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Apr 05,2010

E!Online’s SOS – Final Five – VOTE!

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One Tree Hill made E!’s Top 5 for their SOS Campaign.  Make sure to vote AGAIN!!

Apr 05,2010 Behind-the-Scenes of ‘One Tree Hill’ with producer Steven Goldfried!

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Ever wonder who the person is behind those fun-to-watch behind the scenes extras on the One Tree Hill dvds? It’s the shows’ associate producer Steven Goldfried, who has been there and seen it all with One Tree Hill since it premiered…

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Apr 05,2010 Exclusive first look: ‘True Blood’ welcomes werewolf Alcide

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K, promise not to put a bunch of True Blood stuff on here but I thought it’d be worth it to see the first look of “Owen” on there.  Once again, congrats to him and good luck!

“There is definitely some [sexual] energy between the two of them,” says executive producer Alan Ball of the dynamic between his newest mane attraction, werewolf Alcide One Tree Hill’s Joe Manganiello, and Sookie Anna Paquin, who team up in season 3 debuting June 12 to track down her kidnapped beau, Bill. “It’s not like either one of them is looking for romance, but they’re thrown into several intense situations [and] it’s hard not to bond on a deeper level.”

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Apr 05,2010

TDW Exclusive: Amber Wallace Talks 90210, Looks Back on One Tree Hill

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Regular TDW readers know what a small world the world of teen dramas is. We see it each week with Six Degrees of Teen Dramas, finding how one actor leads to another. But the best connection is when you need just one actor.

That’s why I was thrilled last December when I spotted Amber Wallace on 90210. Previously seen as Glenda on One Tree Hill, Wallace was introduced on 90210 as Lila, a star reporter for the Blaze. When the show came back from hiatus in early March, we saw Wallace’s role grow.

In our exclusive interview, Wallace and I chatted about her characters on both shows as well as her musical inclinations.

TeenDramaWhore: 90210 viewers first met you in an episode that aired in December [Episode 2.12, Winter Wonderland]. When did you know you would be coming back again?

Amber Wallace: I already knew about the episode with Navid [Michael Steger] and the date [Episode 2.15, What’s Past Is Prologue]. I knew I was going to be in it for, I thought, maybe a couple of episodes. I didn’t realize I was going to be in it for the length that I actually am.

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Apr 05,2010

Top-10 Guests of One Tree Hill Podcast on 99th Edition

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In preparation for the 100th podcast next week (April 12), Stephanie Rains and Andrea Smith interview host Denise Gideon about her past 98 podcasts. Stephanie and Andrea talk to Denise about the beginnings of the One Tree Hill podcast and also go through Denise’s Top-10 moments and guests.

NEXT WEEK: It’s the 100th One Tree Hill Podcast with special guest Joe Davola, One Tree Hill Executive Producer.

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Apr 05,2010

OTH in 30 Days – 21 Days Left

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Since we’re exactly 3 weeks out and it’s “OTH Monday” I thought I’d pick a submission that would keep you busy today.  Rachel sent this in:

i really love each of them, i tried to put *’s next to my absolute favorites, but it was hard :P . none of these were made by me, i wrote who made each next to the link. it would mean a lot if you watched some of them :D  (OH P.S. WATCH THEM IN THE HIGHEST QUALITY AVAILABLE, IT SERIOUSLY MAKES THEM A MILLION TIMES BETTER!)

*** Breyton video with lots of voiceovers :D by  stefanita621

*** Brooke Davis this is the BEST brooke davis video, in my opinion, it shows how amazing she is, and I think the song is made for her (dont mind the intro at the beginning) video by carriesophiafan oth cast is beautiful :D video by carriesophiafan

*** Mouth even tho mouth is no longer one of my favorite characters, this video is still EPIC. Even tho the peyton/rachel parts dont really make sense, the clips missfrenki chose with them make it totally work. And I love mouths dances and yeah so this video is pretty much AMAZING Haley James Scott… by catouroy

*** BL NH JP <33333 and quotesss! by carriesophiafan baley= one of my favorite freindships for sure, by carriesophiafan

*** this is the video that made me start watching oth.. so its kinda AMAZING! And I love this song, its soo true. And the clips and editing are amazingg so yeah :P by awakenmysoul

*** Brucas. even if you dont like Brucas, you have to admit this video is amazing. every manip and clip is perfect with the lyrics! by awakenmysoul

** 17 Again.. Brucas style by Ericazach

*** OTH cast.. how to save a life.  mostly beloved characters who have died but some who just arent on the show anynore for whatever reason. This video made me cry the first time I watched it… so touching by Ericazach

** NALEY IS AMAZING!!!! DEF MY FAV VIDEO OF THEM :D by carriesophiafan

***–c james lucas scott! <3 by kaciexox

*** I am a fan of both Brulian and Brucas, even tho this video is kind of against brulian, its still AMAZING because well the clips are perfect, especially the end when they show the parallels between the couples! by Ericazach

*** a tribute to 6×13 aka Brooke’s revenge!  by uyuyuy0 this song is perfect for brooke davis. Like legit. Just listen to the lyrics and youll see for yourself! by felicim

*** Leyton: as you can tell from the videos I submitted, im not a HUGE leytonerrr. But that doesnt mean I dont like them. I understand that they were “destiny”. So this video is AMAZING and so well edited.  by dazzleme7

** HJS is amazing, and only human shows progression seasons 1- 6 :D by carriesophiafan Brulian, mostly season 7 :) by carriesophiafan Baley by sparkfadingspark a tribute to clay & sara even though they were never really a couple on OTH :P by jojoharvelle OTH COULPLES!!! Includes: Bju, LP, BL, NH, & JP! by stefanita621

*** P.Sawyer, miss her oh so muchh by stefanita621 Peyton Sawyer. awesome voiceovers! by CDS1Pr0ductions

*** epic leyton vid.  by stefanita621

*** Brucas had it all. definiely one of my favorite videos. ever. by carriesophiafan