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Oct 06,2009

Bethany Joy Galeotti a.k.a. Haley James Scott Season 7 Individual Promo Pic

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Oct 06,2009

Download 7.04 Believe Me, I’m Lying

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7.04 Believe Me, I’m Lying is available for download on iTunes or Amazon.

Oct 06,2009

More Episode 7.05 Your Cheatin’ Heart Stills

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Oct 06,2009

OTH 7.05 Sneak Peak #1 ~ Julian/Alex

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Julian arrives at Alex’s hotel room and gets an unexpected greeting!

Oct 06,2009

Episode 5 Preview

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Creator Mark Schwahn provides a quick introduction to the next all new episode of One Tree Hill, Monday at 8/7c!

Oct 06,2009

OTH 7.05 Promo # 2 ”Your Cheatin’ Heart”

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Haley’s attack on Renee leads to some serious consequences. All new Monday, 8/7c!

Oct 06,2009

7.04 Believe Me I’m Lying Ratings

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Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Share Viewers (Millons)
8:00 FOX House 5.1/13 13.06
CBS How I Met Your Mother 3.4/9 8.23
ABC Dancing With the Stars 3.7/9 17.11
NBC Heroes 2.3/6 5.41
CW One Tree Hill 1.0/3 2.19
8:30 CBS Accidentally on Purpose 2.8/7 7.22
9:00 CBS Two and a Half Men 4.3/10 13.07
ABC Dancing With the Stars 4.2/10 18.48
FOX Lie to Me 3.0/7 8.12
NBC Trauma 1.8/4 5.49
CW Gossip Girl 1.1/2 2.07


Oct 06,2009

7.10 Filming Info

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Mike from Wakey!Wakey! is back on set today and twittering away!  With pictures, no less!  Thanks, Mike!

Bright N Early day in 1 tree hill land. Up @ 630, and already rehearsed and rolling. Exciting new director, too! #OTH

Filming my first scene with super hottie Daphne Zuniga. Holy space balls!!! #OTH

This is where the extras hang out. They’re troopers. #OTH

The crew never rests. #OTH

But Paul Johansson does. Show- scary. Real life- teddy bear. #OTH

It’s a wrap! For me at least. Episode 10 is awesome. There’s a rumor on set I might stay awhile! Crossing fingers… #OTH

Oct 06,2009

7.04 Believe Me I’m Lying Roundtable

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1. Favorite quote from last night’s episode?
LizzyB: The whole exchange between Victoria and Julian ending with Julian’s remark, “Please stop saying lover!”  It’s so cute (and funny) when grown men are reduced to awkward little boys.  Plus, anything that involves Victoria wins my vote!
Amy: Clay wins it for me with his honesty and humor.
Clay: Do I want to go to a fashion show with tons of models walking around in dresses? Dude, I’m getting there early.
2. Who wins the battle of the bitches: Alex or Victoria?

LizzyB: They don’t call her Bitchtoria for nothing!  Victoria is the queen of wicked!  In one episode, she managed to wreak havoc on Julian, Millie, Alex, Chase, and Brooke…that’s talent!

Amy: I agree.  Victoria has to win this.  Although their banter was quite entertaining.  Alex definitely hung in there with her.
3. What did you think of Brooke’s fashion line/show?

LizzyB: I’m a fan of anything that shows leg so I was really diggin the mini skirts and dresses.  Loved Millie rockin the runway–that girl has a seriously hot bod–and I really loved the end with their declaration that “Zero is not a Size!”  Totally made me feel better about scarfing down all those potato chips during the episode!

Amy: The Noisettes were amazing.  I thought they sounded great.  We didn’t get to see a ton of the fashion show but I liked what I saw and was surprised by what they did with Millie at the end.
4. Do you think there’s more to Quinn’s story than what we’ve seen so far?

LizzyB: I definitely think that Quinn is hiding something!  There was something shady about her when she was talking to her husband…maybe she’s not as good as we’ve been led to believe!

Amy: Geez, I hope so.
5. What was more surprising: Miranda sticking up for Haley, Alex sticking up for Millie, or Haley slapping Renee?

LizzyB: I want to say Haley slapping Renee but I’m really not all that surprised because I would do the same thing!  I just hope that nothing happened to the baby (if there really is a baby) when she fell cause that would make Naley’s life even more of a mess.  Most surprising for me was Miranda sticking up for Haley the way she did.  That was a top-notch verbal smack-down and nobody deserves the support more than our beloved Hales!

Amy: I would say specifically Miranda’s line to the interviewer about her soiling herself being a lie.  It surprised me when she said she would relate Haley since it was a lie.
Bonus Question:
Any thoughts after seeing the promo for next week?

LizzyB: OMFG!!!!  Haley gets arrested?!?!  Mark is definitely turning up the heat and I am psyched!

Amy: What the heck is Dan up to??
Leave your answers in the comments!

Oct 06,2009

7.10 Filming Pictures

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Woah, what are Dan and Clay doing? Or more importantly what is Dan doing to Clay?

Credit: StarNewsOnline from 9/30.  See more here