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May 21,2009

CW upfront notes from Korbi TV

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Another veteran show, “One Tree Hill,” is dealing with the departures of Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton from the cast. Ostroff is sorry to see them go, but she also thinks their leaving represents an opportunity to freshen up the series.

“We tried to get them to stay, and we would have been thrilled if they wanted to,” Ostroff says. “I think the show moving into its seventh year was very open to sort of reinventing itself. One thing I have to give [creator] Mark Schwahn a lot of credit for is he’s kept the show fresh all these years. … I think Mark is excited about maybe bringing on a few new characters, which is what we’re going to do now that we’re finishing the pilot process.

“If you look at shows like ‘ER’ and [others] that go on for many, many years, a lot of these casts go through different people, and it really helps to keep shows fresh. So we’re said to see [Murray and Burton] go, and grateful for everything they did for the show, but excited about moving on and seeing who else is going to join the cast.”

via CW upfront notes: ‘Smallville,’ ‘Supernatural,’ ‘90210’-‘Melrose’ crossovers – KTV: Korbi TV – Zap2it.

May 21,2009

Season 7 Spoilers Updated #193

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Season 7 Spoilers Updated.  Changes in bold.

May 21,2009

WWK CW Upfront Report

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9:22 a.m.: When asked about the departure of Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton from One Tree Hill, Ostroff simply says that One Tree Hill was open to reinventing itself in its seventh year, giving Mark Schwahn kudos for the leap-forward idea that reinvigorated the show and saying she was “grateful” to CMM and H.B. for their past contributions to the show.


May 21,2009

Season 7 Spoilers Updated #192

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Episode 1 Spoilers Updated

May 21,2009

Season 7 Promo Pic

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The CW presented their fall line up today. This is the OTH S7 promotion pic….

Source: The CW Fall 2009 Preview

credit: BrownEyes1980@FF

May 21,2009

Colin Fickes by Alicia

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Even though he may be best known for his dark and damaged characters, Colin Fickes is an extremely down to earth guy who oozes talent. He has been in numerous film and TV roles and has shown us exactly what his abilities are made of. Catch his latest film, The New Twenty, if you can and learn more about him here.

How did you first get starting in acting?

I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and started doing community theatre. My brother and sister were really into sports and I kind of just wasn’t very good at it. So, I started when I was about six or seven, just doing various things around the community theatre in Raleigh, North Carolina. Then, it just kind of evolved from there and I got an agent in Raleigh who’s actually a friend of mine’s mother. In the mid 90’s, there were a lot of projects that were shooting in and around North Carolina. I’d drive to Wilmington, which was about two hours from Raleigh, and just auditioning and things like that and then it just spiraled from there. Then, I moved to New York and got an agent through the referral from the agent in North Carolina and it just kind of went from there.

You were in the right place at the right time…

Yea, kind of, I just really enjoyed it at a young age and was in the right place. North Carolina was a great state, and still is, for T.V. and film, and for theatre as well.

You played the role of Jimmy Edwards on the T.V. series, “One Tree Hill.” During the first three seasons, your character went from being outgoing to being emotionally disturbed. How did you prepare for such a dramatic change in that role?

Well, it’s funny, I had left that role for awhile and so coming back, it was interesting because I had to revisit and kind of see what he initially was like in the first season for those first two episodes. Then just to see how he would have evolved, kind of feeling what it was like, what it would be like to be outcast…to feel alone and sad and feeling like theres no place for him. I think we’ve all kind of felt like that at some point in our lives. So, it was just a lot of tapping into that loneliness and frustration and sadness. It was intense, it was a wild place to go but you just kind of go there and you hope you can leave it behind once you’re done shooting. It was very disturbing but I didn’t see him as a mean guy. I think it was just his circumstances that led him down this path of loneliness. You do see some anger there, especially in the first half of that episode, the school- shooting episode. I don’t know how intentional it was with him trying to hurt anyone…I think he just wanted to be heard. So, I tried to deal with just the sadness with him. I don’t think he was a mean, vicious monster. I think he just wanted to be heard so I just tried to focus on those things, the sadness and loneliness of the character.

Read lots more:  jitZul proConnection: Colin Fickes by Alicia.

May 21,2009

Hollywood The Write Way: Joe Manganiello Talks About One Tree Hill

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Almost exactly one month ago I had the opportunity to talk to an actor who I have watched on the small screen every week on The CW for some time now. Joe Manganiello, who plays Owen on One Tree Hill took time out to talk to Hollywood the Write Way about One Tree Hill, Spider Man 4, and more. The most interesting bit I found was that Joe and Sophia Bush did shoot scenes where their characters stayed together! One can only hope those scenes end up on the DVD. There is so much more he talked about and it is all below.

Tell me about your audition process for One Tree Hill?

The first audition I went into, there were 20 – 30 other actors. When I went in for the callback, it was down to myself and another actor. I think he was from Scotland. We each read twice and then I found out that I got the part shortly after that. Within a week later, I had to be in North Carolina shooting.

What was it like shooting the episode, We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)?

That was a blast. I think originally Robbie Jones was going to play the cop but I think something happened where they thought it would be better suited for my character, so they threw me in. That was fun seeing everyone in the period costumes. I spent most of my filming for that episode tied to a chair, having water splashed in my face with blood all over me, being beat up by Dan.

Do you have a favorite episode?

One of my favorite episodes is from Season 5 when Brooke and Owen go to NY and find Rachel who overdosed. I love that episode. It seemed like a lot of the fans really loved that episode too. I think that was the episode that really put my character over the top. That was when the fans really started responding. I remember that the night that episode aired I got about 300 Myspace messages. In Season 6, I believe it was episode 9 that was the final slam ball episode, I enjoyed. We played slam ball and then I wound up naked in the back of Brooke’s car. We actually filmed the scene that never got aired of Brooke and I deciding to stay together and be a couple. I was over my issue with kids and I was going to be okay with Sam, and we were going to form a nice family unit. We shot those scenes and they were damaged by a machine. We were going to re-shoot but by the time we were going to re-shoot, the writers re-wrote the scenes to have us break up. So my other favorite episode would be the that one – with the original scenes.

Lots more here: Hollywood The Write Way: Joe Manganiello Talks About One Tree Hill.

May 21,2009

One Tree Hill at CW Upfronts

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I’m sure more will come out but Ausiello tweeted this:

CW #upfront ostroff “sad” to see CMM and HB leave Tree Hill, but confident show will reinvent itself. Translation: don’t let door hit ya!

May 21,2009

OTH Twitter Accounts

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If you’re a Twitter addict like me, you might be interested in finding all the OTH folks on there.  Christy-Anne has started a site and is being diligent on finding and verifying all the accounts.  Check it out here.

And don’t forget to add us at

May 21,2009

Season 7 Spoilers Updated #191

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Season 7 Spoilers Updated.  Changes in bold.