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Feb 15,2010

One Tree Hill 7.18 Promo “The Last Day of Our Acquaintance”

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Feb 15,2010

7.17 At the Bottom of Everything Music

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“The Dress Looks Nice On You” – Sufjan Stevens Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans - The Dress Looks Nice On You
“Zero Tolerance” – Bart Hendrickson
“The Candle Burned Out” – Shout Out Louds
“Leaving For The West” – Blue Judy Blue Judy - The Great Unknown & the Long Goodbye - Leaving for the West
“Same Way Twice” – Trent Dabbs
“Too Hot To Stop” – Marc Ferrari & Steve Plunkett
“Everything Went Down” – Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden - Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden - Everything Went Down
“Fragments” – Rocky Votolato Rocky Votolato - True Devotion - Fragments
“I Love You Just Because” – Bosshouse Music LLC
“Lucky Clover Coin” – Rocky Votolato Rocky Votolato - True Devotion - Lucky Clover Coin
“Look Back On” – Trent Dabbs Trent Dabbs - Your Side Now - Look Back On
“Down and Dirty” – Michael Mulholland Michael Mulholland - Big Networks, Big Music, Vol. 8 - Down and Dirty (as Heard On Las Vegas)
“November” – Gemma Hayes (CODA) Gemma Hayes - Oliver - November

Feb 15,2010

JustJared: Sophia Bush Interview

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One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush is moved by what she sees on the runway at the Monique Lhuillier fashion show during NY Fashion Week on Monday (February 15).

Here’s what the 27-year-old star had to share:

JJ: Can you tell us what your favorite thing about Monique is?

SB: Her clothes are just so beautiful – they’re such a throwback to really classic, tailored, feminine design. She can really do anything. I put this dress on today and immediately it reminds me of that era, of Jackie O. It’s just so elegant.

JJ: Are there other designers who evoke that same persona?

SB: Absolutely, I think that’s the fun thing about fashion – it’s all relative to your taste, but I’ve seen so many people looking exquisite. Molly Sims at Diane Von Furstenberg yesterday was just bananas – she’s the ultimate, beautiful beachy girl and I’m trying to think – Melissa George was so classic at Herve [Leger]. But it’s just fun to see how everyone puts their own spin on things. Some people go classic and some people take a risk – it’s inspiring!

Read the rest here: Sophia Bush Interview — Exclusive | Sophia Bush : Just Jared.

Feb 15,2010

7.17 At the Bottom of Everything Reaction

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Wow, tonight was a tear jerker for me.  I’m not a crier but I teared up several times.

First off I have to say it was so great to see Joe Mango back!  Owen!  I hate it never worked out for him to stick around.  Although I have to say that definitely wasn’t the same Owen.  This one seemed much less cheeky and much more mature.  He was good for Millie tonight.

I am SO happy for Mouth asking Lauren out.  Like, so happy.  Millie was treating him poorly and yes, she has issues but like we were reminded tonight, life is short and if she’s not putting the effort into it, I say go for it, Mouth.  On the flip side, it does look like Millie WAS finally going for it.  She’s going to her meetings and seemed to make a decision to let Mouth knows how she feels.  Bad timing is just life!

Wow, kudos to Miranda for putting it out there…quite literally.  She looked amazing!  Glad Grubbs is finally signing although all the antics were cute.

The Josh/Alex thing was a bit awkward for me.  Just ew.

Julian, Julian, Julian.  Please tell me that didn’t just happen.  And for the love, Brooke, don’t take him back no matter what he says.  Don’t string this out.  Don’t listen to him.  Just no.  It’s over.

Quinn…I love your new studio.  Get that up and running soon!

Clay…how about that?  It’s a brunette Sarah?!  So good to see Amanda Schull back on the screen and I am just dying to see how this plays out!

The James’ storyline tonight was of course the tear jerker for me.  I mean, just put myself in Haley’s shoes for two seconds and I can barely contain myself.  I understand where she’s coming from…I mean, they have a chance to fight this so I don’t blame her for wanting a second and third opinion.  And sadly they got it and it was not good news.  Just sad, sad, sad.  But Bess Armstrong is rocking her time on OTH again and all those scenes are just perfection.  The Nathan/Lydia scene was by far my favorite and will be a memorable one.

I thought tonight was a strong episode, what’d you think?

Feb 15,2010

7.17 At the Bottom of Everything Quotes

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Alexander: Don’t worry about the bags under your eyes…it’s not like anyone will see the movie anyway.

Alex: Why are you still here!?

Alex: Ugh, I got no sleep, I was up all night.

Julian: Who was the guy?

Alex: Actually, it was a lot of guys….did your mind actually just go there?

Alex: I hate patio furniture.

Julian: Me too, it always gets so dirty.

Brooke: Mother, you’re glowing. In fact, you’ve been glowing for days. It’s getting weird.

Victoria: I suppose it’s because I’ve taken a lover.

Josh: Did you see Brooke Davis’ mom? I would totally hit that. Like today, I would hit that.

Brooke: Wouldn’t it be weird if they ended up together?

Julian: Yea, to tell you the truth I’m kind of envious of them…they’re going for it.

Lydia: You’re taking good care of my daughter. I remember they day you came to ask our permission to marry her. You were so nervous. But I looked into your eyes and I just knew

Nathan: What did you know?

Lydia: That you were gonna change my daughter’s life. And I was right.

Nathan: You are responsible for raising the woman who changed my entire world. I’ll never forget that Lydia. Thank you for saying yes.

Brooke: Sometimes our relationship seems so simple and easy…but lately it just seems like a mess. And there are days when I would like to dive into that mess.

Alex: If I really thought you and Brooke were just friends Alexander wouldn’t have been the one in my bed last night.

Jamie: (in front of a decorated living room) Now we can spend Christmas together!

Feb 15,2010

7.17 At the Bottom of Everything Recap

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Lydia, Nathan, Haley and Quinn are at breakfast together.  Haley watches her mom.  Jamie comes in and asks what’s for breakfast.  Lydia says a little bit of everything.  Jamie notices everyone staring at him and Lydia thinking about her not being there.
Alexander wakes up at Alex’s.  She asks why he’s still there.  Alex says she didn’t get sleep because of the music next door.  He apologizes for his stamina.  She asks why he’s still there when he says no one will see her movie she’s late for.
Julian finds Brooke in her chair before shooting.  He asks if he’s doing ok.  She says he’s doing great and she’s proud of him.  She says he needs to start dressing warmer so he doesn’t get sick.
Haley researches pancreatic cancer.  Nathan asks if she’s ok.  She says no.  She’s giving up. Nathan explains she’s at peace with it and it’s her decision. She says he wants other opinions.  She needs options and hope.  She wants to know they did everything possible.
Millie talks at rehab.  Owen is in the back row.
Lydia and Jamie look through a photo album.  She tells him about his grandfather that died when he was small.  She says she misses him everyday but when she listens to his mom and his aunt and him and she remembers him.  She tells him she won’t be with him this Christmas.  She’ll be with his grandfather.

Miranda talks to Grubbs.  She asks him about his history.  She tells him to just get over it.
Julian asks Alex about her night.  She tells him about the music.  He tells her to switch rooms.
Nathan tells Haley he talked to their team doctor and he knows an oncologist that is willing to talk to Lydia.  Haley thanks him.
Quinn and Clay go to her new studio.  He says it’s perfect.  He tells her she doesn’t have to suffer alone.  She’s just trying to figure it out.  He says she still has the chance to say goodbye.  She asks when he’s going to his tennis tournament.  He says he isn’t going but she insists he should go.
V finds Brooke at COB.  She says she’s glowing.  V has taken a lover.  Brooke is grossed out and thinks it is Paul on set.
Owen stops Millie on the way out.  She says it’s weird to see someone she knows.  She should be excited.  It’s actually nice knowing someone understands.  Owen says he’s proud of her and being here is the biggest step.  If she needs someone to lean on, he’ll be there.
Mouth is playing video games.  Lauren shows up and Mouth says it was Skills he was playing with.  He thanks her for picking up lunch.  She asks how he is because they don’t talk anymore.  He says he had a date the other night.  It was weird.  Lauren says when he’s ready, he’ll know.
Jamie tells Haley Grandma is resting.  Haley asks Jamie what’s wrong and he says he doesn’t want Grandma to die.

Alex runs into Alexander and she asks if he’s stalking her.  He says he’s just there for wardrobe updates.  Another guy walks in and says he’d hit Brooke’s mom because she is so hot.  He wants to talk to Alex about their love scene later.  He apologizes if he gets excited, it’s involuntary.  She says if she feels anything brushing on her, it will feel pain.  She walks away and Josh says she’s feisty to Alexander.
Mouth and Lauren play a video game.  She asks for a headset.  She talks to some guy who is asking what she’s wearing.  Millie walks in and says I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.  Lauren says she’ll go.  Mouth finds Millie in her room and says their just friends.  Millie says they’re not together anymore so who cares.  Mouth says I guess just me.
Haley tells Nathan Lydia told Jamie.  Nathan says it’s her decision.  She says it should be theirs, they should be protecting him.  Lydia walks in and says she’s not getting better.  She asks to talk to Haley.  He leaves.  She says she needed him to know the truth.  Haley just wanted them to do it together.  She says she’s not ok with it but she’s at peace.  She realized she just has to enjoy her time.  Haley asks to give her medical records to Nathan’s doctor.  She wants to take the chance.  Lydia agrees if when he comes back with the same diagnosis she needs her to accept it.
Julian finds Brooke in wardrobe.  She says she didn’t want to be around for the love scene.  He thanks her for the sweater.  She tells him she thinks their parents are lovers.  She says he’s gentle and passionate.  He asks why she’s doing that.  She says she doesn’t want to suffer alone.  He says at least they are going for it, he’s envious.
Miranda reads a contract to Grubbs.  He has a list of demands.  He pulls out a huge jar of pickled eggs.  He says she has to eat one.  She pulls it out and takes a bite.
Nathan goes to Jamie’s room where he is sorting toys.  He tells him he is there if he needs him.
Owen goes to Mouth’s place.  He tells Mouth he’s there to pick up Millie.

Miranda does a pirate impression.  She says she’s done everything on his list.  He makes her say it in pirate speak.  He says they’re up to a single.  He says performing is like being naked in a crowd and it wasn’t just about a girl.  He didn’t like who he became.
Lauren shows up at Mouth’s.  The football game is on.  She asks who’s winning and he says Owen.  She doesn’t need to be hanging out with him. Lauren says she has the right to see whoever she wants.
Owen asks if it’s over with Mouth and she says her hands are tired and she’s just waiting to be forgiven.  She tries not to think about it.  He says they should do something fun.
Haley and Jamie look at pictures.  It’s a picture of Haley as a little girl.  She says it’s ok to cry if he needs to.  He says he’s not crying for me, I’m crying for you because you’re losing your momma.
Lydia tells Nathan he’s taking care of her daughter.  She remembers when he asked permission to marry her.  He was nervous.  But she knew he would change her life and she was right.  HE says you were responsible for raising the woman that changed my entire world and he’ll never forget that Lydia.  Thank you for saying yes.

Millie and Owen bowl.  Millie has gotten 3 strikes.  Owen says it’s a really bad idea.  Owen misses again.  Owen says don’t give up on Mouth but don’t wait around for him. He says he’s ruined a lot of relationships and if she loves him, she has to try to get him back.
Quinn talks to Clay on the phone.  He says he has a few meetings.  He misses her.  She misses him.  He says he has a meeting but he’s coming home tomorrow.
Haley tells Grubbs to quit torturing Miranda.
Haley asks if she can hang out with Mouth and Brooke.  Brooke says our relationships seems to simple but no matter what it turns into a big mess.  Sometimes she wants to dive in to it but maybe we’re just two people that don’t work.  Haley says if she loves someone, life’s too short not to go after it.  Miranda walks in in her underwear.  She walks over to Grubbs and says if she can do it so can he.
Alex and Julian are at the bar.  Alex is tired.  She says she slept with Alexander.  She changes the subject and asks about Brooke.  He says it’s fine until one of them puts up a wall.  Alex says she needs to get some sleep.  She says if she really thought him and Brooke were just friends, it wouldn’t have been Alexander in her bed last night.  Julian stops her and says he’ll walk her to her room.

Brooke goes to the hotel dressed up.  She says she lost her key to her boyfriend Julian Baker’s room.
Nathan tells Haley he heard from the doctor there is nothing they can do for her.
Clay looks at a book at the tennis game and looks confused.
Mouth tells Lauren he doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring but he wants to go out on a date with her.
Grubbs tells Miranda if I start to become that guy…Miranda says she won’t let him.
V waits at a table at a restaurant.
Clay walks up to a tennis player and asks if she’s Katie Ryan.  She looks just like Sarah with brown hair.
Brooke walks in to Julian’s room and finds Alex asleep in Julian’s bed.  She runs out.
Nathan brings Lydia downstairs and Jamie and Quinn are by a Christmas tree and he says now they can spend Christmas together.  Haley comes down and Lydia says it’s ok.  She joins them at the tree.

Feb 15,2010

Zap2it: Drinking with the Stars: ‘One Tree Hill’s’ Robert Buckley

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“One Tree Hill”‘s Rob Buckley is the good-looking boy who was tossed into bed with “Grey’s Anatomy”‘s Kim Raver on NBC’s “Lipstick Jungle” and who is now gracing the ladies of Tree Hill with his sexy presence on The CW.

But this kid isn’t just a pretty face. He can drink too.

Come along, via the clip below, as Buckley sucks down tequila, weighs in on his character having visions of his late wife, talks about what it’s like to simulate sex with a pregnant woman and reveals what’s coming up for Quinn and Clay.

Read the rest and see the video here: Drinking with the Stars: ‘One Tree Hill’s’ Robert Buckley – KTV: Korbi TV – Zap2it.