Hilarie Burton’s Southern Gothic Productions Launches New Website

Southern Gothic Productions is a company Co-owned by actress Hilarie Burton (who played Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill for six years), producer Kelly Tenney, and Nicholas Gray. The trio are embracing the new social media to share their step-by-step process with fans and fellow filmmakers alike; striving to maintain and develop the film industry in the Wilmington area. 


The next step in creating a social media explosion is the launch of Southern Gothic Productions new Web site (www.sogopro.com). The website is a tool for allowing fans and followers to get updates on the company, share music, art and love of books. It will also be a place for the Southern Gothic Productions team to post blogs, video blogs and short films the company is developing. The site also has an interactive chat site for fans and Southern Gothic Production team members to connect.


The Web site launch comes to the forefront after Southern Gothic Productions launched a blog in January, 2009, building followers and fans. It served as a beta site for the companies ultimate goal of launching its website.


Southern Gothic Productions also incorporates Twitter into its daily updates with its site at www.twitter.com/SoGoPro. The company recently shot the first episode of a web series it has in development and updated followers on the filming of the project using Twitpics.


Also in development is a podcast for Southern Gothic Productions. The podcast is expected to launch in mid-June and will be bi-monthly 30-minute segments with members of the company.

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  1. Congrats to Hil and the SGP Crew. I love the website and all the updates. Can’t wait for their webseries, the short film and of course The Pedestrian. Thanks Denise for this article. i am so excited for the podcast as well.