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Nov 18,2008

Episode 11 We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) Quotes

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Lucas: (on the phone) I’ll see you when you get home. And Peyton…don’t ever leave me.

Peyton: My whole life has been planned and safe. Dan won’t let men court me. For once I want to make my own choices even if that means my heart shatters into a million pieces and I have to find the strength to put them back together. So that’s why I came back tonight, because I need something different and you are the first thing I’ve laid eyes on that is. And I have said too much.
Lucas: You are.
Peyton: What?
Lucas: Earlier you asked me if you’re pretty. And you are. But it’s your heart that makes you more than that – it makes you beautiful.
Peyton: Thank you.

Lucas: You mark my words Skills: Brooke Davis is gonna change the world.

Nathan: (after he slams the drunk guy’s face into the bar for being too aggressive with Haley) Are you alright?
Haley: Yeah. Maybe you should cut him off.
Nathan: Maybe I should give him another round on the house.
Haley: Why would you do that?
Nathan: Because he gave the bartender an excuse to talk to the gorgeous singer.
Haley: You know, in that case, give him two.

Nathan: (watching Haley sing) What a dame.
Lucas: She gets them every time.
Nathan: I think a girl like that…never mind.
Lucas: And a guy like you? Yeah. Why not?
Nathan: Well, because I’m a nobody and she’s definitely a somebody.
Lucas: Never say never, Nate. If you want something, go get it, it’s that simple.
Nathan: What do you want Luke?
Lucas: Nothing. I’ve got everything I want right here.

Nov 18,2008

The One Tree Hill Connection No. 27

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Exclusive interviews and behind the scenes accounts of the 11th episode of season six of One Tree Hill highlight the 27th edition of the One Tree Hill podcast. Clips of “Don’t Say” and “Unless You Want Me To”, which were featured on the 11th episode, are part of the “Artist Alley” segment with St. Lola in the Fields. One Tree Hill Set Designer Alan Hook is interviewed for “Behind the Scenes of One Tree Hill,” on the set in Wilmington, North Carolina and also exclusive behind the scenes accounts of the filming of the 11th episode. Also, check out the podcast about more information on how fans can leave a message for Chad Michael Murray and let him know what you thought of his first writing credit.


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Nov 18,2008

One Tree Hill 612 Promo No. 3

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Nov 18,2008

One Tree Hill 6×12 Preview 1 (Lucas and Dixon)

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Nov 18,2008

OTH You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me (Anatomy of a Devil’s Brain) Promo 2

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Nov 18,2008

Episode 12 You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me (Anatomy of a Devil’s Brain) Promo

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Nov 18,2008

Episode 11 We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) Reaction

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OK, I have to be honest.  That wasn’t my favorite OTH ep ever but it was really good.  Here’s a few points:

  • Brooke looked gorgeous and I liked that she at least TRIED to kill Dan.  Go Brooke.
  • Julian looked hot and I liked him as a bad guy.
  • Man, the violence!  Mouth got murdered!  Owen got beat!  Skills had his hands broken!  Peyton and Brooke got punched!  Geezorama!
  • Peyton and Lucas got a bit too cheezy for me. The end was VERY good but I didn’t much like Peyton turning on the bridge or her telling him to shut up and kiss her.  Like, will she ever let him finish a sentence?  I love my Leyton but sheesh.
  • Nathan and Haley were FANTASTIC.  I loved Haley singing.  I loved Nathan as a bartender and then as a soldier.  Them together in bed was so cute.  They got married!  They talked about Jamie!
  • They were definitely my favorite of the episode!  Always & Forever!
  • I think the big shocker of the night was the end though!  Oh my word, what is wrong with Peyton??  Ectopic pregnancy? Cancer? What is going on with her?

Nov 18,2008

Episode 11 We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) Music

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As Time Goes By Herman Hupfeld
Brash Cash APM
Don’t Say St. Lola In The Fields
I Know Meaghan Smith
Karen’s Cafe    Bethany Joy Galeotti of Everly
Midnight Serenade    APM
Mrs. Scott Bethany Joy Galeotti of Everly
Scheming Star Bethany Joy Galeotti of Everly
Smokey Joe’s APM
Unless    St. Lola In The Fields