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Feb 04,2009

New 6.19 Spoiler Page

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I’ve added a page for 6.19 Letting Go

Feb 04,2009

Filming Report 2/4

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Mouth(Lee) and Millie(Lisa) taped at “Central Park” today. They were just talking.

Julian(Austin) and Sam(Ashley) are taping at the Dixie Grill right now.

Production is behind, I hear they are still taping 6.19.

credit: anonymous

Feb 04,2009

Austin Nichols Blogs About Pedestrian

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Austin just might make this Southern gal swoon….

He’s taken over Hilarie’s blog to talk about Pedestrian.

A smart, beautiful producer lady handed me a script
one day.  Her name is Hilarie Burton. 

The script, PEDESTRIAN. 

People hand me a lot of scripts and most of the time,
they are less than extraordinary.

This script was light years beyond extraordinary.
After I read the opening monologue, I sent the pretty
producer lady a text message.  It said something like


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