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  1. Tutor Wife a.K.a Mrs. CMM~It’s hard to know you were in love with him and you've been so strong and so good to me when I’ve strayed from us so I’m going to try to let go of it... besides who wouldn’t fall in love with you, Peyton Sawyer. on

    Me too! I hope she at least comes back for Lucas and Peyton’s wedding

  2. Yay! I Love Moira! Definitely will be watching. And of course cant wait for her to come back on OTH!

    Peyton and Karen need good daughter in-law/mother in-law scenes!! :D

  3. BOO! Bring her back to OTH!.. We need more Karen, Deb, Deb ect. scenes..
    not near enough the last 2 seasons..

  4. I think Karen WILL come back and help Brooke :) I have always loved the Brooke and Karen relationship. I would also like to see Karen with Peyton aswell :)