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May 30,2009

Kate Voegele on E! news

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May 30,2009

JustJared: Sophia Bush is a Surprised Stunner

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Sophia Bush visits a friend but gets startled in the parking garage in Hollywood on Friday (May 29).

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill star recently attended a handbag auction in Beverly Hills. The event, Bag Lunch, benefits P.S. Arts, a non-profit organization restoring arts education in public schools.

“There’s a few I’m watching,” said Sophia at the handbag auction. “I got into acting because of a theater program, so I’m passionate about this cause.”

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via Sophia Bush is a Surprised Stunner | Sophia Bush : Just Jared.

May 29,2009

James Lafferty and Mark Schwahn Interviews

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Huge thanks to Shannon for translating these French articles.  If I’ve posted these in the past, my apologies.

While Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton have formalized their departure Brothers Scott, James Lafferty, for its part, seems to appreciate the desirability of a seventh season, which he resigned. At the DVD release of season 5 in the series, had the opportunity to meet the interpreter of Nathan, an actor would be the more cheerful by the adventure that he lives. An interview tinged smile and a refreshing enthusiasm …
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Emilie Lopez: That’s close to seven years that you play in The Brothers Nathan Scott. What started this adventure?

James Lafferty: I read the pilot when I was still in high school, and originally auditioned for the character of Lucas. But they had already chosen Chad Michael Murray.. I returned to the cast of Nathan I stalled. I was super excited because this project really took me to heart It was a great way to be qualified: out of school and turn a TV series!

Emilie Lopez: If you have auditioned for Lucas, according to some rumors, Chad Michael Murray was, however, the role of Nathan. Can you imagine the series with these two roles reversed?

James Lafferty: Actually, we have the time to an episode. Deb. We imagined how things would have turned if Dan had decided to stay with Karen instead of Deb choose. Nathan would become more “Lucas” and vice versa.. It has become one of my favorite episodes elsewhere.

Emilie Lopez: The actors in recurring series often fail to penetrate to the movies. Is this a setting in which you thought before you engage in One Tree Hill?

James Lafferty: Being cataloged I am not really scared.. I think we can not control it.. Whether you play a movie in a very striking, or in a series for a long time, there is always a possibility that the public can not see you otherwise. But should we let this opportunity for so much? I had so much success, I learned so much, the series took me so far, including Paris (smile) that I would not trade it for anything in the world!

Emilie Lopez: After nearly seven years in this role, what did you learn from this experience?

James Lafferty: It’s impossible for me to say that I have learned nothing from Nathan, but it is also difficult to describe what he gave me. I saw him through so much, and now be a good father and good husband.. It’s hard not to learn to be the best man possible. It is, moreover, that Nathan tries to do constantly.

Emilie Lopez: The end of the fifth season and the beginning of the sixth are focused on Lucas. Was it not frustrating for you to take a back seat?

James Lafferty: No, not at all. There have been cliffhangers in the past that had a lot to do with Nathan and Haley. For me, the relationship between Lucas / Peyton is one of the bases of the series and remains the common thread of the first seasonThe fact that the cliffhanger is as focused on them was important not only for fans but also for the seriesThis story took us back to the very soul of Scott Brothers, where it all began: Lucas has always loved Peyton, and he is faced with this choice. As a viewer, I loved to see that.

Emilie Lopez: Between murders, conspiracies and other tragedies, happened to you, on reading the script, you say that things went too far?

James Lafferty: That’s what made the series: there would be no plot if there was an error. As an actor, is something to keep in mind: when a character loses a little in the way, there is a reason, and then come back better or improve. Every time Nathan did something stupid, it’s an opportunity to learn and become a better man, even if it must take time.

Emilie Lopez: Season 6 has just ended in the United States. Diriez-vous qu’elle était moins sombre que les précédentes ? Would you say it was less dark than the previous ones?

James Lafferty: Yes.. French fans that have not yet seen it will really adore him.. Personally, my favorite season. She brings to our audience a certain intimacy with the charactersYou can find the whole essence of the series …

Emilie Lopez: During this season, you have done an episode. What have you learned from this experience?

James Lafferty: It was really intense, that you are forced to use all of your brain and stay focused all the time.. If you finished in time and that you are proud of the result, you learn a lot about yourself, and something you did not know that you own. So yes, definitely, I want it again. During the seventh season, I would have the opportunity, and I will not waste it.

Emilie Lopez: Was it not a bit strange to refer people with whom you usually work in collaboration?

James Lafferty: It was the thing that I worried the least. I’m an actor, so I am familiar with what the players want, what they need while on a shoot, and how to communicate. It was a great opportunity to bring a different perspective, and realize the path when a director comes to you in the middle of a scene and he tells you what he wants. I learned a lot, and it serves me in my way of playing.

Emilie Lopez: In the future, when the series is over, you imagine yourself in front of or behind the camera?

James Lafferty: There are two levels of creation totally different: I love playing, and storytelling in this way. But I also direct, and make my ideas. At best, I’d like to find a balance between the two.

Emilie Lopez: At the moment you signed for a seventh season. Did you hesitate before you rehire?

James Lafferty: It was an extremely important decision. My contract ended at the end of season 6, and choose between signing a contract for two years or continue your career, it is the decision of a lifetime. Especially at this time.  I would not doubt that there was rather a reflection on what was best for me. And I am confident of the fact that I made the right decision.

Emilie Lopez: A seventh season without Lucas and Peyton you think it possible? (The interview was conducted before the official announcement of the departure of Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, ed)

James Lafferty: If this is the way it should be, I am confident that next season will be as good as the previous ones. It has already made a leap forward for 4 years, which nobody had done before us on American television, so we could just as easily find a transition deal with these changing faces.  There will always be as strong characters, a great cast and a brilliant author, Mark Schwann, and what is all that matters: it is the engine of the series.

Article from 5/29/09

At the DVD release of season 5 adventures of Scott Brothers, met their “papa”, Mark Schwahn.. In the privacy of a hotel room de Sers, man, passionate and invested in particular, reveals the underside of his series, while the announcement was a seventh season as an officer. Meeting a writer of talent involved in the vast majority of scenarios of his “baby”

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Emilie Lopez: Before, you had always written film. How did you come to create the Scott brothers?

Mark Schwahn: Originally, I wrote Scott brothers as a film close to my personal experience, and a little more focused on sport. But meanwhile, I was hired for the movie Coach Carter with Samuel L. Jackson.. I am therefore left with two films on the basket, one of whom was sure to be done I was always the Ravens script (title of the original Brothers Scott) on hand, Coach Carter and I was more or less forced to change it into a TV series.

Emilie Lopez: Why basketball influence there as your writing process?

. Mark Schwahn: I played basketball a lot on the grounds of my neighborhood, as did Lucas early in the series In summer, during holidays, I got a job, and the rest of my time I spent to make baskets. I have such good memories of this period that I felt at ease and relaxed to write this life for Lucas, with Skills, Mouth, Jimmy, Junk and Fergie.

Emilie Lopez: Do you feel more close to Lucas that the other characters in the series?

Mark Schwahn: Hilarie (Burton, one of the actresses, ie) I’ve always been accused of writing the role of Peyton as my female double (laughs), which is probably true. But I think that there are parts of me in each character: Lucas nobility and grace that I would like to have.  Ditto for Dan, this evil which always has the last word, it is very strong, dominating, it’s very therapeutic to write this character who did all these things! Nathan is someone whose emotions it can make the most of himself, and learns lessons from his father, especially on the fact not be as emotional and passionate. But I think in my youth, I was closer to Micro. (*sideonote this is the translation but I don’t know who he is referring to here as Micro)It’s interesting because I write these characters and their teacher in the world, I learn a lot about me.

Emilie Lopez: Season 5 DVD release, the famous “leap forward”. How did you come to this choice of scenario?

Mark Schwahn: I have always wondered what became when our dreams die.  When you are young, it’s so easy to have dreams. What becomes difficult is to do, especially if it’s something special, as a professional sportsman or an astronaut! This really interested me to know what one becomes after that: What do you dream for his future, what choices do we have to make, what will happen when all this off?

Emilie Lopez: Have you, yourself, had to abandon a dream?

Mark Schwahn: I love music, if I could be anywhere, it would be in a bus for a tour as a musician. I could always write, and I took it for granted, that I always come very naturallyBut to be honest, and that I never told anyone, one day, when the series will stop, I rush into a studio to record an album with a groupBecause at some point in my life, I will have to stop telling me “one day and realize that that day has arrived …

Emilie Lopez: The soundtrack of the series has always had great success. Are you also the choice of songs?

Mark Schwahn: We work closely with my team.. But I must admit that the “musical pedigree of the series was made largely on the basis of my choice. Some kinds of music do not believe me, the series, such as hip-hop, which I find a little too aggressive and difficult to add on top of dialogues. The pace of the series also requires a certain type of songs and artists. So yes, on the soundtrack, whether you like it or you worship, be it through me, or my fault! (rires) (laughs)

Emilie Lopez: Would you say the sixth season is less “black” and “dramatic” than the previous?

Mark Schwahn: It starts with a lot of events “difficult” as the episode Carrie / Dan, Brooke’s attack, etc . At first she is rather “black”, but it is true that thereafter, it evolved into something more quiet, more romantic, and that is exactly what I wanted.  Especially since we did not know at the time whether it would or not be our last season.

Emilie Lopez: Have you ever felt that you were going too far in the “drama”?

Mark Schwahn: Some series, which are no longer on the air, went too far too fast, but all they could do. With Scott Brothers, the moments are offset with other very quiet. I know that some watching the series as a “guilty pleasure” just for the drama. It is also easier for a chain or studios to understand the series when there is a mix of the two genres. For example, the advertising will be done on the car accident of Peyton, but the episode will focus on the relationship between Peyton and Brooke! But the chain still focus on the tragic event …


Emilie Lopez: At the end of season 5, Lucas hesitates between three contenders. “ Why did you chose Peyton?

. Mark Schwahn: I have always thought that Lucas and Peyton were meant to be together, it was established from the outset. There were a couple Lucas / Brooke, and alchemy was of course obvious. I know that fans of Brucas (contraction of Brooke and Lucas, ed) felt that they withdrew something But I say also that we have given you! “So why do not we thank him for it instead of feeling penalized? (rires) (laughs)

Emilie Lopez: You were asked to carry out the pilot Melrose Place 2.0. Why this did not finally be done?

Mark Schwahn: I was very interested in the idea to do so, especially after talking with the studios. But only for the pilot to write, implement, make the cast, I had to leave. And they said, because I think that that would make the first episode is expected to remain throughout the season. They wanted someone who could participate fully. Which meant for me “unload” a sort of my series, and give way to someone, while keeping a distant light above. But I did not feel ready to abandon the Scott brothers.

Article from 5/22/09

May 29,2009

Table for Three : DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video

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As the terrible twosome, Bush and Bradford inhale a bottle of overacting pills and go for broke as Ryan and Mary, pushing themselves as broadly as I’ve ever seen them. In terms of characterization, it’s a believable leap, but as the film wears on, it’s clear Bush is hungrier for crazy, upstaging Bradford over and over as the duo bust out the verbal diarrhea and camera mugging to portray the misunderstood couple from hell. There are times when the mania is a kick to watch, especially when played off of Scott’s bewilderment as the couple learns the joys of bickering and the anxiety of separation. Acting this exaggerated normally stumps most directors, yet Samonek takes it all in stride, encouraging his cast to bulge out in perverse ways, but he contains the eccentricity with promising skill.

Read the rest here: Table for Three : DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video.

May 29,2009

Hilarie Burton’s Southern Gothic Productions Launches New Website

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Southern Gothic Productions is a company Co-owned by actress Hilarie Burton (who played Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill for six years), producer Kelly Tenney, and Nicholas Gray. The trio are embracing the new social media to share their step-by-step process with fans and fellow filmmakers alike; striving to maintain and develop the film industry in the Wilmington area. 


The next step in creating a social media explosion is the launch of Southern Gothic Productions new Web site ( The website is a tool for allowing fans and followers to get updates on the company, share music, art and love of books. It will also be a place for the Southern Gothic Productions team to post blogs, video blogs and short films the company is developing. The site also has an interactive chat site for fans and Southern Gothic Production team members to connect.


The Web site launch comes to the forefront after Southern Gothic Productions launched a blog in January, 2009, building followers and fans. It served as a beta site for the companies ultimate goal of launching its website.


Southern Gothic Productions also incorporates Twitter into its daily updates with its site at The company recently shot the first episode of a web series it has in development and updated followers on the filming of the project using Twitpics.


Also in development is a podcast for Southern Gothic Productions. The podcast is expected to launch in mid-June and will be bi-monthly 30-minute segments with members of the company.

May 29,2009

Kate Voegele Scores Top 10 Album

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Check out  Kate Voegele officially has an album in the Top 10.  Congrats, Kate!

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May 29,2009

Sophia Bush is Blue for Bags

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Sophia Bush leaves a private mansion in Beverly Hills that held a handbag auction where Nicky Hilton was also in attendance on Wednesday (May 27).

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill actress was wearing a Max Azria dress, Jimmy Choo “Riv” platform beaded sandals, and a Coach “Madison Metallic Cork Minaudiere” clutch.

Recently, Sophia was seen at a gay marriage rally following the California Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold Proposition 8.

May 28,2009

Season 7 Spoilers Updated #195

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Season 7 Spoilers Updated.  Changes in bold.

May 28,2009

Sophia Bush: Legalize Gay Marriage!

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Sophia Bush joins a slew of celebrities at the gay marriage rally following the California Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold Proposition 8, on Tuesday (May 26) at the intersection of Santa Monica and San Vicente in West Hollywood.

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill actress was accompanied by: Drew Barrymore, Emmy Rossum, Lance Bass, Sally Kirkland, Deborah Gibson, Haylie Duff, Shanna Moakler, Kelly Osbourne (with fiance Luke Worrall), Gloria Allred, George Takei and others.

To help Sophia’s cause, visit Equality California at

Bush-gay sophia-bush-gay-marriage-01Bush-gay sophia-bush-gay-marriage-02Bush-gay sophia-bush-gay-marriage-03Bush-gay sophia-bush-gay-marriage-04Bush-gay sophia-bush-gay-marriage-05Bush-gay sophia-bush-gay-marriage-06Bush-gay sophia-bush-gay-marriage-07Bush-gay sophia-bush-gay-marriage-08

via Sophia Bush: Legalize Gay Marriage! | Sophia Bush : Just Jared.

May 28,2009

Todd Scalia Auditions for Clay

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