty is gorgeous- i want him! hehe.

  20. LOL I’m not a fan of Sophia’s, so I definitely wasn’t a fan of this relationship, but I think it’s funny how people freaked out over it and are now freaking out over James dating Shantel. Wow, what a crime. He’s dated two girls he works with who both happen to be beautiful, and he’s like the sexiest man ever on the cast. So, of course they’re going to date him. LMFAO