Episode 18 Searching for a Former Clarity Recap

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Dan walks into the hospital as a SIM.  It switches to regular view.  Kate Voegele is singing in the studio (awesome song!)  At the hospital, a guy is asking about his dog eating hash and the nurse tells him she’ll call the vet.  She tells Dan he’s getting prepped soon.  Lucas and Peyton show up.  Dan tells Luke he’s getting a heart and Luke says “its about time”.
Deb is at the cemetery at Keith’s grave.
Julian and Reese are talking about the movie.  He wants a helicopter.  The girl that auditioned for Peyton is his assistant now.  Julian gets a call from his dad.
Skills coaches at a little league basketball game.  Jamie is playing.
Haley talks with the principal.  She wants her to print an apology.  She prepared it for her and she’s taking over the paper.  She says she’s fired if she doesn’t.
Sam is at the store. Jack walks out quickly.  Sam tells him to give it to her.  The guard comes out and gets Sam.
Dan’s heart makes its way through the hall.  The carrier trips in the hall over the dog, the heart falls out and the dog picks up the heart and carries it away.

Brooke yells at Samantha.  She doesn’t feel like she’s making progress. Julian calls in the middle and says he’s sorry for being out of touch.  Brooke tells Sam she’s unfixable.  Sam tries to tell her it wasn’t her.  They both go to their rooms and slam the door.
Luke shows up to Julian’s office. Julian says his dad was fired.  The movie has been canceled.  Julian tries to say there might be a chance but Reese says “it’s so over”.
Jamie tells “Coach Uncle Skills” it’s ok even though they lost. Deb shows up as Skills is giving them a pep talk.  He says Nanny Deb has the snacks.
Haley calls Nathan and says she’s angry.  Nathan knows he’ll take the high road but he’ll support her either way.
Luke and Jamie go see Q’s grave.  They give an update about Jamie’s game.  Luke goes to Peyton at her mom’s grave.  She says she’s scared but she’s trying to be strong.  Luke says the place is way to full of people he loves and there’s no room for even one.  Jamie sees Keith’s grave and Peyton says she’ll wait in the car.  He asks what happened.  Luke says he was shot.  Jamie says why.  Luke says ask Grandpa Dan.
Dan is at the beach and throws his pager into the ocean.  He says he’s paid his price and tells God to come and get him.  He says he gives up.

Dan is on the shore at the beach.
Julian tells Luke the movie is over for sure.  Peyton asks if Brooke is ok and Julian says he thinks Brooke will be fine.
Peyton gets a call.  She goes to talk to Mia and says the guys don’t like the song.  They want to hear it on the guitar instead of piano.  Haley says sometimes you have to play the game.
Skills watches Jamie play the OTH SIMS on a laptop.
Deb picks up the picture of Keith Jamie brought home. Skills goes in to the kitchen to Deb.  Deb tells Skills she wants to break up because he needs a family that she can’t give him.  She could but she doesn’t want to.  He’s a lot of fun but at the end of the day he deserves more.  He says he’s ok but she says no.
Julian calls Brooke but she doesn’t answer.  She says she doesn’t want to talk to him.  Sam asks what happened.  She says she should talk to him.  He calls her cell and Sam answers it and gives the phone to Brooke.  He tells her about the movie.  She asks what that means for him.  They hang up when he gets another call.  She tells Sam he’s leaving town for good.

Dan goes to see Deb.  Dan says Keith’s murder wasn’t her fault. Deb asks about his heart.  He says it’s not working out.  Dan asks to take Jamie for a few hours.  Deb says no.  He says just for a little while.  He wants to say good bye.  He asks about his new heart.  Dan says it was a false alarm.  Deb tells Dan he has two hours.  They send Jamie outside and Dan tells Deb goodbye.  He says don’t feel guilty.
At TRIC, Brooke says she feels guilty.  She flipped out when Julian was nice.  Haley complains about the principal.  Mia complains about the guitar.  Skills complains about Deb.  Luke says he just lost 300,000 dollars.  Reese is celebrating.  He just got paid for doing nothing.
Sam goes to see Julian.  Sam is upset for Brooke.  She ends up telling him about Jack.  She asks about them.  Julian says he said i love you and she didn’t say it back but now the movie is over now so it doesn’t matter.  Sam says it does matter, it’s the only thing that matters.
Dan says he’s going to miss him growing into a man.  Jamie asks if Dan would lie.  Dan says no.  Jamie asks who killed Keith.  Dan says it was him.  Jamie says he wants to go home.

Luke and Julian talk about the movie and Brooke at the RiverCourt.  Luke says maybe they’ll work it out.  Luke tells him he’s an idiot if he doesn’t try.  Reese shows  up and tells them to drink something worth something.  Reese jokes around.  Luke says it’s not about the money.  They really wanted to make the movie.  Reese says sometimes the beauty is in the intent.  They did everything well it just didn’t work out.  they can sulk or celebrate the intent.  He makes them toast.  He tells them to find the next one.  His date gets out of the limo and a helicopter shows up to take them away.
Haley speaks to her class and tries to apologize.  She tells them the truth is she did what any good teacher would do and the writing was wonderful and she should say good bye.  Stand up for what you believe in so tell the truth, no matter what.
Julian shows up at Brooke’s.  He tells her about Jack and Sam.  He says she loves you and so do I.  And that’s ok b/c sometimes the beauty is in the intent.  He has to go.  He hugs her.  She doesn’t want him to go and he doesn’t either.  Julian turns to go and Brooke starts to say something but stops.  Julian says I’m going to miss you, brooke davis.

Nathan and Lucas are at the RC.  Nathan apologizes about the movie and tells him Haley quit.  Nathan asks about Dan’s heart.  Luke tells Nathan a dog ate Dan’s heart.  They kind of laugh at first but Nathan says it means he’s going to die and looks upset.
Dan leaves a house with a bag.
Brooke comes home to Sam.  Brooke apologizes to Sam and says she’s not unfixable and hugs her.  She brought something to make it better…Jack comes in.  Brooke tells her no boys in her room.
Haley goes to see Peyton and Mia.  She asks if they want a full-time producer.  They say the guitar was not bad but Haley says they want a great record and not a not bad record.
Sam asks Jack if he’s staying.  He says yeah.  Sam hugs Jack and says she’s glad he’s there.
Nathan and Luke play ball at the RC and Dan shows up.  He says they’re his sons and he failed them and he’s sorry.  He’s proud they are the men he couldn’t be.  THey’re good men and good brothers.  Don’t let the world change that.
Brooke and Julian lie in bed separately.
Dan goes to see Keith’s grave.
Jamie is in his room on the computer.  Haley finds him.  He’s creating Q and and everyone in SIMS.  He has Dan having a new heart and Keith is alive making sure Dan is ok.  Haley tells him to say goodnight to Tree Hill.

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  1. ahhhh-mazing episode. omgsh. loved the sims part at the beginning. haha. looked like him so much. didn’t mind the sam/jack parts cause they were minimal.

  2. pretty boring episode in my opinion… not nearly enough leyton! lol us leyton fans have been spoiled this season… i expect every episode to be full of leyton now, so whenever we dont get much LP… i get very disappointed lol.

    overall this episode to me was just very forgetable. and dont even get me started on dan’s heart… that whole thing was just so dumb. i never thought i’d say this but i think the most interesting part of tonight was brulian… they’re growing on me!

  3. okay episode… nothing special. Dan’s heart incident was ridiculous. i feel like its just the same thing over and over with him. first he’s going to live, then he’s not, then he is, then he’s not…. i’m over it lol. its to the point where i WANTED to feel sad for him tonight because he didn’t get his heart, but i couldn’t… because i automatically thought “well it’ll be a different story next week, and he’ll magically get the chance to live again” lol

    Brulian was sad to some extent. i still see it as being too soon for all of this emotional stuff for them. i feel like it’s all a little too heavy too fast, since we havent even really seen much of them having an actual relationship… aside from the sex part.

    and i agree with LeytonKillsBrucas!… not nearly enough Leyton in this episode! the cemetary scene was cute though… Lucas telling Peyton that there isnt enough room in the cemetary for one more person that he loves :)

  4. Does anyone else REALLY miss some good old Peyton/Brooke scenes? I feel like I havent seen some BFF action in FOREVER and I miss those two together.

  5. yeah Addison i do… hopefully we’ll get some Peyton/Brooke scenes soon with the wedding coming up and Brooke being Peyton’s maid of honor!

    and i totally agree with LeytonKillsBrucas and LeytonTLA about tonights episode. nothing special at all, and serious lack of leyton! lol and dans heart… wasn’t surprised in the least that his chance to live ended up falling through… what else is new

  6. I love when lucas was giving advice on how to win over brooke davis…because it the exact same thing he went through.

  7. First thing that crossed my mind when that dog got Dan’s heart was “It’s sooooooooo stupid” and I automatically said it out loud. That was ridiculous. :S
    And what about Dan telling Jamie he killed Keith? You don’t tell a 5-year-old something like, you don’t tell a 5-year-old something even close to that. Totally outta place.
    An okay episode, not so bad (in Mia’s words) and sounded like Dawson’s character (whatever his name is) was trying to explain OTH’s current dilemma (the not coming/coming back), I’m under that impression, but gotta see it again.
    And Peyton’s growing fast… OMG! Ah, I missed the promo, do we get a new episode next week?

  8. the episode really did nothing for story lines. it just left everything the same way it was in the previous episode. i liked how everything in everyone’s world was falling apart.

  9. atleast brucas fans got a (little) bone thrown to them tonight! lucas’ comment to julian about “its brooke davis, if you dont atleast try youre an idiot”. or something along those lines lol. but then he had to go and tell julian that him and brooke should move away together lol… that couldnt have made brucas fans happy

  10. OMG at first when Dan was a SIM I about turned the Tv off… thank god he went back to a normal human. I was not about to watch OTH as SIMS ugh! Not toooo bad of an episode… tied some ends.. WTF on the whole Dan’s heart being ate by a dog and then him in the ocean… Oh well! Cant wait for next week! I am LOVING these new episodes every week again!!

  11. LOL. i was happy either way. it’s so cute the chemistry that austin and chad have together. im sorry to say to all the chad fans out their….austin is so much better looking…to me. i always thought of them as equal or chad better looking….but them sitting directly next to each other….austin looked way sexier. he has been looking so good in the past 2 episodes. i really wanted to smack the “i love you” out of brooke so much. what was all the crap she was feeding millie in 601 saying that if love comes along to grab it or it might not knock again. she did it with lucas, chase, and owen. she really has to get her act straight because she already lost a great guy (lucas, nothing to do with leyton) she better not lose julian.

  12. honey, brooke is definitely going to tell julian that she loves him by the end of the season… without a doubt

  13. yeah i figured that too…but i wish she said it tonight…because the line julian delivered to her was so cute. i have no idea what girl would say no to him! lol. but seriously im not sure she is in love with him yet. i just dont really see it there yet. what does she really know about him. they just went into a relationship…there really was no friendship before. dont get me wrong i am rooting for them….but it seems to early for them to be in love with each other.

  14. Geez this episode should have been entitled “Searching for Failure” Because that’s all that happened.

    A dog eating Dan’s heart/Dan can’t kill himself
    Lucas’ movie getting cut
    Haley getting fired
    Sam get caught stealing for Jack
    Record label not liking Mia’s song
    Brooke still not saying ILY
    Jamie’s team not winning
    Deb and Skills break up
    Nate was a second away to saying “I LOVE YOU DADDY”

    just FAIL!!! . FAIL!!! . FAIL!!! . FAIL!!!

  15. Jess, when Jamie and Lucas were at the cemetery, Jamie asked him how “his great uncle keith died”. Lucas said he was shot and to ask his Grandpa Dan when Jamie asked who could be such a bad person to do that.



    This was just the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen and for the ones who’ll say that this is possible in real life … think AGAIN!


  17. and btw

    I swear I’m so glad Brooke didn’t say ILY and not because I’m shipping Brucas. I don’t want to see another rushed relationship on OTH. If I want someone next to Brooke in the future I want then to have earned that place, what happened to amazing built ups on this show!?

  18. ^ Mark wrote this episode

    i pretty much agree with everyone who says this episode sucks. IMO this is the worst out of this season. I didnt like it at all.

  19. I know it’s hard to keep going on 6 years and create original storyline, but A DOG? eating a HEART?

    *shakes head

  20. I guess I even see rather some psycho’s coming back than THAT

    Is Dan going to die btw :(

  21. Think about it girls. . . I for one could fall in love with Julian pretty quickly. Bet you could too.

  22. i thought it was boring nothing big happened
    the dog eating the heart was gross
    we need more naley together
    i did miss deb and im glad her and skillz finally broke up
    more leyton some times theres to much but this was to little
    dan im speechless

  23. I didn’t think the episode was INCREDIBLE, and it wasn’t a big ciffhanger by any means, but you have to keep in mind that not every episode can be have a lot of big moments going on, it would be very unrealistic. Speaking of unrealistic, idk what was up with the dog eating the heart, that was a little weird. But in the words of Mark Schwahn, ” it’s the quiet moments that sometimes speak the loudest to our fans” or something like that. What i mean is, this episode had alot of little moments that were really funny, or the moment with Dan or Lucas/Nathan. Hopefully this episode is just to lead into the next couple ones!

  24. i think it was a good episode dan not getting his heart was huge i mean there is a divine power who just wouldnt allowed it. KEITH and dan was beautiful even if it was virtual. haley finally going back to music and brooke is getting on my last nerve she is 23 or 24 wanted love finds it and is fighting it foe God’s sake just say i love u back.

  25. I know I wasn’t in love with the episode, but I did Really like it!!! It didn’t have enough Leyton and furthering that storyline. I liked the cemetary though. Brooke and Julian broke my heart too. I like them, but I know it’s too soon to be in love. It needs build up. (Side note: Last week Brooke said she hadn’t been in love since Lucas, but at the end of season 4 weren’t her and Chase supposed to be in love? I’m sure she can fall for Julian who is a total hottie) The Dan thing was ridiculous, but I think it’s to show that some karmic power is making it impossible for Dan to live. I loved that we got a Nate/Lucas scene and once Dan walked up to the rivercourt I started crying! Then Jamie was playing SIMS and when he said that thing about Keith being there because he still loves Dan I just started bawling and couldn’t hold it together! I want some more Peyton/Brooke and Lucas/Haley and Lucas/Nathan scenes though. MORE CORE 5 INTERACTION!I agree that it’s about the little moments, because soon with the season ending I’m sure we’re getting some HUGE storylines/cliffhangers!