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Mar 31,2009

OTH 620 Promo No. 2

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Second promo for 620 on The CW site. PROMO Link

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Mar 31,2009

Quotes from 619 Letting Go

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Lucas: I love you
Peyton: I sort of like you too.

Peyton: They liked the angle of the new album.
Haley: What angle was that?
Peyton: The maverick teacher that punched the principal and slept with her student.
Haley: Ugh whatever, that was like 7 years ago, and I was his tutor.

Jack: (to principal) Here’s how little you know, I’m not even in this class. And you shouldn’t be either.

Brooke: Guess what. Your ex-boyfriend just asked Sam and I to go to L.A. with him tonight.
Peyton: Jake?
Brooke: This isn’t funny.
Peyton: Wow that’s a really big deal. It’s good, right?
Brooke: No it would be ridiculous to go with him. I have a store here, my friends are here, my life is here.

Brooke: Remember how unhappy you were in L.A.?
Peyton: Well yeah, because the boy that I loved asked me to be with him and I said no.

Lucas: When Haley was pregnant did you ever worry about what might go wrong?
Nathan: Of course. Just stay off the internet, it’s full of horror stories. Haley read something that convinced her that Jamie was going to be born with two heads.

Haley:I really appreciate your initiative and your heart, but you really have to go back to school.
Sam: Thank you, but we really want you back. Look what you did for me, and for Quentin.
Haley: Okay, I understand where you’re coming from, but in the real world there are going to be people that you disagree with and you have to deal with them.
Sam: Okay well how about we disagree with you and you deal with us. (Tosses Catch-22 at Haley) Because we’re not going to leave until you teach us something.

Julian: You haven’t trusted me since I got here.
Peyton: Because it seemed like you came here with an axe to grind.
Julian: Maybe I did, but somewhere along the line this place changed me. Brooke changed me. I love her, and I want Sam to come with us so that we can be a family.

Chase: You remind me of that Springsteen line – “there were ghosts in the eyes of all the boys you sent away.”

Jamie: (Jamie strolls up in construction boots and a bandana) Hey Uncle Lucas who am I?
Lucas: You’re a mini-Keith!

Brooke: Everybody else has families and kids and careers and I have this (the store).
Haley: Brooke, don’t sell yourself short. You’ve got all of us and a godson that loves you. And the reason I came by today was to tell you guess what? A group of students that wanted to study more came over to my house today and guess who their leader was? Sam! She’s come so far. She’s socialized and she writes. And she has a budding romance with Jack! And all that growth is because of you and the stable environment you gave her.

Julian: You have what most writers dream of having.
Sam: A troubled childhood?
Julian: A voice. Your writing just needs a little structure.

Jamie: I’m sad I never got to meet Uncle Keith
Lucas: I’m sad about that too.
Jamie: I’m sad about what Grandpa Dan did. Am I still allowed to miss Grandpa Dan?
Lucas: Yeah, Jamie, you are.
Jamie: I like it here (in the autoshop)…You bring something broken and you fix it up.
Lucas: Yeah, I always liked it here too.

Principal: Your students walked across town to be taught by you. It’s hard to get them to walk down the hall to most classes. Would you consider…
Haley: I love teaching but I would never sacrifice what I believe in to teach. You fired me right here in front of all my students just because you could. So congratulations, you made a good teacher not want to teach and good students not want to learn. Be proud of that.

Sam: He loves you, he’s a great guy, he wants us to all try it out together. Most people dream of this moment their whole lives, why aren’t we out the door already?

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Mar 31,2009

Spoilers #178 Episode 6×24

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Spoilers for episode 6×24 Remember Me as a Time of Day

Spoiler Pic From Episode HERE  – credit cj33

Mar 31,2009

The One Tree Hill Podcast No. 46

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An “Artist Alley” segment with Kate York and a review of the 19th episode of season six, “Letting Go,” highlights the 46th edition of the One Tree Hill Podcast. Kate’s song “Harley Sunday” was featured on this week’s episode.


NEXT WEEK: An exclusive interview with Andrew McMahon from JACK’S MANNEQUIN. He talks bout his new album The Glass Passenger and working with Twilight author Stephanie Meyer on the video for his song “The Resolution.”


Podcast Link: HERE

Mar 30,2009

Details on James Lafferty’s Celebrity Game

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Individual tickets are not on sale to the general public, but special packages are available right now.  For details or to purchase, please contact Shilpa Rupani at 312.994.5995 or via email at

Mar 30,2009

6.20 Promo “I Would for You” {Returns April 20}

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Mar 30,2009

Recap Letting Go 6.19

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Lucas dreams of Peyton in pain and seeing his baby on the ultrasound, waking up to see Nathan standing in his bedroom telling him to come to the river court. Peyton is drawing at the kitchen table and then Lucas tells her he is going to river court. It is revealed no one knows the danger to Peyton and pregnancy and she says maybe she should tell Brooke. Pan on Peyton’s drawing, it is of her and Lucas on the river road the first day they spoke with the line “You don’t know me.” Scene of Skills looking at a picture of him and Deb on the fridge. Peyton walks in studio and tells Haley record company loves Mia’s new songs. Peyton also tells her the company also like the sounds of Haley James Scott. Haley says great but she feels she should be in third period English. Sam and Jack tell the Principal should bring back Haley, that is why everyone is failing. Skills comes in and tells Mouth both of them need to go on a road trip to heal their broken hearts. Lucas, Nathan and Jamie at River court. Nathan tells Lucas Jamie has been asking questions about Keith and asks Lucas to talk to Jamie about Keith. Lucas says he has a better idea. Brooke in Clothes over Bros and Julian shows up. Brooke asks if he came to say goodbye, and Julian says maybe it isn’t goodbye. He shows her a plane ticket and says this time tomorrow we could be walking on a beach in Malibu. Brooke says what about Sam, and Julian says he has been thinking about that and produces a plane ticket for her as well. He tells Brooke I love you and come with me.


Brooke comes to see Peyton at Red Bedroom Records, and says your ex boyfriend just asked me and Sam to go to LA with him. Peyton says Jake? And Brooke said no Julian. Peyton said that is a good thing right? Brooke lists all the reasons she can’t go and says they came back to Tree Hill for each other. And Peyton tells her she was unhappy in LA because the boy she loved asked her to be with him and she said no. Peyton tells Brooke not to make the same mistake. Lucas, Nathan and Jamie go to Keith’s old body shop. Lucas tells Jamie this was his great-uncle Keith’s body shop. Lucas asks Nathan that when Haley was pregnant if Nathan ever worried if something would happen to Haley. Nathan tells Lucas to stay off the internet and that childbirth is a natural process and not to worry. Skills and Mouth in the car on road trip and Skills tell him they are going to a college party at Mouth’s alma mater. The same school Gigi goes to. Mouth says Gigi is the reason he lost Millie and Skills said no you are the reason you lost Gigi. Skills says do it for me. Haley comes home to find Sam and Jack there. They tell her they wanted to see her. She asks how they got in and Sam said she is good with windows. Haley says she can’t have two students in her house during school hours and Sam says good, it’s not just the two of us. Haley walks in her kitchen to find all her students there.


Haley asks why her entire class is in her living room. Sam says they took a stand for popular teachers. Sam says they aren’t learning anything and got papers back from Catch 22 and they all got Ds and Fs. Sam also says no one likes the principal and she is a total bitch. Haley says watch your language and they need to go back to school. Haley says you have to learn with people. Sam says how about we disagree with you and we learn from you. Sam tosses down the book Catch 22 and says they aren’t leaving until Haley teaches them something. Mouth and Skills are at the college party. Mouth sees Gigi doing a keg stand and then makes Mouth do it. Nathan and Lucas are holding Jamie from the ankles as they do a tune-up on the Mustang. Nathan teases Jamie about girls and Lucas says Keith used to tease him about Peyton. Lucas says it is what guys do while working on cars, tease each other about girls. Jamie says hey whatever happened to Aunt Lindsay and Lucas just chuckles and wags his finger at him. Mouth is drinking at the party and looks up to see Millie who says having fun Marvin? Haley is doing a book study on Catch 22. She is excited that the class is learning. Haley turns to see the principal in her house. Peyton comes to visit Julian and says Brooke said he asked her to come to LA. Peyton said you better be serious and Julian said Tree Hill changed him. He invited Brooke and Sam because he wants them to be a family. Peyton says she believes him and hopes it works out. Julian asks if Peyton knows which way Brooke is leaning. Peyton says no but if she says no, then it is because she is protecting her heart. Brooke asks Chase for advice about going with Juilan. Chase says he sometimes thinks he should have gone to New York and then says Brooke is always able to find someone. He says let someone in because until you do, you will always be alone.


Principal asks what this is. Haley says third period English lit. Principal says back to class and Jack says you can’t suspend us all, and principal says she will start with him. Haley asks to speak to principal and says you have to speak to the students like young adults. Haley tells students class is over and go back to school. College party as Marvin watches Gigi and sees her as Millie. Sam tells Jack this wasn’t his worst idea and Sam tells him thank you. Haley says thank you for cleaning up but it is time to go back to school. Jamie walks up to Lucas dressed up like Keith. Jamie says uncle Keith must have been cool. Lucas says Keith was always good to him and his mom. Jamie says sounds a lot like his uncle Lucas. And Lucas said he loves Jamie and he is proud of him. Lucas tosses Jamie the keys to Mustang and tells him to start the car. Jamie does and Nathan and Lucas cheer. Mouth says things are less complicated in college. He says he dreamed of a full life and friends and that he would find the right girl. Skills says he doesn’t suppose that girl is Gigi. Skills said he made him a promise so lets go. Haley comes to visit Brooke in Clothes over Bros and asks what is wrong with her. Brooke says everyone else has families and careers and she has this, an empty store. Haley says don’t sell yourself short. Haley says she wanted to share something rare, a group of students who wanted to learn more and the leader is Sam. Haley is amazed how much Sam has grown and that Brooke should be proud of herself. All Sam needed was a stable environment and Brooke gave it to her. 

Julian walks into diner and sits next to Sam and says he love the story she wrote. He says she has a voice and all she needs is structure. She asks if she can call him when he is in LA. He says he meant it when he had two tickets to LA. Sam doesn’t know Julian asked Brooke and her to LA. Haley walks in and Peyton is drawing a pic of her and Lucas after the library shooting. Haley says she loves being a teacher, and Peyton says Haley is doing a lot teaching Mia. Peyton says Haley is needed at studio. Peyton says she might not be around as much when the baby comes. Skills says he is getting by with losing Deb because the right one is still out there. Brooke goes to wedding dress she made for Peyton and places it over her head and looks in the mirror. Sam tells Jack she might be moving to LA and not to freak out. He asks when she is going and Sam says goodnight. Sam says she knows that sucks but she wants to do this for Brook and says she better stop packing. Jack stops her and kisses her, saying he just wanted to do it in case he never got the chance to. Sam walks off. Jamie says he is sad he never got to meet uncle Keith and sorry what Grandpa Dan did. Jamie asks if he is still allowed to miss Grandpa Dan and Lucas says yes. Jamie says he likes the garage, you bring something broken and you fix it up. Lucas looks back and turns off the light to garage and shuts the door saying he always liked it here too.


Skills tells Mouth to wake up, they are at Millie’s place. Skills says he texted Brooke to get Millie’s address and tells Mouth to go and fix his broken heart. Haley comes back to her classroom to pick up her stuff with principal there. Principal says your students walked across town to be taught by you. She says she loves teaching but wouldn’t sacrifice her beliefs, that she made a good teacher not want to teach. Lucas and Nathan watching Jamie sleep. Lucas says he sees Nathan with Jamie and if his little brother can be a good father, there is hope for him. Nathan says Lucas learned from Keith. Lucas said he needed a day like today. Mouth is sitting on Millie’s front steps she asks what he is doing here. Mouth tells her he is here because he can’t live without her and he is sorry. Millie kisses him and they hug. Sam is packing Brooke asks what are you doing. Sam says she packed her stuff too as well as hers. Brooke said Tree Hill was a stable environment and Sam says roll with it. Sam says most people dream for this moment and Brooke says you don’t run off with a guy after meeting him a month before. Sam says Brooke is young and has whole life ahead of her and she has to go. Brooke is at airport and sees Julian. He stands up and greets her. Brooke hugs him and tells him she can’t go. She has a life here in Tree Hill. Julian says it is okay and says if this was a movie it would end differently. But life isn’t a movie and this makes two films that didn’t work out. Julian says goodbye Brooke Davis. Sam meets Jack at the diner and says she guesses they aren’t going to LA and about that kiss. Jack says this is awkward. Julian tosses Sam and Brooke’s tickets in the trash. Brooke walks in her bedroom and starts to cry. Peyton drawing her saying yes to Lucas’ second proposal. Lucas walks in and says that was a good day. Peyton asks if he told Nathan and he says no, then he if she told Brooke, she says no as well. Peyton says she will be in bed in a second. She opens a memory box with all her art detailing her life with Lucas as well as friends with benefits CD and picture of Ellie holding her as a baby. Last photo of Lucas’ proposal says “Love Mom.”








Mar 29,2009

One Tree Hill Films Scene at Charlotte Bobcat’s Game

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The lights were dimmed at halftime to film a scene for the television show “One Tree Hill.” Character Nathan Scott was introduced as a Bobcats starter — seven times — to cheers from the crowd.


Just thought I’d share…
My friend was at the Charlotte Bobcats game tonight and they were filming “Nathan” playing.
(I didn’t personally go to the game, she called me from there to tell me.)
 Credit: Kim

Mar 27,2009

One Tree Hill Mentioned on “Talk Soup”

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Mar 26,2009

Spoilers Updated #177

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“Remember Me As A Time Of Day”
Episode 24 Updated