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Apr 01,2010

Video: Mark Schwahn Thanks Fans

Posted by Amy with 3 Comments – Mark Schwahn thanks the fans for voting! @kristinalert Save One Show!

Apr 01,2010

Video: Jackson Brundage and Shantel VanSanten Say Thanks

Posted by Amy with 13 Comments – Jackson and Shantel want to thank the fans! NEW #OTH Apr. 26!!!

Apr 01,2010

APRIL FOOL’S JOKE – One Tree Hill Set to Return for Eighth Season

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I updated the title.  April Fool’s jokes are no fun on April 2 :)

Fans of One Tree Hill may not have to wait much longer to hear if their beloved show will be picked up for an eighth season by The CW. It is said the network will decide the show’s fate later today in a scheduled press conference.

A condition has been placed on the return of the show for a full 22 episodes. Before, it seemed The CW would bring back One Tree Hill for 13 episodes to allow the show an eighth and final season, and close out any loose storylines.

However, in a bold and un-precedented move, The CW is looking to re-boot One Tree Hill once again. When One Tree Hill began, the show centered around two half-brothers, Lucas Scott (played by Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (played by James Lafferty) and their battles with each other and their controlling father Dan (played by Paul Johansson).

The CW is looking to re-capture the feel of the early episodes of One Tree Hill but setting the show prior to the pilot. In the fall of 2010, One Tree Hill will return as One Tree Hill, The Younger Years.

The show will be looking for young new talent to fill the roles of the shows characters as pre-teens, showing the characters before they all met in high school. Production is set to begin in late June in Wilmington, N.C. The current cast has been let out of their current contracts with the show and The CW.


I feel a little safer making jokes now that it seems we WILL be getting a Season 8 :)

Apr 01,2010

OTH in 30 Days – 25 Days Left

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Jessica sent this artwork in:

I’ve been a fan of One Tree Hill since the begining. Since then, I’ve always been a fan of Peyton’s artwork. Since I like to draw, I thought I’d try my hand at some of Peyton’s drawings. I’ve drawn 3 of Peyton’s drawings: the famous “People Always Leave”, the one “Sometimes they come back” from Season 2, and the one from Season 5.

Sometimes They Come Back :

People Always Leave:

Season 5 Heart in the Sand:

I also drew the One Tree Hill title.
This used to only be used for episodes with sensitive or violent subject. But since Season 5, they use this every episode:

Lastly, because I am such a fan of this quote, I decided to turn it into fan art:

Apr 01,2010

Latest From Ask Ausiello – News on Season 8

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Question: I have to have some One Tree Hill scoop — preferably on the season finale and the show’s renewal status. —Nick
I have a very strong hunch The CW will give the show a 13-episode pickup, although we’ll probably have to wait until May for an official announcement. Don’t know too much about the finale, except that it ends with an outta-nowhere cliffhanger.