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Oct 13,2009

Mega Buzz Spoiler

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After watching this week’s episode of One Tree Hill, I’m starting to think maybe Nathan did cheat! When are we going to find out what really happened? — Corinna

ADAM: Stay strong, Naley fans! James Lafferty tells us the Nathan-Renee drama will be wrapped up pretty soon, and, luckily, the scandal won’t really threaten Nathan and Haley’s marriage. “This is a story line that presents a real hurdle, a mountain for them to climb and they have to get through it together,” Lafferty says. “Together they have to carry the whole family unit through the situation, and there’s an immense amount of trust. At no point did I actually think it would break them up.”

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Oct 13,2009

Sophia Bush on “The Bonnie Hunt Show” 10/13/2009

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Oct 13,2009

Season 7 Spoilers Updated

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Episode 12 Spoiler page added.

Oct 13,2009

OTH 7.06 Sneak Peak #1 ~ Millie/Alex

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Millicent wakes to find out that Alex has taken good care of her.

Oct 13,2009

JustJared: Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Hold Hands

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Sophia Bush stops by The Bonnie Hunt Show on Tuesday (October 13) and shares that she’s honored that she was be asked to join the organization Teachers Count because her teachers were so influential in who she has become.

The 27-year-old One Tree Hill actress said, “I think particularly with young people in the entertainment industry, the focus has gotten inappropriate. When people can have careers which consist of nothing but going to parties…and they get paid to go to parties because they’ve been less than clothed…it’s not something I can believe in. The ‘I”ll do anything to be famous’ standard doesn’t last.”

As for what she finds sexy, Sophia said, “I think smart is sexy because that’s all that lasts.”

We bet Austin Nichols is a very smart man, then! (They were spotted holding hands at Sunday’s Hollywood Style Awards.)

via Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Hold Hands | Austin Nichols, Sophia Bush : Just Jared.

Oct 13,2009

Episode 6 Preview

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Get a quick introduction to the next episode from creator Mark Schwahn!

Oct 13,2009

OTH 7.06 Promo # 2 ”Deep Ocean Vast Sea”

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Oct 13,2009

7.05 Your Cheatin’ Heart Roundtable

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1) Favorite quote of the episode?
Elizabeth: I have to go with Brooke this week, referring to Alex: “I don’t trust her around men…she’s like one of those herpes from mythology!”  LOL I love Brooke when she’s jealous!
Amy: Brooke asking Julian if she was going to have to slap a b*tch.
2) Is Alex done chasing Julian?
Elizabeth: Not by a long shot!  Alex doesn’t strike me as the kind of girl that gives up that easily.  Since her slutty “I’m not wearing any underwear” routine didn’t work, I think she’s going to put her acting skills to good use and make Julian think she’s all about business and when he’s finally convinced, BAM! She’s naked all over again!
Amy: No way…
3) What is Dan up to now with Renee?
Elizabeth: Ohhh Dan–he’s always seemingly up to no good but I don’t buy it!  He’d do anything to have Nathan and Jamie back in his life so I think he’s manipulating Renee in a plot to bring her down and continue on his neverending quest for redemption.  If I wrote for OTH, I’d have Dan bring her onto his show only to trash her on the air and have people throw tomatoes at her!  You listening Mark?
Amy: I think Dan will get Renee to back off or possibly use her on his show to get ratings and that’s why Rachel says he’ll never forgive him.
4) In light of recent events, do you think Nathan cheated?
Elizabeth: No way, not my Nathan!!!  He’s a lot of things: hot-tempered…sexy…impulsive…sexy…badass…did I mention sexy?…but he’s not a cheater!  P.S. I love it when he mouths off to authority figures!
Amy: Y’all, I don’t know!  I’ve been saying this whole time no, but if he was really drunk, then he may have done something very out of character.
5) Chase and Mia’s scenes: cute, pointless, or a little bit of both?
Elizabeth: A little bit of both.  Chase is so cute and I like Mia so I didn’t mind seeing them but I’ve been missing me some Skillz (all issues with Antwon Tanner’s personal life aside) and would rather have him in the filler scenes!
Amy: The scenes themselves were pointless.  The sunglasses were cute though!
Bonus: If you could choose, who would you most like to see shirtless next week?
Elizabeth: Do I have to choose?  Can’t we have them all in a shirtless line-up or something?  Mouth and Dan included!  I guess if I had to make a choice, I’d go with Julian because he’s so perfectly sculpted and tan and gorgeous….is it getting hot in here….
Amy: You know I have to go with Rob.

Oct 13,2009

7.05 Your Cheatin’ Heart Ratings

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One Tree Hill managed 2.6m during the 8pm hour

via Television – News – 2.5 million tune in for ‘Gossip Girl’ – Digital Spy.

Oct 13,2009

One Tree Hill Podcast No. 74

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India de Beaufort, who plays Miranda Stone, visits the podcast for an exclusive interview. Also Denise and Stephanie review the fifth episode of season seven.

NEXT WEEK: An exclusive interview with Lisa Goldstein who plays Millie.