Episode 17 You And Me and the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight Recap

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Brooke comes out of the room and tells Julian he needs to go.  Julian says he thought most girls liked it.  Brooke says it’s ick.  Julian says it won’t happen again.  He says I promise I’ll never says the words I love you again.
Millie is at Mouth’s apartment to get her stuff, Skills says it was ok.  Mouth says Skills told him to be at the apartment to wait for the cable guy.  She came to get her car.  He thought she didn’t need one.  She’s decided to stay on a permanent basis.  It’s goodbye forever.
Nathan walks in a dark house.  Haley scares Nathan.  She says he couldn’t come home so she brought home to him.  She shows him candles in front of a fireplace and says Happy Anniversary.
Deb tells Jamie she’ll let him stay up.  Dan shows up.  He says Deb looks old.  Jamie says he invited him.  Deb can’t argue.
Lucas walks Peyton to the bedroom with her eyes closed saying he has a surprise.  She says she doesn’t feel so good and then drops to the floor in pain.

“the Surprise” shows on a black screen.
Peyton and Lucas walk in their house.  Lucas says the dr says she has to take it easy.  She wants to see her surprise.  The nursery is completely done.  She says it’s beautiful.  She looks at a onesie that says I Love Mommy.  She starts crying and says she needs a minute and walks out.  Lucas hits the doorframe.  Peyton sits in the living room.  She says they haven’t even picked names yet.  She wanted Sawyer for a boy and after her mother for a girl.  Lucas says to stop, they need to process it.  Peyton says she thought she wasn’t ready.  She says she can’t do it.  Lucas says if you have this baby you could die.  Peyton says it doesn’t matter.  She’s going to have the baby.
Peyton washes dishes and Luke comes in.  He says the dr says there’s a very good chance something could happen to her and they could lose the baby anyway.  He says they don’t have to make the decision now.  They can take a few days before they go in.  She says an abortion.  He says that’s not what the doctor called it. She says call it what it is.  He says how did it happen?  She says she had some pain early on.  He says she was selfish not to tell him.  He says if the pregnancy means he loses her, he wants it to end.  Peyton says it’s not an end, it’s their baby.  Lucas says they can adopt or try again.  Peyton says the life inside her is him.  He doesn’t want the child to grow up without a mother.  Peyton says he’s guilting her into it.  He says if it means he keeps her.
Lucas starts taking stuff down.  Peyton stops him.  Lucas says he had a dream that something happened to her.  It got him to thinking about his life without her and he can’t live that life.  He says he can’t save her from this.  Peyton says they’ve survived all kinds of stuff and we’re not going to let some doctor lay odds on us.  If something happens, you’ll be ok.  Just like your mom.  How will he feel about the child that took her away from him.  Peyton says you aren’t like that and you’ll never be alone.  She says she’ll haunt him so he never has sex again.  She says it’s all about fate.  Maybe they whole point of you and me and every moment together has been leading to here.  Maybe we’re maybe meant to create this life and it will change the world.  Lucas says he can’t accept a bad ending for them.  She says it’s already a great ending because they’re together.  He says they need to know they’re making the right choice.  Peyton has to sit down because the baby is kicking.  Peyton says it’s ok to love the baby.  Lucas says I can’t live without you.  Peyton says we’ll live happily ever after.  All three of us.

“The Long Goodbye”
Mouth tells Millicent to stop.  He says she doesn’t have his glasses.  She says she had lasik.  He says I’m sorry.  For what?  He says for driving her away.  He gives her his cell phone bill.  Most of them are texts to and from Gigi.  He says she deserves to by angry, he did.  He didn’t realize how wrong it was.  She asks why.  Mouth says all my reasons sound slike excuses.  If he hadn’t done that, she wouldn’t have done what she did.  Can she forgive him?  Millie says guys have needs and she couldn’t do it the way Gigi could.  Millie says she wanted to sleep with him but she was scared it would mess everything up.  She realizes their relationship wasn’t that great.  Mouth says we were amazing together.  Millie says our mistakes will always be there.  Mouth says but we’ll be with the wrong people.  Maybe we can find our way through it.  He says he misses her.  She asks what?  He miss knowing the day started with her.  He would come home to someone who understood him.  She snore every morning at 2:30 for 7 min.  He loves her glasses.  She says they’re not coming back.  She says it’s also about her forgiving herself and she can’t do that with him around and she has to go.  Mouth says to stay.  She kisses him bye and says I’m sorry.

“The Seven Year Itch”
Naley toast to 7 years.  Haley says she can’t believe they got married at 16. It’s like Jamie getting married in 10 years.  Nathan asks about Jamie and she tells him he’s with deb.  haley brings out fortune cookies.  It says you’re a master of your craft..in bed.  she says prepare yourself for a change…in bed.  Nathan says the last couple of weeks have been hard.  She says I haven’t been working full time.  She’s been on “vacation”.  She tells what happened with the principal and she got suspended.  She says it got her thinking about where they’re headed.  She says what if they move to Charleston?  Nathan and Haley walk up the stairs and she shows him the rooms.  One room has a piano.  And it overlooks the driveway with the basketball hoop.  She says she’s dreaming.  Tree Hill is home but they never said they’d stay forever.  Nathan says we’ll dream big.  He says she should get back on the road.  He saw her at the USO show.  They could make it work.  They are stronger now.  Haley points out Jamie.  Nathan says she’s a great teacher.  She says they’d have totally separate lives.  nathan says phone sex.  Haley says it would be tough.  Nathan says he’s certain that she’ll be there when he’s 80.  He couldn’t live with himself if his dream kept her from hers.  They agree to think about it.

“The Deleted Scene”
Brooke walks out of the bathroom and she says I thought I said to leave.  Julian says I didn’t know you dated Ryan Reynolds? Colin Ferrell?  Remind me to get tested.  She unplugs the laptop and says playtime over.  He’s trying to figure out why she got so freaked out.  She dated people in NY but never had time for love.  So the last time you were in love…He says now I get it.  He says if you have more than one copy of Lucas’ book I’m out of here.  He says do you still love him?  She says no.  He says he’s tired of Lucas being in his love life.  She says how do you think I feel when the guy I’m dating came back for Peyton?  She says I’m not Peyton.  Julian says you’re right.  LP is about fate but Brooke chooses her own path.  Yeah, but you can’t choose who you love.  Julian says you choose whether you open your heart to love.  She says what do you want me to say?  Julian says how about I love you.  She says how about I like you alot? It’s not easy.  I have Sam.  Julian says I think you do love me but you’e too stubborn and scared.  Somewhere you gave up on feeling like you deserve love but you don’t see what I see.  Im going to try one more time. I love you, I’m in love with you.  I have been since I saw you do that Molly Ringwald dance.  Brooke says I care about you so much.  Julian says never let it be said that Brooke Davis is easy.  Julian says it’s ok maybe one day you’ll let someone in, it’s not just today.  Julian says go get ready and we’ll pretend the last hour didn’t happen.  Brooke says can we really do that?  Julian says yeah, in the movie it’s called a Deleted Scene.  Go ahead, I’ll wait for you.

“The Cold War”
Jamie asks for ice cream.  He goes to get it.  Deb says as soon as he goes to bed, he’s gone.  Dan puts Jamie to sleep.  He tells him stories about Nathan.  Jamie asks why they aren’t together.  Dan says some couples just aren’t meant to go the whole way.  He asks if he still loves her.  Dan says it’s time to go to bed.  Jamie asks if Naley will always quit being together and Dan says no.  Dan leaves and turns the light out.   Dan says the boy’s out, I guess same for me.  Deb is looking at pictures and she says she remembers the trip to Disney.  Dan says, yeah, it was a great day.  Deb says we were supposed to be a couple that tucked our grandkids in together.  Dan says we didn’t set out for that.  It’s a million mistakes. Deb says a couple really big ones.  Somewhere inside the man she loved is the same that killed Keith.  Dan says let’s talk about Keith.  It was a single moment of hatred, I made a mistake.  I thought I was getting revenge.  It wasn’t Keith..it was you wasn’t it?    The way I see it, I pulled the trigger, but you loaded the gun.  I’ve done my time, have you?  Deb says don’t you think I’ve thought about that.  How I left Karen and Lily without Keith.  She hates him for the guilt she feels.  She says it’s good he’s going to die soon.  It makes her believe in justice.  Jamie comes in with the pager and says Grandpa, it’s time for you to get better.

Naley is lying under covers in front of the fireplace.  Haley says it’s been great.  Nathan says I didn’t get you anything.  Haley says that’s not true.  Nathan says we will grow old together.  She says “George Bailey, I love ya till the day I die.”
Millie drives crying.
Mouth finds Millie’s glasses in a drawer, looks at them and puts them back.
Julian sees pictures on Brooke’s fridge.  There is one of Brooke, Lucas and Angie.  Julian fakes a call from the production office.  She offers to go but he says no.  Brooke says to come over when he’s done. He says he’ll just crash at the hotel but she looks beautiful.  Brooke says “someday” when he walks out.
Lucas and Peyton sit on the floor together.  Peyton says it will be ok.  Lucas says what if it’s not?  Peyton says we’ll dance at this kid’s wedding.  I’m doing this, I’m having this baby.  Lucas says no, we’re having this baby.

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