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May 15,2009

One Tree Hill: Will Leyton Live Happily Ever After?

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Yay!  They answered my question about Nathan!

The sixth-season finale of CW fan favorite One Tree Hill airs this Monday and with it comes the end of an era. Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, the show’s long-standing lead characters, are saying sayonara to the town of Tree Hill. You all had so many questions about what that means that we couldn’t resist doing a very special spoiler chat just about OTH.

Keep reading for all the spoilery goodness about the season finale and the future of North Carolina’s best and brightest…

Danielle in Brookvale, NSW, Australia: Please tell me Brooke and Julian get together!? It’s about time there is a happy ending for Brooke. So far this season she has had her company, lost her company, had Sam, lost Sam, had Julian, lost Julian and officially lost Lucas to Peyton. Please give Brooke some love!

It’s sweet how concerned you are about Brooke’s future…and rightly so. The poor girl has been to hell and back this season—don’t forget that break-in and beating! Luckily, TPTB over in Tree Hill took note and her happy ending is on the way. Julian is back in the finale and it looks like B. Davis is finally getting her fairy-tale “movie” ending. And who better to give it to her than the Hollywood director himself? We’re just sayin’.

Jaymes in Oakland: Since Katie Voegle’s CD is coming out in real life too, is Mia going to stick around Tree Hill?

Mia and Chase (Stephen Coletti) are still going strong, but she is getting ready to hit the road to promote her new album. In the finale, Chase shows up at Mia’s CD signing and what she writes definitely makes for an awww-worthy moment. No word yet on if the duo will be back in the restructured show next year.

Joan in Los Angeles: I can’t imagine One Tree Hill without Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray. I hope they didn’t really leave because of money issues!

While we can’t speak for CMM (although that video from a few months back spoke volumes), our best frenemy scored an interview with Hilarie after the news of her departure broke, and it sounds like at least her departure from the show was pretty amicable. Hilarie said, “Everyone was kind of agreeable about the situation. There were a lot of really wonderful conversations. It wasn’t a rash decision; a lot of thought, emotion and kindness was put into it. I would hope that that’s the story that gets out.”

What about Nick Lachey? Is he coming back for more?

If you mean is there any more “Nick Lachey-ing” in the finale, thankfully, no. The former pop star’s last appearance of the season was last week, but if you just can’t get enough of their constant first-and-last-name-calling of Nick Lachey, check out this week’s Condensed Soup on E! Online for Joel McHale’s take on the cameos. Hilarious!

lc_mundell: Does Ashley Rickards (Sam) make an appearance at all in the One Tree Hill finale? You said everything ends so pleasantly, and I can’t imagine Brooke having a happy ending that doesn’t involve Sam.

Unfortunately Sam doesn’t come back, but there is a sweet moment with Brooke talking to Sam on the phone. Like we said before, don’t worry about Brooke’s happy ending. It’s on the way.

Amyjbennett: We know that James Lafferty filmed with the NBA’s Bobcats. Is that a dream sequence?

Interesting question, Amy. If by dream sequence you mean a scene that is dream-like because Nathan can’t believe it’s true, then yes, Nathan joining the Bobcats is a dream sequence.

Karen Novak: I would like to know if Dan Scott lives or if they are going to have him die? Please don’t have him die as he adds so much to the show and his relationship with Jamie is adorable.

Dan is still alive and kicking, but definitely still struggling with his conscience. In fact, the finale finds him in the company of a familiar—and beloved—former Tree Hill face who becomes a surprising ally in the birth of a new Dan Scott. In fact, two former castmembers are back for the finale. Guesses?

Sabrina in Prescott, Ariz: Is Millicent leaving Mouth behind and moving to New York? How could Brooke do that to them!

Don’t worry about this adorkable couple. They’ll survive whatever unexpected changes come to Clothes Over Bros.

Jessica: If Lucas and Peyton aren’t coming back to One Tree Hill, do they at least get a proper send-off?

That has been the topic of discussion this week and in our opinion, the answer is yes. If you haven’t already heard, cover your eyes now: Peyton and baby Scott beat the odds and live happily ever after in the finale. Okay, so it’s not that cut-and-dried, but after all of the heartache and loss Peyton has survived during six seasons of OTH, this final episode is a cakewalk. All elements of Lucas-Peyton saga are present in their final scene and we even get the traditional Chad Michael Murray voiceover. Fans are not left with a big question mark ending for Leyton. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that they do get their happily ever after.

Read the article here: One Tree Hill: Will Leyton Live Happily Ever After? – E! Online.

May 15,2009

Moira Kelly Visits OTH Podcast; talks about Hilarie Burton Exit from Show

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Moira Kelly visits the One Tree Hill Podcast on May 19 to talk about her guest stint on the One Tree Hill season six finale and she talked about returning to Wilmington and the One Tree Hill set. She also shared her thoughts on the recent news that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton would not be returning to One Tree Hill for the seventh season.

Her comments on Hilarie Burton not returning next season:

“Hilarie and I were talking about how it has to end at some point. When you are performer you get into your characters and you love them and you work them and you grow with them, but at some point it all has to come to an end. The beauty is to reflect back on where that character began. When I think of the character of Peyton, the first images are so gothic. I told Hilarie, you had really curly blonde hair and you were this tough chick when the show started. I said Hilarie think about how that character developed – that is a body of work. And so you take that with you. Leaving is never easy, but it is also very exciting. Hilarie has so much more going on and she is going to be fine. She has a great sensibility for the business. She is going to do really well. She is a very smart young actress.”.”

Listen to the full interview with Moira Kelly on the 53rd edition of the One Tree Hill Podcast on May 19.