Episode 16 Screenwriter’s Blues Recap

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Two actors try out for Nathan and Haley.  Nathan and Dixon argue.  Nathan and Haley walk out and other couples are outside practicing.
At home, Peyton puts a crib together than was delivered by Karen and Andy.
Dan and Jamie walk to school.  Jamie denies there’s a girl at school he likes but he wants to invite her over to his house.  Dan tells him to say something nice and smile.
Julian and Brooke are in bed.  He tells her it was amazing.  He’s happy to be a part of her crowd.  She says he was probably popular.  He says he is late for casting.  Brooke gets excited.
Peyton shows up to casting.  They mistake her for someone trying out and she sits beside someone practicing the line “Why do people always leave?”

Peyton walks in and pretends to be Peyton.  Dixon says she’s too old.  She brought Lucas lunch.  Dixon makes weird comments.
Sam goes to see Haley in class.  Haley tells her she won the essay contest.  Sam is actually excited.
Jamie tells Dan his girl is coming over.  Dan tells him to dress nice and tell her she looks good.  Dan has to pause and Jamie asks if it’s his heart again.  Dan tells him he’ll be fine.
Mia shows up at casting and she makes her come help with the crib.
Brooke shows up at casting.  Julian asks if she wants to meet Brooke Davis.  She (Missy Lee) comes over and they both freak out.  She freaks Brooke out a bit.
Nathan goes to see his coach.  He asks about Devonne.  Coach tells him he’s starting in the next game.

A few girls try out for Peyton.  One stands out and Dixon says there’s someone about her.  Lucas likes the first one.  Dixon is trying to cast on looks.  Julian says maybe they need a break.  Lucas says he didn’t get to choose a director and he’s not making a mistake with Peyton.
Peyton and Mia have trouble with the crib.  Mia says she’s going to meet Chase.
Missy follows Brooke around and is asking too many questions.  They argue about whether Brooke’s outfit is Brooke-ish.  Julian says it should be sexier.
Sam reads her essay in class.  A phone rings.  It’s Haley’s and Nathan says he’s starting.
At Dan’s, Lauren shows up.  She’s confused why Dan isn’t old.  Jamie hands her flowers.
Haley is waiting to talk to the principal.  A student confuses her as a student.  She had a problem with Sam’s essay because of the sex and drugs.  She threatens her job if she doesn’t pick an essay.

Jamie chats with his teacher. Jamie goes to get kool-aid.  He tells Dan to back off.
Skills comes to baby proof Peyton and Lucas’ house.  He gives her a speech about locks on the toilets.  He says she has Lucas to help.  Skills sees the crib, kicks it and it falls apart.  He says if she needs help, to call since he’s also a handyman.
Sam goes to see Haley at a restaurant.  Sam says she’s hoping Jack comes back and she sees him there.  Sam asks about her losing her job.  Haley wonders where she heard it from.  Haley says she won’t lose her and the paper is good.  Sam says she appreciates it but she should chose a different paper.
Devonne is crying in the locker room.  Coach cut him.  Nathan apologizes, he didn’t know.  A little girl and pregnant girl comes in to leave with him.
Brooke and Peyton register for the wedding and baby.  Peyton asks her to be her maid of honor.  Missy comes up and chatters.  She says she was never that annoying.
Dan and Lauren talk.  Jamie walks in and he hears him telling her a story.  He says you’re trying to make me look bad then yells “he was in prison!”
Fergie and Lucas talk.  He had to write out Fergie from the movie.  Several people come up and ask him questions at once.  He gets flustered and yells at them to make time.

Brooke tells Peyton she slept with Julian.  She says she’s been scared to tell her.  Peyton says it’s fine.  But it’s three guys they’ve shared.
Haley goes to see Lucas.  He says he had a temper tantrum.  His gut says one thing and everyone else says something else.  Haley says to go with his gut.  She tells him about Sam’s essay and the principal.  Lucas says to go with her gut and publish the paper.
Dan walks out and sees Jamie.  He says he’s mean and to go away.  He says he was mean but he’s been trying to be good.  He wasn’t making fun of him and Lauren says it’s one of her best dates ever.  He apologizes if he hurt his feelings.  Jamie says he forgives him and goes inside by himself.
Brooke gets in her car and Missy is naked in her backseat.  He gives her a speech about her not being all about sex.  She says she was just following the script.
Nathan goes to see the Coach.  He tries to take up for Devonne.  Coach sticks to his decision.
Brooke goes to see Lucas and yells at him about the script.  He said he didn’t write it.
Brooke yells at Julian.  She says high school Brooke graduated and she’s not just around for the sex.

Peyton is trying to babyproof.  Haley comes in and brings a onesie that says Team Peyton.  Peyton says she’s having a hard time.  She says she’s ok but doing all the baby stuff makes her want Lucas home but he’s really busy.  She has a doctor’s appointment the next day and wants him to go.  Haley says to ask him to go.
Brooke goes home and apologizes to Sam for being late.  She’s still raging about the script.  Sam says they should celebrate the essay contest.  Brooke says she’s proud of her and wants to put it on the fridge.  Sam says at least Julian is still around..unlike Jack.  Sam wants pizza for dinner.
Lauren tells Jamie bye.  He sits on the front step and Dan comes to join him.  Jamie says she just wanted to talk about adult stuff like new cars and Maroon 5.  He says next time he’ll date someone his own age.
Peyton leaves a message with Peyton and tells him she wants him there.  She erases the message and doesn’t tell him anything on the second one.
Lucas and Dixon talk about the casting.  One of the Peytons show up.  She convinces them to be Peyton.
Everyone is at a table reading the script.
Devonne shows up at practice and gives Nathan a hard time.
People compliment Sam on her article.  Sam watches Haley go see the principal.
Julian goes to see Brooke at the diner.  He shows her his yearbook.  He says he’s not the high school Julian either.  He doesn’t want high school Brooke.  The break down described the Brooke before anyone knew her.  He gives her a list of things that describe her now.  funny, intelligent, motherly, childish, tough, sensitive, beautiful, way cooler than she was in high school.  Julian says that girl has been hard to find, but worth the time and he’s going to make sure everyone knows.
Peyton has her ultrasound.  Lucas shows up.  He says she told him last week.  He says he wouldn’t miss it for the world.  They hear the baby’s heartbeat.
The reading concludes as Lucas says Let’s make a movie.

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  1. ok why is peyton setting up a crib and baby proofing the house when she isn’t giving birth for like 7 months?? she obviously has way too much time on her hands

  2. okay i freaked out when i heard “you found me” was the coda ; i love love FREAKING LOVE that song. and i cried like a freaking baby at that last leyton scene, OH EM GEE that was perfection. and i totally loved the last scene with brooke and sam ; i really liked that one =) even tho we didn’t get any naley, at least haley kinda sorta had her own story line. which i liked it. it at least led up so *hopefully* they’ll have to mentionher next episode. again, totally in love.

    off to watch it again! lol

  3. they picked the perfect quotes to show the ending scenes for the characters. my favorite brooke quote ever, and one of my favorite leyton convos. and i cried at the dr’s too! as soon as luke walked in the door!

  4. steph it was…

    “They eye each other. Just a boy and a girl. Alone but together in this place called Tree Hill.”

  5. Left? Retired? Who knows. They never said.

    Oh god, I cried during the last part with Leyton. And when Peyton called Lucas and his voicemail said if she wanted to keep the message or not so she decided to just act like everything was fine. And when she got the crib from Karen & Andy (Don’t ask me why I had tears in my eyes, but I did)
    I loved this episode. OMG Jamie & Dan!!! I love those scenes. LOVE THEM! They deserve the screen time. I really wanted to see Nathan play but I’m glad he’s first line. He deserves it.
    This episode did not let me down. I loved it. Why? Core 5!!! Plus Dan&Jamie. It was the perfect mix. I could watch the whole episode over and over without getting bored or skipping over parts.

  6. Julian completely redeemed himself in that last diner scene. Even his facial expressions when Brooke was yelling at him were GREAT!! He really really likes her! Yeay for Brooke!!! Knowing that she’s gonna be happy is even making me like Leyton a little bit = ))

  7. hey molly ok i think i wrote a little unclear last night ow it is about 9:08 am in germany we live both in europe between us is only an hour because i live in a zon ewhere we have CET +1 !!! and well sorry again !
    it seems to be a great episode so i am going to watch it later today

  8. Why did Lucas not get the Weird Science reference Dixon said?? Remember his 1st date with Brooke….
    Brooke: Tell me you love Weird Science.
    Lucas: …the family jewels.
    Brooke: He doesnt even have a license Lisa.

    I also loved when Brooke told Lucas, “you called me your ‘Pretty Girl'” haha. I love Brucas & they will always be #1 in my heart, but I am loving me some Brulian. Julian is cute :)

  9. Great episode! I was either crying, smiling or laughing :) loved when Dan called Jamie his best friend, actually brought tears to my eyes. Felt sorry for him. I totally felt sorry for Peyton for having to go through everything by her self but then in the end ♥ It was just so perfect and again I was crying lol

    New principal…sucks. Haley is strong, I knew that she would do it like that. And Brooke and Julian, I actually like him now. He is so good with Brooke and she needs it. She has changed so much, I really like her character nowadays.

    Sucks that we have a break…again.

  10. What is the director’s name? All this time I thought it was Dixon, but tonight they called him Adam and Reese… Anyone know?

  11. Oooh im from england too and i have had a 4 day weekend cos of the snow! So glad! i have watched like 20 episodes of OTH and instead of having to wait all day to watch the latest, i can watch it now!!!!!! YAY SNOW AND YAY OTH!!!

  12. Anyone else read on Peyton Sawyer’s Wikipedia that it is revealed that Peyton and Julian broke up because she had miscarried their child which leads to her miscarrying her and Lucas’child too :( :( :( nooooooooo!

  13. does anyone know when the next eppi is on it was here on the website but its gone is it a 4 week break?

  14. Well did you see the show, Julian and Peyton broke up because she still loved Lucas, and that she had that book in her bag when they were about to leave. So totally no. Or else how come they were going somewhere together when you say they broke up because of miscarriage?.. They were together when they were about to leave, but the book made him realize that she wasn’t the love of her life. Duhh, who can compete Lucas.. Lucas isn’t around with the crip and everything and she still loves him as hell, no matter what she will never stop love Lucas! And that last episode, was “teeeears” awww, sooo cute. I loved their ultrasound, just wished it was longer, but hey.. gotta be satisfied with what we got (;. Tltl.

  15. can i just say that i LOVED how particular Lucas was when he was trying to find the perfect Peyton for his movie? it was so cute how he just had to find the PERFECT girl to play her, otherwise the movie just wouldn’t be the same. and how he closed his eyes when that one girl was talking, trying to picture the real Peyton in his head. ughhh so cute :)

    “i didn’t get to pick the director, i’m not making that same mistake with Peyton”

  16. umm..about peyton and julian breaking up…it was because julian saw the book peyton had and that she never let go of lucas..not about miscarrying their child…
    so does anyone know when the wedding is gonna be..i cant wait anymore..i really wanna see the LP wedding…i cant wait….AHHHHHHHH
    Stupid 4-5 week break…this is just ridiculous…2 weeks break..6 weeks break..than 2 week break again..and now 5 week break…wth??….do they have any idea how much misery this is putting on the fans??…so there’s a time jump right??…so how many months preggers will peyton be??
    i cant wait for the next episode…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  17. Hm.. Naquesha, i read somewhere that The LP wedding will be season finale and the episode is called; Touch me, im going to scream part 2.

    But i’m not sure, that its season finale, it was something i read somewhere, but i don’t remember where.

    But i kinda have an imaginary season finale.

    I it will be the wedding and Peyton will be nine months in her pregnancy, and when they come to the yes part she’ll scream that her water broke. And then she will give birth, and after they will continue the wedding, whether on the hospital or they will do it like before :).

  18. The only good part of this episode was Brooke and Julian talking in the restaurant when he told her about the REAL Brooke, the Brooke she is now. The rest was just CHEESY.
    Just our opinion of course, but we keep watching. hoping it will get better,,,,,,,,,,unfortunately it HASN’T! We are all for Brooke and Julian and SICK of LEYTON. TOTALLY SICK!!!!

  19. omg does any body kno the scenes 4 da next episode i waz watching 1 tre hil on monday i only caught da last 20 minutes then it just switched 2 friends? i didnt c any previews .that was so weird friends is never on @9pm.

  20. I want more lucas and brooke together,episodes!brooke and lucas belongs together.brooke is the prettygirl. Lucas says that:I am for you.. The story did not end with two together.. Becouse chad and Sofia hate to be together in episodes…(Sorry for my english!) BB!