Feb 25,2010

The Last Day of our Acquaintance Roundtable

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Welcome Jonah, our first male roundtable participant!

1) Favorite quote from the episode?
LizzyB: Brooke stating, “It is so clear to me that the Julian apple did not fall far from the sleazy Paul tree.” Extra funny because she ended up being wrong on both counts.
Jonah: It’s a tossup between Brooke saying, “I ruined wardrobe, wrecked everything with the only guy who makes my world turn, and punched that whore of an actress. And the only thing she ever did wrong was sleep with Crocodile Dundee” and Julian’s line, “My lead actor looks like a cross between Richard Simmons and one of the Village People.”
Amy: It’s gotta be the Richard Simmons line because that was the perfect description of him!

2) Did Alex get what she had coming to her?

LizzyB: Hell yeah, I would have gone Muhammad Ali on her ass ages ago!
Jonah: I would have to agree with LizzyB, Alex ALWAYS has had it coming.
Amy: Yep!  Like the saying goes…if you’re gonna play rough you gotta be tough.  If she’s going to act like that, she can’t be surprised if she gets treated like that.  Not that I condone violence, but yeah, I’m not surprised.

3) Victoria and alexander: hot or not?

LizzyB: Kinda hot, mostly because she slapped him before kissing him.
Jonah: Totally not. I agree with Amy, I was soooo hoping it would be Dan. Alexander is just…gross. The slap WAS awesome but…just no.
Amy: NOT.  At all.  The preview of them behind the curtain next week makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

4) Were you excited to see Skillz back?

LizzyB: Oh Skillz, how I’ve missed thee, let me count the ways…I miss thee because, had you not been gone, this colossal mistake I’m going to call “Louth” would not have happened!
Jonah: Absolutely. I love Skills but I feel so bad for him because of the whole Lauren thing. I like Lauren and Skills but, quoting LizzyB, “Louth” is more for me. How will this affect his jail time? I mean, I figured he was gone because of it but now hes back…they probably filmed those eps ahead of time though.
Amy: It’s always good to see Skills but I’m a Louth fan all the way!

5) Favorite James women bonding scene?

LizzyB: I liked when Lydia was telling Haley things about her and Jimmy. It was lighter than most of the others but still very sweet.
Jonah: I cannot pick one. All of them were great but I agree, the Haley scenes were the best.
Amy: When Lydia was talking about 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.  Cause you know the one really did matter to Lydia.  Heartbreaking.

Bonus Question: Two words–sex tape! Any thoughts?

LizzyB: Please refer to question #2 about Alex getting what’s coming to her. She needs help that her knight in shining armor Julian can’t give her!
Jonah: One word: Disgusting. Josh would do something like that. I extremely dislike Alex but even if I did like her, does she really need sex every night? I mean Alexander then Josh? Maybe she should go to Sex Rehab!
Amy: Jonah, I agree!  And I hope the youth aren’t looking at Alex and thinking that’s how one should act! At least the show will show some consequences of it.  Also, Alex, what are you thinking?  Josh is grody.

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13 Responses to “The Last Day of our Acquaintance Roundtable”

  1. Comment by SarahPaulina in February 25, 2010 @ 10:46 pm

    1. “My lead actor looks like a cross between Richard Simmons and a Village person.”

    2. YES! Alex got and deserved what was coming to her

    3. NOT! It’s DISGUSTING! I would of much preferred Dan to be her ‘lover’ but i was hoping it was Paul

    4. Yes, I am excited for Skillz! I’m not feeling Louth, they just don’t mesh well in my opinion. Jonah to answer you question Antwon Tanner doesn’t have to report to jail until April 30th, so if he isn’t already in jail then he’s around. But like you, I think the his scenes were filmed ahead of time. It’s only 4 months so if he’s already in the bin he should be out by the time they start filming season 8 (if there is one, fingers crossed)

    5. My favourite James bonding moment were those between Lydia & Taylor, everything flowed and seemed so genuine. I also liked Haley & Lydia, but anything that involves Quinn, i HATED, i think she’s a horrible actress.

    BONUS Q: I agree with all your thought. Alex is just a whore with self-esteem issues

  2. Comment by brooke23 in February 25, 2010 @ 10:50 pm

    i absolutely love one tree hill and even though this season isnt bad think about season 1 – 4 (and 5 -6 but more 1 – 4) and think about how amazing the show was! and im sorry the sex tape with alex i mean cant they think of ANYTHING better i mean not only did the girl already cut herself and go to rehab but i mean they already had a sex tape scandal. im sorry but if it really ends this season and in utah out of all places and without bringing back leyton for the finale they this show has lost its meaning

  3. Comment by teendramawhore in February 25, 2010 @ 11:30 pm

    Jonah, to add to what SarahPaulina said: Antwon is not in prison (not jail…there’s a difference!) yet. He doesn’t have to surrender til April 30 (though he could choose to go earlier) and his storyline was NOT filmed ahead of time. He’s still filming just like the rest of cast and (**spoiler alert**) he will appear in all but one of the remaining episodes, I believe.

    Also, Jonah, re: Alex needing sex every night. I don’t think it’s about “Ooh, let’s have sex!” I think it’s about using it to numb the pain, just as Brooke did when she first got together with Felix. Not saying it’ll continue to be like Brooke/Felix or that Alex is the new Brooke or anything, but we have seen something similar before and to add to it, Alex’s insecurities about feeling worthy are probably erased when (not to be vulgar) she’s able to satisfy someone with her body. Obviously it’s not healthy, though, and I hope she deals with it.

    Amy, (putting aside my gripes about Vivian, obviously, and how it should be 3-out-of-4 or something) you make a great point about the 2-out-of-3 line. It does have so much more meaning now that we know how Lydia really felt about Taylor. I’ve been thinking about the whole Taylor thing and I’m disappointed that Lydia never told Taylor or Haley and Quinn this before before. She saw how it was always 2 against 1, justified or not, and how their sisterly relationships were less than ideal. We saw in the last few episodes how much Haley idolizes her mom and if perhaps Lydia had let her in on what we saw her tell Taylor–that she was actually a lot like Taylor back in the day, that she thinks Taylor has the potential to grow into a great, happy person, etc.–it might’ve changed at least a little bit how Haley viewed her sister and how she treated her. I’m not saying Taylor hasn’t done anything wrong over the years or that this is an excuse for what she’s done, but if Lydia gave her insight sooner, their girls’ relationships might’ve begun healing sooner.

  4. Comment by naley in February 25, 2010 @ 11:57 pm

    With this episode, it think there should’ve been an extra question or two about lydia and the james family, in particular the loop holes they created with haley’s family and something about taylor.

  5. Comment by JBFan in February 26, 2010 @ 1:46 am

    1. The Richard Simmons line. Ha!

    2. Yes! Alex is a B****! Seriously, can’t she mind her own business and get out of everyones hair?

    3. Not. Not. Not. Victoria should be with Julians dad.

    4. Yes – for the drama. But I really love Louth (though that nickname is kinda gross). I think they are so cute together and have great chemistry. Louth all the way.

    5. There were so many good ones. I actually cried! And I never cry.

    Bonus: I feel bad for her. But I’m not surprised she’s in this position.

  6. Comment by Abe in February 26, 2010 @ 2:19 am

    will there be a season 8? I need updates!

  7. Comment by Emmy in February 26, 2010 @ 2:41 am

    I thought of something.. When Lydia was on the hospital, only Haley, Quinn and Taylor were there. And also she said “2 out of 3″. But hasn’t Haley so much more siblings? I thinkshe refered to it in season 1 or something. So they should’ve been there too?

  8. Comment by alex76 in February 26, 2010 @ 3:17 am

    Emmy, yeah, the show has always hinted at a larger family and that there’s a sister named Vivian. And Bess Armstrong’s podcast interview suggested there are four other siblings.

    I would’ve loved to have seen them at the hospital, but I do think the show can justify it by saying that Lydia thought she was going to have several more MONTHS. Obviously all of those other kids have lives and probably families of their own since they’re likely 30+ years old; they couldn’t just hang around in Tree Hill waiting for her to keel over for months at a time. And it looks like she deteriorated in about a day, which isn’t enough time if the other siblings had to fly in from elsewhere or something.

  9. Comment by Danika in February 26, 2010 @ 11:06 am

    Them not being at the hospital I can understand. Besides they can do the whole “They weren’t there when Haley, Taylor and Quinn visited”. But the funeral? No. It’s their mothers funeral, they HAVE to be there. It would’ve worked better to have everyone around the three girls, like a couple of guys in their 30’s and a woman in her 30’s so we could have assumed it was her other siblings.

    Bess Armstrong’s podcast, plus in an interview Shantel VanSanten did, she mentioned we’d be seeing the other James siblings.. or something along those lines.

  10. Comment by taylorjames in February 26, 2010 @ 3:18 pm

    The scene between Taylor and Lydia was just heartbreaking :(

    Taylor is normally such a fun character, but we actually got to see a softer side to her this week x

  11. Comment by Jas in February 26, 2010 @ 10:55 pm

    well there were people in the background of the funeral of which i had no cluee who they were so maybe there the other part of the family they just havent said it yet . theres supposed to be a scene wt the james crew . all of them . well thts what shantel van stan said in an interview . so hopefully we meet them sooon :)
    amazing episode made me cry once again <3

  12. Comment by ed fury in February 26, 2010 @ 11:56 pm

    Grody. Hahaha. I have not heard that used since the early 80’s. Thanks Amy.

  13. Comment by bobolina in February 27, 2010 @ 12:33 pm

    I’m with Jonah but I loved also what Alex said “you didn’t know your own strength did you bam bam?”/
    2)I’m with all of you – if I was Brooke I would kick her ass down when she came to the store and said “we talk about everything”…
    3)not not not – she deserve better – someone who won’t sleep around and what about what Alex said on the phone – “senior discount”? – She knows that only if Alexander said something about that – not cool at all.
    4)LizzyB – I’m with you – Mouth and Lauren – just friends nothing more…
    5) I love the moment when Taylor apologized… The entire episode had great bonding moment but I think that was the best.
    Bonus – I’m with all of you… and I rather have more screen tome for the core 3 + Julian especially if we won’t get another season….

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