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Oct 11,2009

TDW Exclusive: Get To Know One Tree Hill’s Allison Munn

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Let’s get one thing straight: this isn’t Allison Munn’s first trip to the rodeo. Sure, she only started on One Tree Hill last season and (unfortunately) isn’t in every episode. But with a starring role on the dearly departed What I Like About You, continued involvement with Rock the Vote and a growing role on OTH, I think it’s safe to say “Miss Lauren” is doing pretty well for herself.

TeenDramaWhore: You starred in nearly 60 episodes of What I Like About You. What are some of the differences working on a half-hour comedy versus a one-hour drama?

Allison Munn: I love working in both the comedy and drama format, but they’re completely different beasts. I started out in musical theatre, where I was used to performing in front of an audience, holding for laughs, and getting instant gratification for a funny bit. That ’70s Show and What I Like About You were shot in front of a studio audience, so it was a comfortable transition. Shooting a sitcom is like doing a mini-play every week. You rehearse for the first 3 days, camera block and pre-shoot on the 4th day, and shoot the whole episode in front of the audience on the 5th. It’s super fast and incredibly fun. Dramas move at a much slower pace – you could spend half of a day on one scene. There isn’t as much rehearsal time as there is for a sitcom, but you get more takes. Oh, and actors generally look a lot better in a drama, because the lighting is better – so I love that. At the end of the day, though, it’s all about creating an entertaining and honest performance, regardless of the format.

TDW: When you joined One Tree Hill, did you know you were going to be Jamie’s teacher AND Skills’ love interest?

Munn: When I first joined One Tree Hill, I had no idea I’d eventually be paired up with Skills. I was thrilled when Mark Schwahn called me soon after my first episode and pitched this storyline. I was excited to work with Antwon Tanner because he’s so great on the show and he’s good friends with Wesley Jonathan (my character’s love interest from What I Like About You). Antwon is so easy to work with, super-relaxed and funny. We have a blast.

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Oct 11,2009

Pictures: Sophia Bush at the Art of Elysium’s GENESIS event

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The Art of Elysium’s GENESIS event at the HD Buttercup on October 10, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.