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Feb 22,2010

7.18 The Last Day of our Acquaintance Reaction

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I’m going to be honest, that wasn’t my favorite episode ever.  If it wasn’t for the last 10 minutes, I’d be even more harsh on my reaction but I like how it ended.  So here are a few points:

  • I have to say Haley was amazing this episode.  Completely real and believable and when she tied that apron on and took her place in the family, well, it was my undoing.  That was a beautiful moment.  And Nathan’s support of her was just so sweet and him telling her she’d face it courageously and graciously was just fantastic.  I <3 Nathan.
  • Quinn and Taylor…the acting was just fine but to be honest, I’m still having a hard time connecting with them.  I felt a brief tug on my heart when Taylor revealed she was losing the one person that loved her because she couldn’t even love herself.  As nasty as she’s been, I think most of us can relate to having a mother than loves you no matter what.
  • I was having a hard time with Brooke and the punching and the I-want-to-die-ness of it all but I guess you gotta come down to come up…I liked that she finally got it and apologized to Alex and Julian.  I have to say I’m surprised Julian took her back so quickly but his “You think too much, Brooke Davis” warmed my heart and I couldn’t help but to cheer a little inside for them.  Hey, I can be easy to please.
  • Mouth and Lauren?  I am ALL OVER THAT.  They were so cute together.  I was not liking when Mouth apologized but then was so happy when Lauren said screw that and kissed him! But when Skills walked through the door though I was like OH NO!  I do feel bad for him but according to Lauren, they weren’t really talking so…I’m all for it.
  • I’m not a fan of Victoria and Alexander.  At all.  I really wanted it to be Dan.  Even Paul would have been better.
  • Alex, Josh?  Really?  That’s just gross.  He gives me the heebie jeebies.  I don’t mean to be mean, but you deserve a sex tape after that.  What else do you expect from him?  Girl, get yourself together and quit using sex to deal with your issues!
  • Clay and not-quite-Sarah!!  It’s like her evil twin!  I think I’m liking this triangle with Clay-Quinn-Katie a lot more than Quinn-David-Clay.  This could get good!

So we’ve got four episodes left and not a one for 8 weeks or so.  How do you feel about where they left us?

Feb 22,2010

One Tree Hill 7.19 Promo “Every Picture Tells a Story”: Returns April 26

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Feb 22,2010

7.18 The Last Day of Our Acquaintance Music

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“Clap (See The Stars)” – The Myrmidons The Myrmidons - The Myrmidons - EP - Clap (See the Stars)
“Middle of June” – Noah Gundersen Noah Gundersen - Saints & Liars - Middle of June
“Open Your Eyes” – Andrew Belle
“Carrollton” – Shane Alexander
“Last Day” – Ari Herstand Ari Herstand - Whispering Endearments - Last Day
“God Knows” –  Fay Wolf Fay Wolf - Blankets - God Knows
“Towards The Sun” – Alexi Murdoch Alexi Murdoch - Away We Go Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Towards the Sun
“Landslide” – Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac - Landslide
“November” – Gemma Hayes  Gemma Hayes - Oliver - November
“I Shall Believe” – Sheryl Crow Sheryl Crow - The Very Best of Sheryl Crow - I Shall Believe


Feb 22,2010

7.18 The Last Day of Our Acquaintance Quotes

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Julian: What is that?

Brooke: That’s the costume for your jogger.

Julian: My lead actor looks like a cross between Richard Simmons and one of the Village People.

Mouth (to Lauren): I’m sorry I asked you out. I was drunk. I was at Tric and Haley gave this carpe diem speech…the kind that makes you want to jump on your desk and rip pages out of your text book.

Haley: How am I gonna get through this?

Nathan: Graciously and courageously, the way you always do, with me by your side.

Nathan: We need to talk to buddy.

Jamie: Man to man?

Nathan: Yeah. When you were at Andre’s this morning Grandma had an accident and is in the hospital. She’d like to see you.

Jamie: She’s gonna die soon isn’t she?

Nathan: Man to man? Yeah, buddy. Pretty soon. Want to talk about it?

Jamie: If it wasn’t for Grandma I wouldn’t have Chester.

Nathan: Didn’t your mom and I buy Chester?

Jamie: Yeah, but you didn’t have a choice. Grandma taught me how to wish on a star.

Nathan: You wished for Chester on a star?

Jamie: Yup.

Josh: You know what looks good on a black eye?

Alex: If you say raw meat I will rip off your…

Brooke (to Victoria): I ruined wardrobe, wrecked everything with the only guy who makes my world turn, and punched that whore of an actress. And the only thing she ever did wrong was sleep with Crocodile Dundee.

Lydia (to Quinn): You know I loved David, but I feel the same way about Clay that I did Nathan. I think he’s one of the good ones.

Jamie: I have a surprise for you.

Lydia: I love surprises. What is it?

(turns on star strobe lamp)

Jamie: Make a wish.

Feb 22,2010

7.18 The Last Day of Our Acquaintance Spoilers Recap

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Paul and Julian check on Josh in his trailer.  He says he has a costume malfunction.  Alex laughs when he walks out in a 70s jogging scene.  Julian asks Brooke what happened.  She says she made a huge, unforgivable mistake and she’s a dirty, no-good liar.  She’s obviously sarcastic and walks away mad.
Lydia cooks in the kitchen.  Haley walks in and they talk about her missing Haley’s birthday.  She said she didn’t miss it, just her message.  Haley tells her she loves her and Lydia tells her she’s saying to too often but she loves her too.
Katie talks to Tanesha and says she met a boy with a nice car and empty finger.  She says she’s meeting him that night.  He’ll either marry her or sign her.
Mouth and Lauren walk downtown.  He apologizes for asking her out.  He says he got carried away.  She says she was flattered but she’s worried about Millicent and how he was jealous of Owen.
Nathan tells Haley Lydia left her funeral arrangements for them.  Nathan says he’ll read through it.  She doesn’t know how she’ll deal with it.  He says graciously and courageously like always.
Katie sits down with Clay and says tell me it’s just the beginning of a relationship.  Clay starts and laughs a little.
Haley finds Lydia laid out in the kitchen.  She calls for Nathan and calls 911.

Brooke pricks Alex when she’s fitting a dress on Alex.  Alex says oh he told you we had sex?  It happened and then it just sort of happened again.
Katie says she could make a Wheaties box look good.  Clay says you’re probably right but I can’t represent you.  She says the least you can do is take me out on a consolation date.  Clay gets a call.  He says he’s sorry and he’s on the way.  Katie writes her number down and tells her to call him.  He says Sorry, Sarah, that’s not going to happen.  Katie asks who Sarah is.
Brooke walks in COB and drops clothes.  Brooke announces Alex and Julian had sex.  Brooke says your motherly compassion should start kicking in.  V says she got stood up.  Brooke says the apple didn’t fall far from the Paul tree.
Quinn and Haley go to see Lydia at the hospital.  Lydia says she knows she doesn’t have much time.  She says she had wonderful visits with all of her children.  Lydia shows them a picture of the 3 girls and said they were inseparable.  Lydia says 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Quinn goes to get Taylor.  She says she collapsed this morning and this is it, it’s time to say goodbye.    Taylor says no.  Quinn says I don’t know when you became a colossal selfish b*tch but Mom needs you and it’s the right thing.  Taylor says I never do the right thing.  Quinn leaves the picture and Taylor cries and says she doesn’t want it.
Lydia wakes up and Haley is there.  She says she was dreaming about her dad.  There was a lot Haley didn’t know about them.  She talks about the first time they kissed and her soup.  Haley says she doesn’t have the recipe.  Lydia asks for a pen and writes it down.
Nathan talks to Jamie in his room.  He tells him Lydia is in the hospital and she wants to see him.  Jamie guesses she’s going to die.  Nathan says man to man, yes, she is, pretty soon.  He asks for a few minutes before they leave.
Brooke overhears Alex on the phone saying he said it was like a religious experience.  Brooke punches Alex.

Julian kicks Brooke off set.
Haley makes soup and Nathan comes in. He says Jamie will be down.  He guessed about Lydia.  Haley gets upset that of course he would know.  She yells and doesn’t know what to do.  So many memories will die with her and she doesn’t know what to ask.
Brooke comes in COB and complains about her hand.  Alexander says it was him in the bathroom.  Brooke freaks out.
Paul is upset because they can’t do anything until Alex’s swelling goes down.
Katie finds pictures of Clay and Sarah and sees she looks like her.
Haley feeds her soup to Lydia in the hospital.  Lydia tells Haley to prepare to be haunted.  Jamie and Nathan walk in.  Jamie brought a book to read because Haley reads to him when he’s sick.

V finds Brooke on the floor in COB.  She says she’s trying to find a beam to hang herself on.  She says tells her Alex slept with Alexander not Julian.  She ruined wardrobe, lost Julian and knocked out Alex.  V says she should talk to Julian.
Clay and Quinn go to see Lydia.  They have something special for her.  Lydia says Clay is special and she should talk to him. Men need to be hit over the head.  Lydia spots Taylor at the door.
Brooke goes to see Alex.  She was looking for Julian.  She says they switched rooms b/c the guys were so loud.  She asks why she got hit.  Brooke explains what she saw.  Alex says I wish, but it’s never going to happen.  She never had a chance.  Brooke apologizes for everything.
Lydia tells Taylor she’s glad she came.  Taylor apologizes for being such a disappointment.  No one likes her.  Lydia says she does and she’s the one that reminds her most of herself.  She can fight it but she will end up happy.  Taylor says I’ve been awful how can you love me?  Lydia says I’ve always loved you but how long will it take to love yourself?  Taylor hugs her and says please don’t leave.
Alexander knocks on the door at COB.  V opens it and says she knows why she was stood up.  Alexander says we’re different…V says finished, goodbye.
Jamie says he has a surprise.  It’s a lantern that spins and makes stars on the wall.  He tells Lydia to make a wish.  Taylor apologizes to Quinn and Haley.  She knows she’s been horrible and asks for another chance.  They all make up and Lydia turns to Jamie and says thank you.

Brooke goes to Julian on an empty set.  She tells him what happened.  She says she’s jealous and it makes her do crazy things because she loves him.  Julian kisses her.  He says you think too much, Brooke Davis.
Everyone sits with Lydia and watches a picture slideshow on the wall.
Alex sends someone a text and looks sad.
Alexander gets a text from Alex that asks where he is.  V finds him sitting on the curb outside of COB.  He says he likes her a lot.  V slaps him and then kisses him.
Alex goes to see Josh and kisses him.  She tells him not to talk. He starts his webcam before kissing her on the bed.
Lydia says I guess I did alright, didn’t I?  Lydia smiles and then passes.
Haley spreads ashes over water.  Everyone else throws flowers out and hug.
Haley pulls out the soup recipe in the kitchen and smells her mom’s apron.  She puts it on and opens the fridge.
Lauren goes to see Mouth and kisses him.  Skills walks in and says Miss me?
Brooke and Julian sit down with wine in her living room .  She puts it down and kisses him.
Haley tastes her soup and Jamie walks in and says it smells good.  She says it calls for a 7yo handsome boy to stir it.  Jamie says What are the chances?
Quinn tells Clay she loves him.  They kiss.  He says I love you too and nothing is going to change that.
Katie tells her roommate she’s going to get that agent.  She says it turns out I’m his type.

Feb 22,2010 ‘One Tree Hill’ Stars Help To Honor Fallen Police Officers

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The Wilmington Police Recreation Association once again teamed up with the cast of One Tree Hill to raise money for a memorial wall to be built honoring the region’s fallen police officers. One Tree Hill actors James Lafferty,…

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