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Jan 09,2009

Chad Michael Murray on his New Year’s Resolution

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Chad Michael Murray
“I don’t have a New Year’s resolution. Do you want to know why? This year I quit drinking and smoking. I think I covered all my New Year’s resolutions for a few years. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things in the world.”

Thanks, Sarah!


Jan 09,2009

Q&A: Chad Michael Murray on directing his first episode of ‘One Tree Hill’

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Last month, fans got to see a “One Tree Hill” episode written by actor Chad Michael Murray. The 1940s set and period costuming made it look unlike any other episode in the show’s six-season history.

At 9 p.m. Monday on The CW, we’ll get to see another product from the multi-talented Murray. This time, the blonde leading man stepped behind the camera for his directorial debut.

We talked to him Nov. 6 at EUE/Screen Gems studios, while he was still making preparations to shoot his screen writing debut, and asked if he’d give us some insight about his thoughts on directing.

It looks like you’ve given yourself two jobs to do. Why go through all the hard work?

“I figured this is the best way to learn, is by actually just jumping in and doing it and I have got a great opportunity here in season six to utilize these great people around me and make a great episode.”

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Jan 09,2009

TVGuide’s #11 Top Moment of the Week

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11. Littlest Scandal: Oh snap — One Tree Hill returns from winter break to shockingly reveal that Peyton and Luke are… having a baby! And that they’re… totally cool with it. Oh. Well good for them, then. Moving right along. Source

Jan 09,2009

Episode 14 A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene Clip – Lucas/Peyton

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Here is the YouTube version


Jan 09,2009

Bryan Greenberg in Bride Wars

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Bride Wars comes out today in theaters.  Bryan Greenberg plays the role of Nate.  Check him out in the trailer towards the end.  Thanks, Katie!

I was corrected…he’s not a groom…but he is shown walking down the aisle in the trailer.  Hmmm…here’s some more info on his role.

Caught in the middle of the battling brides are the film’s three principal male characters – the two grooms and the brother of one of the brides. Bryan Greenberg takes on the role of Liv’s brother Nate, a voice of reason amidst the brides’ increasing acrimony and craziness. Nate is torn between the sister he loves, and her friend Emma, whom he’s also known his entire life. “Nate is stuck in the middle,” says Greenberg, “which is not where he, or anyone in these circumstances, would want to be. Nate’s job is to try and keep Liv and Emma in check. In fact, all the guys in this story are anchors, holding down reality while the women go off the deep end.” Source

Jan 09,2009

More on Stephen Colletti in Taylor Swift’s Video

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What can you tell us about your new video, “White Horse”?

The video was directed by Trey Fanjoy. She’s done all my videos, and it’s been really fun working with her. This video’s a lot different than the other videos we’ve made because usually we’ve gone for bright colors and me looking straight into the camera and singing. But this one, it’s a little more introspective. There’s a pretty emotional scene in there where I had to cry for like three hours, like bawl my eyes out for three hours. It was really interesting and sort of a new thing for me. Stephen Colletti’s in it, so I’m really excited about that. … I saw him on One Tree Hill and thought he was really awesome on that. I thought he had the look we were going for, for the video guy. This guy in the video is supposed to look really sweet, and someone who looks like he’d never lie to you — but then he does. So I thought he’d be perfect for it and he actually does an amazing job.


Jan 09,2009

CW Shuffles Its Upfront-Presentation Day for ’09

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This is the first news about Upfronts I’ve heard about.

According to a network executive, the CW wants to return to a more traditional presentation, which will be held May 21 at the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden. “It’s important to get people’s attention about how everything is going and how the CW has progressed,” the executive said.

After facing speculation that its corporate parents, CBS and Time Warner, were dissatisfied with its performance, the CW has made some strides in the 2008-09 season. “Gossip Girl” has increased its audience, as has a veteran program, “One Tree Hill.”


Jan 09,2009

Tim Hanauer’s Song “Miss” to play on Episode 14 1/12

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This just in: TV is the new radio. Another area artist has had a song placed on One Tree Hill, the CW network’s benchmark teen serial. When Tim Hanauer’s new tune, “Miss,” airs this Monday, January 12, he will join a growing list of local luminaries that includes, Dan Craig, Born in the Flood and Christopher Jak. Some soundtrack supervisor somewhere clearly has a great set of flappers and a jones for the MHC. Oh, and since having one song played on the idiot box in a week is never enough, another of Hanauer’s ditties, “In Repair,” will make a cameo on the Ghost Whisperer, tomorrow night on CBS. Set those DVRs to “stun,” people. – Dave Herrera

His MySpace page confirms the song and you can hear it there.

According to one of his posts:

You can catch today’s tune on the show One Tree Hill airing January 12, 2009 on the CW. Listen for it in a coffee shop scene: Sam and Peyton ask Julian about liking Brooke; Peyton threatens him not to break her heart.


Jan 09,2009

Robbie Jones on ER

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Robbie Jones (Quentin) was on ER last night 1/8.  “He played a gun shot victim named Germain he did a very good job!”  thanks Amanda!

If anyone has any clips/pictures, let me know!

Amanda posted this link.  thanks!

Jan 09,2009

Filming Info 1/8, 1/9

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Filming info for January 8th:
Sophia and Austin were filming in studio today. I don’t know anything more than that though.

Filming info for January 9th:
I’ll be attending filming tomorrow. A prop guy on the show told us about it. Apparently, it’ll be James and Joy only and it’s going to be at the corner of Church and Front.

Credit: BrownEyes1980 @ FF