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Feb 10,2010

7.16 My Attendance is Bad but My Intentions are Good Roundtable

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1) Favorite quote of the episode?

LizzyB: Call me a hopeless romantic but my heart melted when Julian told Brooke, “Coming from you, that means everything.”

Amy: I liked Jamie’s too many girls, not enough cereal.

2) Brooke and Julian working together: good idea or colossal mistake?

LizzyB: Working with your ex might be a good idea if you’re trying to get back together with them. Or if you’re a masochist! They’re both being pretty mature about it but something tells me that might not last too long…

Amy: Mistake if they’re not together.

3) Will Millie fall off the wagon?

LizzyB: I’m thinking she might be on the verge when a certain good-looking dude with muscles comes to the rescue!

Amy: LizzyB, I like the way you think! Can’t wait to see him!

4) What was more shocking: David breaking up with Taylor, Haley’s dad being dead, or Lydia James being sick and dying?

LizzyB: Hands down Haley’s dad being dead! Umm, thanks for slipping that huge piece of heartbreaking news into random conversation!! I had to rewind to make sure I heard right…and Lydia’s illness and impending death just makes it that much more awful to take in! Poor James girls…and Jamie who has dealt with so much death and people leaving already. He’s like the little boy version of Peyton!

Amy: Haley’s dad being dead.  I think the rest we had a hunch on.

Bonus: After seeing previews, it looks as if Julian might actually give in to Alex’s advances. What do you think? Will Julian actually go there?

LizzyB: Deep down, I still believe that he won’t. And let me just say that if he does, I might feel compelled to break my TV. Are you listening Mark?!!

Amy: You know, it does look like he goes there.  And if he does and Brooke takes him back, so help me…

Feb 10,2010

Kidult Interview with Jana Kramer

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Jana Kramer is best known as the talented young actress from hit teen shows like Friday Night Lights, 90210 and currently One Tree Hill. (You might also remember her as the girl who came between Turtle (A.J. Ferrara) and Jamie Lynn-Sigler on HBO’s Entourage last season). Jana, 26, has proven that she has the star quality necessary to make it as a working actress, but now the Detroit native wants to prove herself in the music world. The bubbly and fun actress spoke to Kidult about what’s coming up for her character Alex Dupree on One Tree Hill this season, plus when we can expect to hear her debut album.

Where were you born and raised?

Detroit—well, like an hour north of Detroit.

What was that like?

It’s super diverse. Downtown, it’s mostly African Americans, but now it’s all mixed. It’s so funny because we all say, “Yeah, I’m from Detroit,” and then we’re like, “Well, not really, we’re like an hour north of Detroit.” So we didn’t grow up in Detroit, Detroit. I didn’t grow up on 8 mile or anything like that (Laughs)!

via 8 Miles and Running | Kidult.

Feb 10,2010 Interview with Daphne Zuniga

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She’s smart, talented, and incredibly passionate, and not just about what she does on-screen. To actress Daphne Zuniga, it’s how she uses her time off-screen to be a part of a positive outcome and encourage people to take action…

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