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May 04,2009

Episode 23 Promo #1

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May 04,2009

Episode 22 Show Me How to Live Reaction

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So glad I got to see this episode.  What a great one.  I know they are really milking all they can out of this Peyton dying thing but if you give into it, wow, some great moments tonight.  It’s just heartbreaking to see Peyton film a time capsule, something I know that every mother including myself has thought of doing if in her shoes.  I loved how Lucas was reminded of his love for her.  I always love seeing glimpses of their high school days.

Unfortunately I think Naley was put on the backburner again.  We really didn’t even get to see Nathan’s career move forward.  Just more hoping.

I think one of the most touching scenes though was Brooke and Sam.  When she said she would always be her first mother, well, I just about lost it.

For some reason, I don’t feel like commenting too much about tonight’s episode.  I think it was just absolutely beautiful.  No it wasn’t perfect but there were a lot of perfect moments.  Well done, my OTH friends.

What’d you guys think?

May 04,2009

Episode 22 Show Me How to Live Quotes

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Peyton: So if you flunk a test, or have a really bad break-up…or just miss someone so much it hurts, listen to this- my playlist: a hundred songs to save your life.

Peyton: My best friend – okay this one is so important; choose wisely, I got really lucky with mine. My best friend is funny, intelligent, creative, beautiful, and successful, and very kind. She’s also impulsive, frustrating, um complicated, childish, but I would not have her any other way. And the best part about Brooke Davis is that she always puts friends first. So if you are ever in any kind of trouble, you know who to call. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have watching over you.

Peyton: Being a kid without a mom really sucks and I know this because I’ve been there, twice. And if you’re watching this it means you’re there too, and I’m so sorry for that, but if you ever need a mom and dad fix you have Nathan and Haley for that.

Peyton: I really hope that we get to share these things together, but just in case – they’re in here. Now there’s just one thing I need from you, please take very special care of your father, because if I’m not around he’s gonna need you to take care of him just like my dad needed me. So love him. And take care of him. And be kind to him, just please do that for me.

Lucas: I caught Peyton making a time capsule, a just-in-case capsule.
Nathan: Oh.
Lucas: I mean, this is supposed to be the best time of my life.

Nathan: It’s like when Karen let you play basketball with your ACM, she let you do it, and just held her breath about it. I think you just need to hold your breath for Peyton right now.

Lucas: Peyton wants to get married. Right away.
Nathan: You gotta realize, if you had one day left with Peyton, would you want to spend it arguing, or just being married?

Jamie: This is a picture of the night you and Daddy won the state championship.
Lucas: Do you know where you were that night?
Jamie: In mama’s belly; they didn’t even know me yet.
Lucas: None of us did, but we were so excited to meet you.

Jamie:Hey it’s mama as a cheerleader.
Lucas: Yeah and that’s Aunt Brooke and Aunt Peyton. Who’s in that one?
Jamie: Lets see it’s Uncle Keith, Aunt Karen, and who’s that?
Lucas: That’s me.
Jamie: You were a funny looking kid.
Lucas: Hey.
Jamie: You’re kind of my Uncle Keith, aren’t you?
Lucas: I like to think that I’m just like him.

Jamie: Your whole life’s in that box, I wish I had one.

Sam: Can I keep the dress?
Brooke: Of course.
Sam: Victoria said I looked like a Davis in that dress.
Brooke: You’ll always be a Davis to me.
Sam: You’ll always be my first mom.

Lucas: There’s still one thing missing.
Peyton:What’s that?
Lucas: Our wedding photo.
Peyton: Really? Can we get married right away?
Lucas: Sure, only if the doctor says it’s okay. It’s not cuz of the baby or our situation or any damn thing. I want you to be my wife because I love you. I love you no matter.
Peyton: I love you too.

Thanks, Kaitlin!

May 04,2009

Episode 22 Show Me How to Live Recap

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Chat is going on on tonight. Use #OTH to find others commenting :)

Peyton is recording a video. Peyton lists off musicians that are on an iPod that is music for life, when she has a bad test or bad breakup, listen to her Playlist 100 songs to save your life. She said there is a new artist that is special…Mia.
Mia sings at the piano at the studio.
Peyton talks about best friends. She said she got really lucky with hers. She lists off attributes that she loves and hates. The best part about Brooke Davis is that she puts friends first. If she’s in trouble you can call her.
Brooke watches Sam and her mom. Victoria comes up and says it’s been a month, she should stop. Brooke says she’s eating pecan pie and she hates it.
Peyton says it’s hard to lose a mom and if you are watching this, you must know how that feels and I’m so sorry. But if you need a mom and dad fix, you have Nathan and Haley.
Naley and Jamie are at home. Haley has to go meet Mia and asks Nathan to drop Jamie off on his way out of town.
Mia continues to play her song in the studio.
Peyton hopes they get to share these things together but they’re all right here. She holds the box. She needs one thing. Please take care of your father. He’s going to need you like my dad needed me. Love him and take care of him. Be kind to him. Do that for me. Lucas walks in on Peyton talking. Peyton says she thought she should. Lucas says no. You said it was going to be ok. Our child is going to have to remember you, they’ll know you. I’m not having it. What’s next? Peyton says I want to get married. Now. Lucas says absolutely not. After you have this baby. She insists. Lucas says we’re not doing anything just in case. Lucas says I’ll be in the garage, you should be in bed. He leaves and she says Thank you, I love you too, by the way.

Victoria and Brooke visit a department store to check out the competition. V tells Brooke she ran a background check on Sam’s birth mother. They argue. V holds up a red dress on Brooke and Brooke says do you think we’re shopping?? You are so trying to shop with me. V says they’re doing R&D.
Nathan takes Jamie to Lucas. Lucas tells Nathan about the time capsule. He said it’s supposed to be exciting but it’s terrifying. What if something happens to Peyton? Nathan says it’s like his HCM and his basketball. Maybe he should just let Peyton do it. Nathan says if you had one more day with her, do you want to argue or be married.
Brooke gets Sam in her bedroom to go to Peyton’s baby shower. Sam seems upset. Brooke asks about her mother. She said her parents made her give her up. She has a picture of her house with a white picket fence. She always wanted one. Sam asks to meet her at Peyton’s.

Mouth is at Nathan’s game reporting. Coach comes in and says they’ve had an 8 game winning streak. Coach says impress the NBA scout there tonight. Nathan is excited.
Victoria tries on clothes on Sam but Sam doesn’t like them. V says how was it with the waitress. Sam says it’s ok. V says they must have so much to talk about seeing they have 16 years of neglect to talk over. Sam tells her not to be mean. Sam says she’s not what she expected, she’s ok. She says she’s kind of like her. V asks if she wanted her back. Sam says it doesn’t matter, she’s happy here. Sam doesn’t want to hurt Brooke but she wants to know her. V asks if she wants to live with her. Sam says no. V says now let’s find a dress for you worthy of the Davis name.
Skills says she has a date with Lauren. Junk and Fergie says you know what 3rd date means. Skills says to be out by the time you get back.
Peyton tries on a dress that Brooke made her. Peyton asks about Sam and Brooke says she’ll be there. Peyton says she’s doing a great job. Brooke is thinking of adopting her. She just got all the papers in the mail. Peyton tells her not to worry about her birth mother, she just became the luckiest person ever.
Jamie finds the iPod and sees the song from the state championship. He tells Luke he was in mommy’s tummy. He finds the drawing of the state championship. Luke says it’s the night he wanted to marry Peyton.
Mouth asks Nathan how the long distance thing is working out. Nathan says if he figures it out, let him know. Nathan tells him about the scout there.
Peyton opens a present from Mia. It’s pictures of Mia. She is going to pick the one that goes on the cover of the record. Sam walks in dressed up.

Skills picks up Lauren but she has a last minute babysitting ordeal with Chuck. Skills says he can come along. They take him to putt-putt and go carts. Lauren says she’s glad he didn’t cancel. Chuck wrecks and Lauren has to go take care of him. He then gets in pictures with them in the photo booth. Skills in annoyed.
Nathan plays ball and is doing well.
Jamie finds a picture of the cheerleading squad. Then Lucas gets a picture of Keith, Karen and Luke as a kid. Jamie says he was funny looking. Jamie says you’re kind of like my uncle Keith. Jamie finds the picture of the angel. Jamie asks if Peyton will be ok. Luke says he doesn’t know. Jamie says it will be ok.
Peyton gets a baby memory book from Haley. Peyton starts to cry and says she loves it. She wants them to know she loves them so much. Mia says no crying, I’m taking a picture.
Nathan talks to Coach in the locker room. He reminds him to make sure he looks good too.
Brooke gets home and Victoria is there. She says she wishes she had asked about the dress first. V says she wants to talk about Sam. She thinks she should let her spend time with her birth mother. Brooke says it’s not her business. Brooke says she’s just jealous Sam wants to spend time with her. She’s not going anywhere. She shows her adoption papers. Sam walks in and asks what is going on. V says idk, ask your mother. Brooke says she wants to talk to her. She tells her she wants to adopt her and make it official. Sam says yeah but doesn’t seem convinced. She asks if she can still see her real mom.

Skills and Lauren talk about Deb. He says it was a lifestyle difference. She says she likes guys that are young, bald, athletic and likes kids. They go to kiss and he throws up on his show. Skills says I do like some kids. Some kids.
Nathan continues to play well.
Haley goes to get Jamie from the garage. She says the Comet. He asks about the shower. She says yeah it was good. Haley asks how he is and he says it went well, just what he needed.
Skills drops Lauren off. She says he was great with Chuck. Skills says maybe next time by themselves.
Sam cries in her room. Brooke comes and asks to talk to her. She didn’t mean to ambush her. She thinks she should spend time with her birth mother. She asks if she hates her. Brooke says she never could. She says you can always come back. Sam asks her why she’s so good to her and she says she loves her. She asks her if she can keep the dress. She tells Brooke she’ll always be her first mom.

Skills comes home and tells Junk and Fergie about the kid. Lauren knocks on the door and says I realized you forgot something and kisses him.
Sam and brooke tell each other they’ll miss each other and love each other. Victoria gives her a hug bye. Brooke and Sam hug. Sam takes her bags and leaves. Brooke asks her what they do now. V says they have their work to do now. Brooke says of course.
Coach says he hasn’t heard anything from the scouts, they just wait for the phone to ring.
Sam walks in front of a white picket fence. The house has a red door.
V and Brooke work at COB. Brooke looks through a few drawings and draws an Anarchy sign on a bag and then starts crying. V tells Brooke it’s going to be ok. Brooke says she’s fine, we have our work to focus on now. She puts the drawings back in the drawer.
Nathan watches the phone and then turns out the light.
Peyton tapes in the picture of the girls in the book. Luke says there is one thing missing. Our wedding photo. Peyton says really? We can get married right away? Luke says only if the dr says it’s ok. It’s not b/c of the baby. I want you to be my wife because I love you. Peyton says I love you too. They kiss.

May 04,2009

One Tree Hill’s’ James Lafferty starts new sports business

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James Lafferty is preparing to tip off another phase of his career.

The actor, who plays high school coach and NBA hopeful Nathan Scott on “One Tree Hill” has a long history with basketball. He earned the MVP award on his high school team and went on to use those talents in the ESPN movie “A Season on the Brink.”

After landing the role on “One Tree Hill,” Lafferty organized a popular annual charity basketball game with the show’s cast and crew playing against each other.

On Feb. 28, though, the 23-year-old actor was busy directing an episode of the show while his new entertainment sports consulting and production company, SportsArc, hosted a launch party in California.

“Now I’ve had a lot more behind-the-scenes experience than I had previously and that’s going to benefit me a lot in knowing what it takes to prepare sports coordination for other projects,” Lafferty said in an interview in April.


May 04,2009

Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Kitson Couple

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One Tree Hill hunk Chad Michael Murray and his fiancee Kenzie Dalton hold hands after shopping at Kitson Men boutique in Los Angeles on Sunday (May 3).

The couple was later seen doing some extra strolling along Robertson Blvd.

A new episode (”Show Me How To Live”) of OTH airs tomorrow @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW. The families of Tree Hill draw closer as Lucas bonds with Jamie while working on Peyton’s car, Sam develops a connection with Victoria, and Brooke and Haley throw Peyton a baby shower. Meanwhile, Nathan’s ambitions seem closer than ever when he learns that an NBA scout will be watching his next game.


Murray-kitson chad-michael-murray-kenzie-dalton-kitson-01Murray-kitson chad-michael-murray-kenzie-dalton-kitson-02Murray-kitson chad-michael-murray-kenzie-dalton-kitson-03Murray-kitson chad-michael-murray-kenzie-dalton-kitson-04Murray-kitson chad-michael-murray-kenzie-dalton-kitson-05Murray-kitson chad-michael-murray-kenzie-dalton-kitson-06Murray-kitson chad-michael-murray-kenzie-dalton-kitson-07Murray-kitson chad-michael-murray-kenzie-dalton-kitson-08