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Oct 28,2009

7.07 I and Love and You Roundtable

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1) Favorite quote of the episode?
LizzyB:  Sara: You can’t erase who we were or what we had, no one can.  We burned so bright together.  Such a great moment and a really well written scene!
Amy: Sara: You were perfect with me. Same scene, but different line.  I think this line is what will hook viewers into Clay and whomever they put him with.  We saw a glimpse of Clay and Sara and they were great together.  Probably soul mates.  So the question now is can Clay find someone like that again? Will he have another jump that launches him into another relationship that pulls the best out of him?  I hope that the writers have realized how badly we need another couple like that to latch onto and they either A- don’t force Clay/Quinn down our throats or B-step it up with Quinn.
Have to give runner up to this one:
Dan: We all want to be loved…to be happy. So why aren’t we? Because we’ve become experts at sabotaging our own happiness. Feeling like victims, when in fact it’s the choices we make, the bad habits, the vices, the inability to show love and compassion. These are the things that tear us down. We’re not victims. We’re assassins when it comes to love and happiness.
2) Biggest tearjerker moment of the episode?
LizzyB:Definitely when they flashbacked to Clay putting his wedding ring on Sara’s finger…I wanted to jump into the tv and give him a hug!
Amy: By far the ring scene.  But Haley’s relief at Renee’s confession was pretty touching too.
3) How do you feel about Quinn after watching the flashbacks of her life with David?
LizzyB:I definitely understand where she’s coming from now.  It’s clear that they wanted different things in life.  I guess love isn’t always enough when neither person in the relationship wants to change.
Amy: No better whatsoever.  I don’t buy her reason for leaving him.  In the end, he wanted the best for her.  What’s so wrong with that?
4) If you were Brooke, would you have told Julian about the sand proposal?
LizzyB:I give Brooke major kudos because I don’t think I’d have the guts to say anything!
Amy: Yes, but much sooner.  If you’re really talking marriage it seems it would be a little more open.
5) Did you like the ending to the Nathan-Renee scandal?
LizzyB:It was a little anti-climactic…it would have been nice if Dan called her an evil lying whore instead of making me almost feel bad for her!  Oh well, I’m just glad it’s over!
Amy: Yes.  I like that Dan was included in the resolution.  I like that Dan used his eeevil powers for the good of Nathan.  And I like that we have final, complete closure.  No questions asked.
Bonus Question: Are you starting to miss Lucas and Peyton any less now that Season 7 is well underway?
LizzyB: Lucas and Peyton who?  Just kidding!!  Well, ok, not really…sorry, I just love where the show’s at right now and I’m digging the new characters and storylines!
Amy: I had hoped that I wouldn’t miss them at all but I’ve missed them TERRIBLY.  Yes, I love Clay and Alex (sorry Quinn, you know my feelings about you) but it just hasn’t been the same without them. That first episode I just expect Luke and Peyton to walk in to Jamie’s party any second.  All that said, after the past two weeks, I don’t think you could say I’ve missed them less, but I love the new storylines more if that makes any sense.
Sound off below…how would you answer them?