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  1. I’m sorry, but she looks nothing like Sophia Bush. If she is on America’s Next Top Model isn’t she tall? I think they require you to be at least 5’7″. Sophia isn’t tall. She’s like 5’5″. Maybe they weren’t going for look-a- like’s though?

  2. i watched on her on ANTM actually she’s kinda short, I hope she does well on this part because I didn’t like her on ANTM.

  3. yeah i remember her on ANTM, she chose to leave the competition because they wanted to cut her hair. it is no the same girl in the promo for 616….looks like missy got the boot.

  4. I totally remember her!
    She doesn’t look at the girl in the promo at all..
    Indeed, it looks like that girl in the promo got the boot

  5. She looked more and more like Kenzie on ANTM when they made her blonde. She’s the one that kept on cry about changing her hair. She didn’t want it cut or colored was hilarious though. But I’ll say as a Burnett she does look little bit like Sophia with the face features.

  6. I dont know how I feel about her playing Brooke, my fave character, because she was really, REALLY weird! haha

    Did anybody watch ANTM when she was on? Rememeber when she was describing how emotionless she is, and said something like, “You know how serial killers can kill, and not feel anything – i’m like that…..except I never killed anyone.” Thats just a weird thing to say.

    She was just really creepy and weird. Boo to that choice! haha

  7. This isn’t the same girl from the promo is it? or is it?
    Sorry that was confusing.. Anyways, I liked the girl from the promo.To the first post: to be a model you have to be at least 5’8″.
    I don’t remember her from ANTM.. I only remember this cycle because of the girl on the bottom left corner.. Kim, I think?
    Why oh why do they always choose actresses from ANTM? God, every time I watch CariDee’s scenes I’m like “Whyyy!?!?! She’s horrible. Take her off, take her off!!”

  8. I think it looks like the girl in the promo, just go to her imdb profile and look at the other 2 photos.. I like her, she’s cute.. and she is missy btw, atleast thats what it says on imdb ;)

  9. Is cassandra the on in ANTM who had bulimia?
    Or she might be the one who walked out i can’t remember :[

  10. Cassandra was the one who walked off after they bleached her hair & gave her a really short pixie cut.

  11. I didn’t like her @ all. It was really annoying. She already cut her hair to really short, and they wanted another inch off, and she refused… That was like : Damn girl, what’s another inch when you can become ANTM :)

  12. I agree Julie! Its like eating all the cake but one bite because you dont want to get fat. The damage is done, whats one more bite…..whats one more inch?

  13. Just because you guys didn’t like her on ANTM doesn’t mean she can’t act. They don’t have anything to do with one another. And CariDee won a challege on ANTM to get that guest spot on OTH.

  14. LMAO I remember her! She was the one from Texas? Who had the makeover and got the blonde short hair and was like all depressed after it! LMAO

    Woow Miss-something to actress!!

  15. True but CariDee’s was on the show it was an challenge win, not something she did after the show!

  16. oh my…antm is like the only reality show i watch, ive seen every season a bunch of times and that stupid girl is on my top 3 most hated models of all the seasons combined!!! she was wierd and a total whiner!!! i dont think she looks like brooke AT ALL!!!

  17. xoxo…your just jealous… and im right. Cassandra did great!! and you will never be on tv..thast why your jealous…so dont talk shit