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Feb 03,2009

S. Darko DVD and Comic-Con News

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Fox Home Entertainment and MGM Home Entertainment have announced that guests from S. DARKO, the sequel to the genre-blending cult favorite DONNIE DARKO, will be attending the New York City Comic-Con, being held Friday-Sunday, February 6-8, at the Jacob Javits Center (11th Avenue between 34th and 39th Streets). With that news comes word of a DVD street date for the movie.

s.darkodvdnewsS. DARKO, which was directed by NIGHTSTALKER’s Chris Fisher, will hit disc April 28, and its trailer will premiere at the Comic-Con, where cast and crew (specific names to be announced) will take part in a Q&A. THE RING’s Daveigh Chase returns in the Nathan Atkins-scripted film as Donnie’s little sister Samantha Darko, who sets out with her best friend Corey (from FEAR ITSELF’s NEW YEARS DAY episode and the upcoming SORORITY ROW) on a road trip to Los Angeles that turns strange and hallucinatory. TWILIGHT’s Jackson Rathbone, 100 FEET’s Ed Westwick, James Lafferty, Matthew Davis and Elizabeth Berkley co-star. S. DARKO’s official website can be found here;

Feb 03,2009

The One Tree Hill Podcast No. 38

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Stephen Colletti, who plays Chase, highlights the 38th edition of the One Tree Hill Podcast. In the exclusive “Behind the Scenes of One Tree Hill,” Stephen talks about reprising his role as Chase and playing opposite Kate Voegele. There is also an “Artist Alley” segment with Ben Lee whose song “What’s So Bad About Feeling Good” was the opening song of the 16th episode of season six. The podcast closes with a review of the 16th episode of season six “Screenwriter Blues.”

Don’t forget to sign-up to win a copy of “The Secret Life of Bees.” Contest closes February 6 and the winner will be announced Feb. 9.

NEXT WEEK: An exclusive interview with Ashley Rickards who plays Sam and an “Artist Alley” segment with Tim Hanauer.

Podcast Link:

Feb 03,2009

Southern Gothic Productions Blog Confirmed

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As you know, I’ve been questioning the authenticity of Hilarie’s new blog for her production company.  But…I’m very happy to report someone close to the show has verified that is indeed Hilarie and Kelly!   Which means, yay, Austin is going to be in Hilarie’s movie!!!

Feb 03,2009

Episode 16 Screenwriter’s Blues Clips

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Best parts of last night’s ep…

One Tree Hill – 6×16 – Lucas&Peyton – “That’s exactly what i needed to hear”
One Tree Hill – 6×16 – Brooke&Julian – “I’m glad, because that kid never stood a chance with you.”

Thanks, Mellissa

Feb 03,2009

Episode 16 Screenwriter’s Blues Reaction

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The last 5 minutes of the show tonight made up for a less than stellar first 50 minutes of the show tonight.  Probably not my favorite episode save the ending.  But of course a few comments.

  • Jamie was so cute…of course.  Maybe a little over the top but come on, he’s so cute!
  • I actually was enjoying Dan talking to another adult and it not be all about how he killed someone.  Except that it turned into how he killed someone.
  • Brooke following Brooke was hilarious, and annoying.
  • I loved the new Nathan fighting for the other guy’s spot on the team.  That was so very Lucas of him to do.
  • I loved all the people practicing famous OTH lines.  Funny how it was freaking them out.
  • So nice to see Haley actually say more than two lines tonight.  I missed her and Lucas together.
  • I thought they picked a good Peyton.  Not perfect on the looks, but I thought she acted a lot like Peyton.
  • The comment about Dixon and playing Lucas and Peyton the night before was hilarious!
  • Loved the Team Peyton onesie!
  • Brulian…boy I hope these two last.  He fought for her!!!  I loved how they tied the script into that last scene.  I loved what he said.  I love Brulian!  Brooke found a mathlete…he’s like Mouth but cuter! (sorry, Lee, I love you!)
  • Leyton. That scene at the end was so sweet.  I love, love, love that Lucas remembered the appointment and then about cried when they heard the heartbeat together.  Awwww!!

What’d you think?

Feb 03,2009

Episode 16 Screenwriter’s Blues Music

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What’s So Bad (About Feeling Good)? Ben Lee (opening)
Let You Down Tin Star Orphans
Let’s See What Happens The Breakups
Man Made Lake Calexico
Natural Disaster Andrew Bird
Snow Globe Mezzanine Owls
So Please Starlume
You Found Me The Fray (CODA)