Jan 26,2010

StarNewsOnline: “One Tree Hill” actor, musician Grubbs has big week ahead

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Michael Grubbs, the lead singer and songwriter for Brooklyn indie rock band Wakey!Wakey!, doesn’t have any illusions about who’s watching “One Tree Hill,” the shot-in-Wilmington show on which he plays a bartender named Grubbs. When an interviewer admits to Grubbs (the man, not the bartender) that he’s not as familiar with the show as he probably should be, the rising star is understanding.

“Hey, you’re an adult male,” Grubbs said matter-of-factly, a reference to the show’s young, largely female fan base. “You don’t have to explain it to me.”

Read the full article here: “One Tree Hill” actor, musician Grubbs has big week ahead | StarNewsOnline.com.

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