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Oct 05,2009

Starpluse: New Cast Member Robert Buckley Gives Us His Two Cents About ‘One Tree Hill’

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One Tree Hill surprised fans everywhere with its 7th season return to the CW this September. Direct from the set in Wilmington, North Carolina, newcomer Robert Buckley is dishing the dirt on his character, Clay. The CW just announced it has picked up One Tree Hill for a full season.

Starpulse: So you have joined the cast of One Tree Hill after six seasons. What has it been like for a newbie on the set? Working with the cast?

Rob Buckley: I was pretty nervous joining a show with so much success after six years. I think I put enough pressure on myself. Luckily this is a group that get along really well and they put Shantel(who plays Quinn) and myself at ease right from day one which freed us up to have fun, so it’s been a great time. My only quasi gripe has been the humidity down here, which has nothing to do with One Tree Hill.

OTH films in Wilmington North Carolina and fans have always been reported to follow the cast and storm the set in the small southern town. What is their reaction to you and the new character?

They have been so sweet and supportive. I was surprised by their presence because I have never worked on a show where fans would literally hang around set for 12 hours just to get pictures or say hi!

You are playing Nathan Scott’s sports agent Clay, Now the last time I saw you, you were getting active at the Longines Center Court for Kids charity event in NYC playing tennis. Are you a sports fan in real life or did you have to study up for this one?

I am a real sports fan. I don’t know how much tennis you may have seen me playing, (chuckles) but I am nothing to write home about. Sports in general yes, I have always enjoyed watching sports so it wasn’t too much of a stretch for me. (With basketball) you sort of have to dive into that world. Some of the terminology I had to learn on the fly, especially with negotiating contracts but other than that I was ok.

So you could basically negotiate an NBA draft like a pro now? (Laughs)

Yeah I guess I could!

via New Cast Member Robert Buckley Gives Us His Two Cents About ‘One Tree Hill’ – Starpulse Entertainment News.

Oct 05,2009

7.04 Believe Me I’m Lying Reaction

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Wahhh…where did all that good OTH go last week?  I feel like we’re starting all over again.

  • Shantel I’m sure is a lovely individual.  I’ve heard a lot of good stuff on her from filming.  But Quinn?  I simply can not relate to, connect with or get excited about.  The only time I had a smidgeon of interest in what she had to say was at the end when Clay asked if she was sure she wanted to go to his place.
  • I enjoyed the Noisettes and the fashion show.  Really liked their music.
  • I liked what they did with Millie.  Great message to young (and old) women.
  • So Alex is going to screw up Julian and Brooke.  And as much as I love them, after tonight, I’m ready for some drama.
  • Poor Mouth.  When he walked out of the room, I just remember him with Jimmy at the river court and that’s all he ever wanted to do.  Hopefully he’ll get back on the air soon!
  • I actually liked Victoria’s return tonight.  She’s still snarky yet not awful to Brooke.
  • Clay.  I still love Clay.  I’m always interested in all his scenes.  It’s well delivered and feels authentic and I’m really interested to see where Clay goes.  Especially if it is home with Quinn.  Maybe that will finally help me with her.
  • Go Haley for knocking Renee out.  She deserved it.

Alright, that’s all I can squeeze out for tonight.

Oct 05,2009

One Tree Hill 7.05 Promo “Your Cheatin’ Heart”

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Oct 05,2009

7.04 Believe Me I’m Lying Quotes

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Thanks Kaitlin!

Clay: Okay even though it’s incredibly riveting watching you lift weights, I’m gonna go. What time are you going to the fashion show?
Nathan: I don’t know. You really want to go?
Clay: Do I want to go to a fashion show with tons of models walking around in dresses? Dude, I’m getting there early.

Kid on the Playground: My mom says they only put stuff in these magazines that’s true! Your dad is hosed!
Jamie: He is not!

Mouth’s Boss: Remember when I asked you if there was anything going on with Nathan Scott? (tosses the tabloid in front of Mouth)
Mouth: The National Informer? Are you serious? Uh-oh look, alien babies on the rise. Looks like they duped us on that one too!

Victoria: Oh, so you’re the has-been actress we’re overpaying?
Alex: Oh I’ve heard about you. You’re the mean bitch who used to be a big deal here, but you’re not here anymore, so now you’re just a mean bitch!

Nathan: Putting my son to work?
Brooke: Absolutely! Clothes Over Bros has a long history of child labor.

Jamie: Why is she lying?
Nathan: Because bad people forget the difference between right and wrong, and they like to take advantage of good people.

Julian: Vicki, Brooke didn’t tell me you were coming to the show.
Victoria: Think of me as Millie’s training wheels. And don’t ever call me Vicki.

Miranda: (to magazine interviewer) If you really want to get personal, we could talk about the time 3 years ago in the Hamptons when you got so drunk you soiled yourself. Talk about a messy situation.
Magazine Interviewer: That never happened.
Miranda: Oh, so then you must be a little more sympathetic to Haley’s situation seeing as her husband didn’t have an affair.

Victoria: Millie is not a model.
Alex: She’s gorgeous and has better legs than McKenna, unless you want to go out there with your walker.

Clay: I want you to practice two very important words: no comment.

Brooke: He just read some script she gave him. Julian is a good guy, Mother.
Victoria: Yeah, and I’m willing to bet she’s wrecked a few good guys.

Julian: Even with all the gorgeous models here tonight, the most beautiful woman here was backstage.
Brooke: Thank you.
Julian: I was talking about Victoria.

Oct 05,2009

7.04 Believe Me I’m Lying Music

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The Noisettes Don’t Upset the Rhythm Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts (Bonus Track Version) - Don't Upset the Rhythm (Go Baby Go)
Never Forget You Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts (Bonus Track Version) - Never Forget You
Come Back When You Can Barcelona Barcelona - Absolutes - Come Back When You Can
Sunshine Coolin’ The Aseteroids Galaxy Tour
Blood Oranges Foreign Born Foreign Born - Person to Person (Bonus Track Version) - Blood Oranges
Daily Turn Beat Corp
Goodnight & God Bless Robin Foster Robin Foster - Life Is Elsewhere (Special Edition) - Goodnight and God Bless
Help, I’m Alive Metric Metric - Fantasies - Help I'm Alive
Love’s Lost Guarantee Rogue Wave Rogue Wave - Descended Like Vultures - Love's Lost Guarantee
Rain At Your Door The Aeroplanes The Aeroplanes - Broken Hearts & Maladies - Rain At Your Door
Whatever It Takes Tracy Shedd Tracy Shedd - Cigarettes & Smoke Machines - Whatever It Takes

Oct 05,2009

WWK Spoiler

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Juliet in Arkansas City, Kans.: Have you got any spoilers on Brooke and Julian from One Tree Hill?

Yes, but it’s not necessarily what you One Tree Hill fans will want to hear: Alex comes between them, and Brooke receives some devastating news.

via Spoiler Chat: Can the New Gossip Girl Be Trusted? – E! Online.

Oct 05,2009

7.04 Believe Me I’m Lying Recap

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Clay tells Nathan he’s missed 4 work-outs.  Nathan thinks he won’t have a job but Clay is working on it.  He promises.  Nathan says he hasn’t heard anything from Renee.  Clay says it will come out and they’re prepared but he needs to get his head back in the game.
Jamie and Quinn are at the grocery store.  Jamie picks out a cereal.  Haley comes back and makes him pick something else out.  She asks about David.  He asked her come home and she said she needed more time to figure things out.
At Brooke’s, Julian is reading and burning incense.  Brooke says she’s nervous about the fashion show.  Brooke asks about what he’s reading and Julian says the script from Alex is bad but there may be ideas.  Brooke leaves and Austin says Hey Brooke Davis you look beautiful today.
Alex is ready when Millie comes to get her.  Alex says she’s being professional.
In Nathan’s backyard, Nathan works out.  Clay says he’s going to head out.  They talk about the fashion show.  Clay says he’ll be early to the fashion show to watch a bunch of hot girls parade around stage.  Clay gets a call and says the story is out.
Jamie sees a magazine with Nathan and Renne on it and asks what “Love Triangle” means.

At home Haley has bought all the magazines.  Nathan apologizes again.  Haley says they’ll do it together.  He feels bad for putting the family through it and wonders if Jamie is home.
At the park, his friend reads the article and they tease Jamie.  Quinn talks to a little girl about David.  The little girl pats her and says “Boys!”
Mouth’s boss is upset because they didn’t break the story.
At TRIC, Brooke and Millie work on the fashion show.  Victoria shows up.  Brooke invited her to make sure it goes smoothly.
In the RBR office, Miranda has the article and says at least the baby will be beautiful.  David shows up and him and Haley hug.  He wants her to tell Quinn he misses her and he’s not going anywhere.
In TRIC, Chase delivers flowers to Millie.  Chase says hello to V but she doesn’t remember him.  He says she says that every time.  The flowers are from Mouth.  He can’t make it.  Alex walks up and asks who the old woman is.  V asks if she’s the former actress we’re overpaying.
Quinn brings in her photos to Haley to see.  She tells him what David said.  She wants her to tell him the truth even if she doesn’t love him anymore.
Nathan and Jamie show up.  Brooke puts Jamie to work.  Nathan asks if she’s read the article and she says no.  That stuff is all rumors.  Just don’t fan the flames and they’ll move on.  He says he understands but how do you explain that to a 7 yo.
Nathan and Jamie get home and Nathan asks about the kids teasing him.  He says the kids say he’s going to have a brother.  nathan says if he ever does, it will be from his mom and dad.  Some kids just forget right and wrong and say things like that.  He shows hima  picture of Haley and Jamie and says it always helps him to do the right thing.

Miranda tells Haley someone needs her for an interview.  Haley doesn’t want to but Miranda pushes.
Julian talks to Vickie.  She says Brooke is happier than ever.  She owes it to him.
Haley is in the interview.  She asks about Nathan and Miranda ends the interview, taking up for Nathan saying it was all made up.
A model tries to stop Millie from drinking water saying it’s all for the pretty people.  Alex sees it and walks up to her and chats.  Alex says you party right? You should take some of these.  She gives her 4 pills, knowing it will be too much.
Quinn and David talk at the riverwalk.  She’s tired of waiting for better things.  He says he’ll change but she doesn’t want him to for her.  He says is this the part where you say you love me but aren’t in love with me?  She cries and says they should get a divorce.

Brooke looks over the models and realizes that McKenna is missing.  She’s passed out.  Alex says she saw her take some pills.  Alex suggests that Millie takes McKenna place.
Chase tells Nathan at the bar he came up with a new drink a brain hemorrhage.  Nathan says it already exists.  Clay walks up and says the press is there and practice No Comment.  Nathan wants to comment but Clay says no and play the game.
Julian gives Brooke a present to relieve her stress. He pulls out an incense stick of Sandalwood.  He gives her a kiss and says I guess this will have to do.
Brooke does the intro for the fashion show.  She says Tree Hill is her home and inspired the line.  She then introduces the Noisettes.  Quinn walks in and tells Haley she did what she needed to do.
Backstage, Millie gets ready in the red dress.  Millie is nervous because she’s not a size 0.  Brooke says she has an idea.
Millie comes out in a jacket with Alex.  Alex takes it off and Millie has a shirt on that says “Zero is not a size”.

Millie gets interviewed on the red carpet.  Victoria jumps in and responds for her saying the line is designed for real women.
Alex asks Julian about the script.  He says it’s not that good.  The writing needs focused but the story is solid.  She says she wrote it.  Julian is willing to work on it if she’s willing to commit to it.  She says I’m willing to commit to you.  Victoria overhears only that line.
Alex walks the red carpet.  Clay looks on and Quinn walks up and asks about their night.  Clay says it was just sex.  Quinn wants to know if that’s the real him or his image.  He says maybe a little of both.
Mouth is at work and someone gives him last minute changes from his boss.
The Noisettes perform at TRIC.  Haley thanks Miranda for sticking up for her.  Miranda says she’s always hated her.
Mouth does his report and he’s supposed to report on Nathan but he closes early.  His boss tells him he’s off the air.
Chase brings Quinn a Brain Blaster and she tells Chase to enjoy.  Quinn says he’s evil.
David wants to talk to Quinn.  He’s drunk.  Clay steps in and ends up punching David.

Alex comes on to Clay but he turns her down.
Some of the reporters stop Nathan and ask for a comment.  He says he’s proud of his friend Brooke Davis.
V tells Brooke she pulled it off.  V says the change was a good idea.  But letting Alex get too close to Julian is a bad idea.  Brooke says Julian is a good guy.  V says she has a feeling Alex has wrecked a few good guys.
Alex invites Millie to an after-after party.  Millie gets a call from Mouth but she ignores him and says yes.
Mouth leaves a message saying he had a bad night and wanted to talk to him.  He’s going to wait up on her.
Nathan finds Jamie asleep with a picture of Nathan and Haley in his arms.
Julian tells Brooke she was the most beautiful woman.  She asks how Alex took it that it was bad.  He says she wrote it and they’re going to work together and get a movie made out of it.
David and Quinn talk.  He doesn’t know what to do.  This isn’t her.  Quinn says he’s right.  She’s trying to figure it out.  She asks him to go home.  Quinn leaves and asks Clay for a ride home.  She says it’s his place.  He says are you sure?  He’ll never forgive you.  She says just drive.
Renee shows up in the parking lot.  She says he doesn’t love her.  She calls her a slut and Renee says that’s what Nathan loved.  She says you don’t know what you’re talking about.  Haley punches her and the reporters catch it.

Oct 05,2009

Rants & Reviews Interview: Mark Schwahn Talks Entrances & Exoduses on “One Tree Hill”

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When an established television series loses two popular (and central) original cast members, there’s bound to be some nervousness about moving forward with new blood. That said, any nervousness about the new season of the CW’s “One Tree Hill,” which returned a few weeks ago without departed stars Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, was quickly quelled after the first two episodes delivered solid ratings and, subsequently, a full season order from the CW. Jim Halterman talked with “OTH” series creator and executive producer Mark Schwahn about how time jumping brought longevity, how’s it good to be bad and writing shirtless scenes for the sexy group of men on the show.

Jim Halterman: Congratulations on the full-season pickup. Did you expect it so early?

Mark Schwahn: Thank you. I guess it was a surprise to get it that early but it wasn’t a surprise. We always plan on getting a full season and I thought we would this year too even with all the changes. I just felt like creatively we were all in such a good place. Obviously, the audience has only seen two episodes but our studio and our network had seen five or six episodes and I thought there was a real sense of enthusiasm from the powers that be. That being said, I think it’s probably the earliest we’ve ever heard about a full season and, being in Wilmington, NC, it was really nice to be able to give that gift to the crew and cast. Everyone is really excited about it especially in this economy and in Wilmington where there’s not a ton of films and television production right now so for the crew to have that gift well in advance of the holidays is really smart business on behalf of the network and studio.

JH: The four-year jump was definitely not something done on most shows. Was there a level of trepidation about whether the fans would follow?

MS: Obviously, you do something that the studio and network has no architecture for there is fear because it’s unknowable and there aren’t a lot of things they run into on a day-to-day basis that they haven’t done before. I can turn to Peter Roth, who has such a great career running a studio, and ask him what he did on the first “90210” or what did you do in this situation and almost 100 times out of 100 times he’ll tell me, “I’ll tell you, we did this or we did that.” But nobody had ever jumped a show like this so there was trepidation. I like to think arrogance can bite you in the ass and it usually does and I approached it with an open mind. I said my instincts are telling me this is the way to go but I can’t tell you if it will work. If my fan base is more interested in these high school or college stories or if they’ve matured to the point where if we lose some of our younger fans we’ll gain some older fans because the show is now relevant to them in a way that it never was. You look at a show like “Grey’s Anatomy” and you see the fan base for it and I thought if we get a trickle of fans from that show that now feel that this show is telling stories about people in their 20s as opposed to high school a few fans will help whoever we drop along the way.

JH: Taking nothing away from Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, has it been a blessing in disguise creatively this season?

MS: I would say yes and I would also say taking nothing of the success that we had with Chad, Hilarie and the original cast because we’ll always be indebted to them and that version of the show but, sure, creatively the writers are like painters and you’re basically giving them a new canvas and now you can work with different colors and do some different things that you like to do. Having the space to introduce new characters and having the story time to invest in their characters arcs, you have to clear some room somewhere to do that and I know there are people who watch the show for Lucas and Peyton and I was accused of loving that couple as much or more as anybody to a fault but I would say when you’re at episode 140 like we are and you’re looking for some adrenaline in your storytelling, to be able to say, “Here are some new characters, who are they, where are they going and how are they going to inhabit this world and be involved with the core characters,” it does sort of invigorate you a way in your storytelling.

Read the rest: Rants & Reviews – Interview: Mark Schwahn Talks Entrances & Exoduses on “One Tree Hill” |