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Dec 17,2009

OTH 7.13 Sneak Peak #1 {Haley Performs}

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Don’t miss the return of One Tree Hill on January 18!

Dec 17,2009

Southern Gothic Productions’ Short Film Released Today

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Southern Gothic Productions made it’s short film, the true-love tale of Boyfriend and Girlfriend, available for download today. Those wishing to purchase it, for $2.99, can go to to download it.

The true-love tale of Boyfriend and Girlfriend stars Hilarie Burton, co-owner of Southern Gothic Productions, and One Tree Hill’s Austin Nichols. The short film is narrated by Cullen Moss and was written and directed by Nicholas Gray. The film’s score is by Andy Bilinski, a musician residing in Wilmington.

“We had a ball doing this,” Nichols said. “There isn’t any dialogue, the whole thing is narrated, and the short looks great.”

Austin Nichols full AUDIO comments on short film HERE

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