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Jun 27,2009

Paul Johansson Blog

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Got this email from Kerissa.  Looks pretty legit from what I can tell.  Thanks, Kerissa!
i saw your post about the galeotti’s restaurant and under blogs that they are following was a blog called “acrylic rain” and it is pictures taken by paul johansson…the address is….im assuming since the galeotti page is following him it is real…

Jun 27,2009

Galeotti’s Restaurant

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That name should ring a bell…Bethany Joy Galeotti who plays Haley and her husband Michael are opening a restaurant in their hometown Battle Ground, Washington. They have a site that is being updated regularly in expectation of their upcoming opening on July 25th. If you’re in the area or visiting, make sure to check it out once it’s open. If you’re like me and can’t :(, enjoy the posts and recent pictures of Joy.