Episode 21 A Kiss to Build a Dream On Reaction

I  really liked tonight’s episode.  There was no OMG moments.  But it was a nice, smooth ride.  Here are a few thoughts.

  • Skills and Jamie were cute.  Skills and Jamie’s teacher were cuter.  Her s.e.x. line was hilarious.
  • I really am liking the Nathan and Coach relationship.  I think it reminds me of Whitey.  No, he isn’t as funny as Whitey but there’s a warmth between him and Nathan that I really like.  Really hope Haley is right that Nathan will get a call from the NBA.  I’m ready already!  Two seasons of Nathan coming back from the bottom.
  • I really liked Nick Lachey on the show tonight.  His lines were a lot funnier than I thought they’d be and I loved Haley’s song he sang.
  • Victoria and Sam are great together.  I felt bad for Brooke that it did seem Victoria was trying a do-over with Sam.  But Victoria and Sam are funny together.
  • I loved the flashbacks with Lucas and Peyton.  It’s sort of like seeing Season 4.5.  The Comet has always meant a lot to Peyton but I can see even more now why it means so much to them…they have to make all their babies in the back seat! LOL The title of the ep is a nice reference to all the kissing they did back then and all that came after it.  I also liked Peyton’s statement that she had a lot of dreams wrapped up in him.
  • Mia and Chase are cute together but something made me cringe when Chase said he just thought he was in love with Brooke.  I wanted to defend Brooke even though they hadn’t been together in a long time.

What’d you think?

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    i have loved this show since the beginning and i honestly dont think i could ever stop watching, no matter how bad the episodes get! i’ve devoted soo much of my life to this show and i will NEVER stop watching and i hope that it NEVER ends. hopefully OTH will return to be the show i fell in love with!!!!!