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Feb 28,2009

Season 6 Spoilers Updated #163

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Season 6 Spoilers, Episode 17 Spoilers and Episode 21 Spoilers Updated.  Changes in bold

Feb 28,2009

SportsArc Interview With James Laffety/Mark Schwan/Brendan Kirsch/Joe Davola

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Feb 27,2009

Filming Video 2/26

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Sophia Bush with fans while filming 2/26/09

Feb 27,2009

TVGuide on HB’s Video

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It looks like Chad Michael Murray might not be the only longtimer bidding adieu to One Tree Hill come Season 7.

Not long after the CW announced another pick-up for the serial, The Chad’s leading lady, Hilarie Burton, issued what for all intents and purposes is a goodbye message to her fans.

All but confirming an online report that she, like Murray, won’t be continuing her run, Burton says in a video posted to her Wilmington, North Carolina-based production company’s website, “I want to clear up one thing that’s very important to me. I want everyone to know how much I love Peyton Sawyer, and my crew…. I don’t want anyone to think I’m abandoning a place that’s been very good to me.”

Occasionally pausing and visibly trying to maintain her composure, she says, “I’ve had a really good run, and I wish I had creative control over the show, and I don’t. But if I did, it would go on for a million years, and Peyton Sawyer would cry for you all the time — because she does that.” So true.

Burton’s gloriously selfless spin on the otherwise sad sitch? Another season of Tree Hill means ongoing employment for the show’s North Carolina crew.

Watch’s on-the-set videos with Hil (here and here) to remind yourself of what a truly cool gal we may be saying farewell to here. (In retrospect, I guess I should have slow-danced with her when I had the chance.)

A spokesperson for the CW has no comment on the Season 7 status of either Burton or Murray.


Feb 27,2009

TV show generates more than $135M for NC economy

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Raleigh – The CW Network has decided to film a seventh season of the Wilmington-based drama series “One Tree Hill,” making it North Carolina’s longest running TV series. The show has generated more than $135 million to date in estimated spending in North Carolina.

“This is great news for Wilmington and for North Carolina,” said Commerce Secretary Keith Crisco. “This decision to continue filming for another season means that the state will continue to benefit from more than 125 long-term jobs brought in by our film industry.”

One Tree Hill has been filmed exclusively in Wilmington since 2003. The drama, which airs at 9 p.m. on Mondays, stars Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton, James Lafferty, Bethany Joy Galeotti and Sophia Bush as former high school classmates coming to terms with adulthood.

The CW’s order for a 22-episode seventh season will give the drama 152 episodes in total. That makes it the longest-running project to be filmed in North Carolina, surpassing Dawson’s Creek by 24 episodes. Coupled with the state’s extraordinary locations, phenomenal infrastructure, and support from the local community, North Carolina’s film tax incentive helped keep One Tree Hill from leaving the state to film in other locations.

“Our film incentive helped keep the program going, along with a lot of hard work by the folks in Wilmington,” said state Film Office Director Aaron Syrett said. “But if we want to keep these high-paying jobs coming into the state, we need to continue to be competitive with our incentive program. Other states are offering a lot more than we are.”

North Carolina created a film incentive package in 2007 and improved it in 2008. ( The film credit is 15 percent tax credits when a film company spends a minimum of $250,000 in the state.


Feb 27,2009

Latest from Kate Voegele

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Kate Voegele : A Fine Mess – New Album Teaser

Studio Recordings: Part 1 (A Fine Mess)

Studio Recordings: Part 2 (A Fine Mess)

Feb 27,2009

Leyton Baby Surprise, What is it?

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According to the official press release Peyton receives a surprise about the pregnancy. Are we perhaps talking about two surprises – fraternal or identical? Is Peyton seriously ready to have a baby? How far is Dan and Deb’s relationship going to disintegrate? Is Millie going to beg? Is Mouth going to take her back? Could he ever really forgive her? I mean, really? Has Julian been doing a little extra-curricular filmmaking? And is Haley going to convince Nathan to leave One Tree Hill and, if so, is this really it?


Feb 27,2009

Filming Videos 2/25

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Antwon Tanner with fans 2/25/09: Rivercourt Filming

Jackson & Antwon during filming at rivercourt

Feb 26,2009

Filming Pictures 2/26

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These are on Market Street at Edge of Urge.  Daphne is pictured.  Confirmed Ep 6.21.

Thanks, Natalya!

Feb 26,2009

James Lafferty to Direct

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Season 6 has been a season that the core 5 cast members have worn many hats while filming. From acting, to writing, and even directing. James Lafferty will take on a new role on the set of One Tree Hill starting Monday as Director.

James will direct his fellow co-cast for a complete episode to air later in season 6.