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Nov 12,2008

CW Source Interview with Chad Michael Murray – Writing for OTH

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Nov 12,2008

One Tree Hill Meets Film Noir, and the Mind Boggles

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Watch with Kristin has an article out and two videos.

Nov 12,2008

OTH 1940’s episode: Exterior Gallery

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StarNewsOnline also has a gallery of exterior shots.

Nov 12,2008

OTH 1940’s episode: Interior Gallery

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StarNewsOnline has a ton of pictures up for the episode next week.

Nov 12,2008

OTH in the 1940s: Set designers create retro looks for special “One Tree Hill” episode

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After searching a month and a half for the perfect place to shoot a 1940s dance club, Production Designer Alan Hook and Art Director Bill Davis decided Wilmington just didn’t have what they were looking for.

So, with only two weeks left to transform teen drama “One Tree Hill,” which is set in the present day, into a film noir gangster show, they built the club themselves. Or, at least, the interior of a nightclub.

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Nov 12,2008

Schedule Changes for December

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On Dec. 1 and 8, Privileged will air behind original episodes of Gossip Girl, replacing previously scheduled One Tree Hill encores. Those two Privileged eps will then be rebroadcast in its usual time slot, Tuesdays at 9 pm.

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Nov 12,2008

OTH in the 1940s: Chad Michael Murray talks writing, Wilmington and whether season 7 is likely

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The episode he wrote just wrapped and now he was in the process of scouting for an episode he’s directing. But “One Tree Hill” star Chad Michael Murray managed to squeeze a few minutes into his busy schedule for a Star-News interview about his writing debut, the show’s sixth season and what might be in store for the future.

We caught up with each other the morning of Nov. 6 at the “One Tree Hill” production office on the EUE/Screen Gems lot in Wilmington.

Before getting started, the New York native pointed out some new decorations he’d acquired for the office – some Buffalo Bills memorabilia. Then, between yawns (writing, directing and acting takes a lot out of a person), he told us what’s up.

Read the Q&A on their site

Nov 12,2008

Season 6 Spoilers Updated #136

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Season 6 Spoilers Updated.  Changes in bold.

Nov 12,2008

Episode 11 We Three Still Cont.

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